Navigating the intricate world of Baldur’s Gate 3 is a challenge, with every decision potentially influencing the dynamics of your party. Among the companions you can recruit, Karlach stands out as a fierce and determined individual with a past that’s both intriguing and harrowing. For those aiming to gain her trust and approval, understanding her background and motivations is crucial. This guide delves deep into the actions and decisions that will get you a high approval with Karlach that will lead to her recruitment and a possible Romance.


Who Is Karlach

Before diving into the specifics of gaining Karlach’s approval, it’s important to understand her background. Born in Baldur’s Gate, Karlach’s life took a dark turn when she was sold into slavery in the Nine Hells. The archdevil Zariel implanted an infernal engine in her chest, a curse she seeks to rid herself of. After escaping Hell, Karlach’s primary mission is to seek vengeance on her betrayer and reclaim her stolen life. Her experiences have shaped her values, and understanding these will guide your interactions with her.

How To Get Karlach’s Approval In Baldur’s Gate 3

  1. Defending Her Identity: Karlach values loyalty and understanding. When Wyll confronts her at your camp, arguing that she isn’t a devil will earn her respect. It’s advisable to recruit Karlach first without Wyll, ensuring a confrontation in the camp. This action not only gains Karlach’s approval but also that of every Origin Companion.
  2. Respecting the Dead: Karlach appreciates gestures of kindness and respect. Using the ‘Speak with Dead’ ability to ask the Abducted Nobleman in the crashed Nautiloid about any desired last rites, especially as a Cleric, will resonate with her values.
  3. Mediating and Negotiating: Karlach respects those who can handle conflicts with wisdom. Persuading Zevlor against attacking Aradin and later promising to negotiate with Kagha about the tieflings’ extended stay in the grove showcases your diplomatic skills.
  4. Moral Choices: Karlach values integrity. Saving Sazza’s life, ensuring Mizora remains unharmed, and confronting Kagha to release Arabella are actions that align with her moral compass.
  5. Handling Goblins: Karlach respects strength and assertiveness. Persuading Lump the Enlightened to fight for the fallen’s flesh, intimidating Novice Crusher in the Goblin Camp, and taking control over Dror Ragzlin to ask your questions demonstrate your leadership.
  6. Dealing with Temptations: Karlach’s past in the Nine Hells has made her wary of deceit and temptations. Expressing distrust towards Raphael and recognizing Auntie Ethel’s true nature will earn her respect.
  7. Protecting the Grove: Karlach values loyalty to allies. Assuring Halsin of your commitment to safeguard the grove, standing with the Tieflings against Minthara, and driving the goblins away from the Druid Grove are actions that resonate with her protective nature.
  8. Navigating Politics: Karlach respects those who can navigate complex political situations. Informing Ellyka that the gith at the bridge mean nothing to you and allowing Lae’zel to communicate with the Gith showcases your diplomatic acumen.

What Not To Do With Karlach

While building your approval with Karlach is essential for a harmonious journey in Baldur’s Gate 3, it’s equally crucial to be aware of actions that might strain this relationship. Karlach, with her unique background and values, has specific triggers that can lead to disapproval. This section provides a comprehensive list of actions that can negatively affect your rapport with Karlach:

  1. Interactions with Other Adventurers: Persuading the adventurers outside the Dank Crypt to depart will not sit well with Karlach. She values the freedom of choice and might see this as an overreach on your part.
  2. Moral Choices: Telling Kagha that cruelty can sometimes be necessary is a viewpoint that Karlach strongly disagrees with, given her traumatic past.
  3. Treatment of Creatures: Karlach respects all forms of life. Attacking the owlbear, a majestic creature, will earn her disapproval. Similarly, treating Oscar Fevras, the artist, as a mere slave or making the Rothe in Grymforge continue their labor instead of rebelling against their masters showcases a lack of empathy and respect.
  4. Public Behavior: Booing Volo in the goblin camp might seem like a minor action, but it reflects poorly on your character in Karlach’s eyes. Public decorum and respect are values she holds dear.
  5. Torture and Cruelty: Karlach has a strong aversion to unnecessary cruelty. Torturing Liam without Wyll’s presence, especially using a hot poker, is an action she finds reprehensible.
  6. Betrayal: Betraying the grove, especially by demanding a reward from Minthara for such a betrayal, is a significant point of contention for Karlach. Given her background of betrayal and seeking vengeance, actions that hint at disloyalty are particularly triggering for her.
  7. Treatment of Magical Creatures: Not freeing the Pixy trapped inside the working Moon Lantern, especially when looted from the Drider in the Ruined Battlefield, showcases a lack of compassion. Magical creatures, like Pixies, hold a special place in the lore of Baldur’s Gate, and their mistreatment does not go unnoticed by companions like Karlach.

Additional Tips For Gaining Karlach’s Approval In Baldur’s Gate 3

  • Empathy and Understanding: Karlach values those who can empathize with her past and the trauma she’s endured. Engaging in dialogues that showcase understanding and support will endear you to her.
  • Strength and Determination: Karlach respects strength, both physical and mental. Making decisions that showcase your determination and willpower will resonate with her.
  • Moral Integrity: Karlach values honesty and integrity. Avoiding deceitful actions and making morally upright decisions will earn her trust.

Gaining Karlach’s approval in Baldur’s Gate 3 requires a blend of understanding, empathy, strength, and moral integrity. By aligning your actions with her values and showcasing your leadership, you can ensure a strong bond with this fierce and determined companion.



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