Baldur’s Gate 3, developed by Larian Studios, is a role-playing game that has captivated players with its intricate storylines, deep character development, and immersive world-building. One of the game’s standout features is the relationship dynamics between the player and their companions. Lae’zel, a fierce Githyanki warrior, is one of the companions players can recruit. Building a strong relationship with Lae’zel can significantly impact the game’s narrative and the player’s experience. This guide aims to provide insights into gaining Lae’zel’s approval and strengthening the bond with her throughout the game.


Who Is Lae’zel?

Lae’zel is a Githyanki warrior, known for her fierce determination and unwavering loyalty to her people’s cause. Originating from a race of astral plane-dwelling warriors, Lae’zel is on a mission to rid herself of the tadpole implanted in her, just like the player. Her warrior background means she’s not one to shy away from conflict, often advocating for direct and aggressive approaches. As players navigate the challenges of Baldur’s Gate 3, understanding Lae’zel’s background and motivations can be crucial in making decisions that earn her respect and approval. Her strong sense of duty, combined with her disdain for mind flayers and their creations, offers a unique perspective within the group, making her a valuable ally in the player’s journey.

Pro Tip: Ensure that she doesn’t have any valuable items in her inventory when you approach the mountain pass! Due to a scripted event, she will temporarily leave the party, and any items she’s carrying will disappear!

Actions That Increase Lae’zel’s Approval In Baldur’s Gate 3

Note: This is a work in progress.

AreaAction / Decision
Starting Area – Ravaged Beech – Dank CryptDuring Astarion’s recruitment event, forgive him and comment, “I’d do the same if our roles were reversed.”

Opt to confront Taman and Gimblelock verbally before the Crypt.

Convince the Tieflings to release Lae’zel, and then turn against them.
Druid GroveAssist Guex in the Druid Grove with his fighting skills, either through an Athletics check or Insight.

Tell Guex that he shouldn’t yell out his moves.

When Asharak wants to address the Tiefling children, respond with, “Bad News Children, You are all going to die”

Get into a physical altercation with Aradin during his dispute with Zevlor to end the confrontation.

Use the “Speak with Animals” ability to communicate with the bird in the Druid Grove and try to intimidate it (requires a Charisma check).

Locate Zorru in The Hollow section of the Emerald Grove.
Persuade Zorru, while in the Druid Grove, to follow Lae’zel’s instructions.

After questioning Zorru, praise Lae’zel for her interrogation skills.

When Zevlor seeks assistance with the Druids’ situation, politely decline, saying you’re too occupied to help.

After the snake incident, reassure Kagha by saying, “She was just protecting her own.”

After Arabella’s demise, tell Rath that she brought it upon herself by stealing the idol.

Promise Nettie that you’ll ingest the poison.

Tease Elegis for his fear of goblins.

Once you’ve eliminated the three Goblin leaders, head back to the Druids. Zevlor will greet you beyond the gate. If she’s part of your team, she’ll appreciate your efforts when he expresses gratitude.

Use Intimidate option with Pandirna.

When you encounter Alfira in the Druid Grove, use the “Speak to Animals” ability to converse with the squirrels. Say “Shh, you’re ruining the song”, then select the bard-specific choice to join in the singing. Doing so will earn Lae’zel’s approval.
Blighted Village Proper And Druid GroveSmash the tadpool outside the grove.

Tell Edowin’s sibling to fight the Owlbear.

Kill Owlbear and its parents.
Blighted VillageBe the one to deliver a final blow to Feezerk, the goblin. You need to bring his health down to 15% make him surrender after killing 1 goblin.
Risen Road – Waukeen’s RestWhen Paladin Anders asks you to pursue the Devil, respond with, “I’ll Kill the Devil”

After committing to assist Karlach, confront Anders directly, saying you’re siding with Karlach, or threaten him.

Inform Paladin Cyrel, “you’ll take the supplies”. This will initiate a fight.

Allow her to lead the conversation when you come across the Githyanki Patrol.

Successfully deceive the gith during your conversation. (invest in Lae’zel’s Charisma since you won’t be the one rolling for this deception check.)

Talk to the artist and label him as a slave.
Sunlit Wetlands – Putrid BogWhen confronted by Johl, Demir, and Auntie Ethel, state that you’re staying out of their business.

When you mimic the mind flayer’s roar during your conversation with Lorin.

Take a sip from the well located in the Putrid Bog, close to Auntie Ethel’s residence.
Goblin CampWhen you encounter Sentinel Olak at the Goblin Camp Entrance, use the Deceive/Nature option. Express disbelief by saying, “You can’t be serious,” and then toss feces at the guards.

React to Volo in the Goblin Camp by exclaiming, “Boo! Get off the stage!”

Bring Shadowheart, Lae’zel, and Astarion to the chicken chase spot. Engage in a conversation with Shadowheart and advise her to be patient.

In the Goblin Camp, try to intimidate Novice Crusher into kissing your foot.

On your second attempt, forcefully get Novice Crusher to kiss your foot using intimidation.

Challenge Novice Crusher with “I’d sooner spit in your face,” and follow up with, “Do you want a demonstration?”

After confronting Novice Crusher with “I’d sooner spit in your face” and winning the fight, demand that he kiss your foot.

Tell Tracker Grikka that you can extract information from the captive.

Torture Liam to without Wyll‘s presence if you want to get his approval as well.

To torture Liam for Wyll, you’ll need to pass a Persuasion Check.

Let Wyll take over the torture of Liam.

Engage in combat with True Soul Gut while accompanied by Wyll.
Shattered SanctumAs Lae’zel attempts to you, pass a Persuasion check while resting at the campsite.
Camp CelebrationIf Lae’zel asks for a night together, say yes to increase the approval.

