Baldur’s Gate 3 players often find themselves in morally ambiguous situations. One such predicament involves Astarion, a companion with a dark secret and an insatiable thirst. This guide will delve into the choices players face when Astarion seeks to quench his thirst and the repercussions of those decisions.


Astarion’s frequent vampire-related quips aren’t just for show. It becomes all too real when he tries to drink your blood during a camp rest. While his intentions might raise alarm bells, there are potential benefits to allowing him this indulgence. Yielding to his thirst can bolster Astarion’s combat prowess, but it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons.

What Happens If You Let Astarion Drink Your Blood

Upon discovering Astarion’s attempt to drink your blood, players have several options:

  1. Kill him: If you’re not fond of Astarion or don’t want him in your party, you can end his life then and there. This requires a DC 14 Strength roll.
  2. Reject him: You can simply refuse his request, and he’ll go off in search of another meal. If you feel you can’t trust him anymore, you can ask him to leave the party.
  3. Let him feed: If you allow him to drink your blood, you’ll need to make further decisions. Shortly after he begins, you can either tell him to stop with a DC 15 Persuasion check or push him away with a DC 7 Strength check. Both options will bring him back to his senses. If you don’t intervene, he might get carried away and drain you completely.

What Happens If You Let Astarion Kill You

Allowing Astarion to drink your blood isn’t without its drawbacks. Players will wake up with the “Bloodless” debuff, imposing a -1 penalty on all checks until the next long rest. Interestingly, the only way to sidestep this debuff is by letting Astarion drain the character entirely. While this may sound extreme, resurrection is an option, either through a Scroll of Revivify or by paying Withers 200 gold. This act also earns extra approval points from Astarion.


Earning Astarion’s Trust

Astarion is notoriously challenging to recruit or romance. However, showing understanding and compassion towards his condition can bridge the gap. By allowing him to drink your blood, players earn significant approval points, strengthening their bond with this enigmatic vampire.

The ‘Happy’ Buff Explained

For those considering Astarion as a mainstay in their party, there’s an added incentive to let him feed: the “Happy” buff. This buff grants Astarion a +1 bonus to all his checks and bestows upon him the “Vampire Bite” action in combat. This action allows Astarion to bite foes, healing him for 2d4 hit points and dealing 2d4 piercing damage to the target. Furthermore, players can offer their blood to Astarion during camp rests, ensuring he starts the day with the “Happy” buff, albeit at the cost of the player receiving the “Bloodless” debuff.