Ask Lae’zel to dance.
UnderdarkBattle Boooal in The Festering Cove.
GrymforgeDuring your boat journey to Grymforge, succeed in the DC 15 Athletics challenge to toss the duergar overboard.

As a Loth-Sworn, point out to Pistle that he’s wasting his slave, Skickpit, on trivial duties.

In your face-off with Herdmaster Skarjall, communicate with the Deep Rothe and successfully persuade them to rebel against their overlords.

After eliminating his masters, instruct Skickpit to use the lift to ascend to the surface.

When Nere shoves the gnome into the molten lava, remain silent.

Initiate a conflict with Nere and align yourself with the duergar.
Creche Y’llekAs you enter the creche through the main door, let Lae’zel respond for you.

When you first chat with Ghustil Stornugoss, let Lae’zel do the talking.

If Varsh Ko’kuu asks about your plans for the egg, tell him you’d raise it as if it were your own child.

When engaging with the zai’thisk, insist on going ahead of Lae’zel. Remind them,”You would still be hunting for this place without my guidance.”

Try to persuade Youth Varryl to hand over the book about Orpheus, using Intimidation, Deception, or Persuasion. A bit pushy, aren’t you?

After getting the book from Youth Varryl, discuss it with

When you converse with Kith’rak Therezzyn, admit you have the relic and agree to give it up.

Hand over the relic when speaking to the Inquisitor.

Show your respect by kneeling in front of Vlaakith.

When Vlaakith brings it up, agree to enter the prism and take down the Guardian.
Last Light InnWhen Marcus insists on Isobel coming with him, tell Isobel that the team might need to battle their way out.
1-1 Conversation with Lae’zel at CampWhen Lae’zel discusses ceremorphosis, assure her you’ll seek a remedy.

If you’re a Dragonborn, use the [DRAGONBORN] response when she details the transformation into a mind flayer due to the lack of a cure.

Recognize the significance of the K’liir library.

When she talks about her dedication to her studies and training, comment,”That kind of wisdom is very valuable.”

When she expresses a desire to “taste” you, reciprocate by saying you’d like to be close to her.

Politely decline Raphael’s offer to extract your Tadpole.
During the first Tadpole Dream at camp, persuade Lae’zel to back off.

After experiencing the first Tadpole Dream, share with Lae’zel that you resisted the dream’s pull.

Post the 2nd Tadpole dream, advise the group against using the Tadpole’s abilities.

After overcoming the Githyanki Patrol, successfully soothe Lae’zel with a persuasion check.

Engage with Shadowheart, either at camp or elsewhere, after discovering her devotion to Shar. Delve into her beliefs, and after navigating the conversation and persuasion checks, label her faith as malevolent.
CampWhen Lae’zel and Shadowheart clash over the artifact, remain neutral. Ask them how they’d like to resolve the issue. The next morning, use your persuasive skills, earning Lae’zel’s respect in the process.

As you transition from Act I to Act II through the monastery, after Vlaakith labels Lae’zel a traitor, Kith’rak Voss seeks a discussion. Let Lae’zel decide her own fate.

When Lae’zel throws down the gauntlet for a duel, accept her challenge.

Don’t let Volo take out your eye.

Actions That Decrease Lae’zel’s Approval In Baldur’s Gate 3

  • In the crypt, side with Shadowheart by questioning the need for the dead to have possessions.
  • Challenge Lae’zel on her aggressive interrogation methods with Zorru.
  • When Arka inquires about your concern over a goblin’s life, express that vengeance can consume a person.
  • Use your performance skills to persuade the Owlbear in its cave not to attack.
  • At camp, align with Shadowheart’s opinion that finding a healer should be the top priority.
  • Assure Johl and Demir that you’ll assist them in locating Mayrina.
  • In the Sunlit Wetlands, allow Astarion to finish off Gandrel by choosing the dialogue options “not a real vampire,” followed by “they can creep up,” and finally “kill.”
  • Attempt to sway the goblin guard stationed outside the Goblin Camp.
  • Persuade Nightwarden Minthara to show mercy to Sazza during the “Save the Goblin Sazza” quest.
  • Successfully extract information from Liam through torture, but refrain from killing Spike.
  • Comply with Sentinel Olak’s bizarre request to smear dung on your face.
  • After defeating Novice Crusher in a duel, following the “I’d Sooner spit in your face” remark, extend a hand to help him up.
  • Offer condolences to the young goblin named Eight in the Outdoor Goblin Camp, saying, “I’m sorry for your loss.”
  • Lae’zel and Shadowheart share a tense relationship. Taking Shadowheart’s advice often irks Lae’zel.
  • After your confrontation with Crusher, assist him to his feet.
  • Purchase the artist’s freedom at the Zhentarim hideout.
  • Engage in compassionate actions.
  • Lae’zel disapproves if you successfully persuade Kagha not to imprison the child.
  • Condemn Kagha as a monster.
  • Uncover evidence of Kagha’s alliance with the Shadow Druids and expose her during the “Save the refugees” quest.
  • Ensure Mayrina’s safe return home in the “Save Mayrina” quest.
  • Negotiate with Auntie Ethel to have the Tadpole removed from your brain during the “Get Help from Auntie Ethel” quest.
  • While in the chicken chase area with Shadowheart, Lae’zel, and Astarion, engage in a conversation with Shadowheart and concur that rescuing Halsin should be the main focus.
  • Form an alliance with Wyll during your initial encounter with him in the Emerald Grove.
  • Don’t let the Owlbear cub live.
  • If you successfully persuade Kagha not to imprison the child, Lae’zel will express her disapproval.


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