In Baldur’s Gate 3, players often find themselves in side quests that test their skills, decision-making, and strategy. In this quest, a young Tiefling named Mirkon gets caught by the beautiful songs of harpies. Ensuring his safety not only showcases your prowess but also unravels further layers of the game’s narrative. Here’s a comprehensive guide to navigate this quest:


Side Quest Overview:

  • Side Quest: Investigate the Beach
  • Recommended Level: Lv. 3
  • Best Outcomes:
    • Secure the Tiefling Hideout password.
    • Acquire Mirkon’s Story Item, a testament to your heroics.
  • Worst Outcome: The tragic death of Mirkon.
  • Location: Secluded Cove (Coordinates: X: 327, Y: 549)

Where To Find Mirkon In Baldur’s Gate 3

Mirkon is stationed at the Secluded Cove’s shore, to the east of The Hollow. From The Hollow, descend the steps leading to the Sacred Pool of the Emerald Grove. Following the northeastern path, you’ll stumble upon a cove where Mirkon stands, seemingly entranced by a distant song.

On your maiden journey to the Sacred Pool from The Hollow, Kagha’s druids will intercept you. Opt for a non-aggressive dialogue to gain passage. Post-conversation, you’re free to continue to the Secluded Cove. However, a word of caution: initiating a confrontation can trigger a massive battle between the druids and refugees.

The Harpy Threat

  • Resisting the Harpy’s Charm: As you near Mirkon, a harpy’s song, imbued with magical allure, will beckon. Engaging with Mirkon offers dialogue choices about the harpies. It’s imperative to resist the song’s pull to avoid the “Lure” effect, which can compromise your position in the impending battle.
  • Harpy Detection Area: Employing the “Hide” action near Mirkon unveils a highlighted detection zone. This area demarcates where the harpy can spot you, initiating combat. Awareness of this zone is pivotal, especially if aiming for a surprise advantage.

Battling The Harpies

  • Strategic Positioning: The battle’s complexity arises from the harpies’ elevated starting positions. Dividing your party into pairs, ensuring each duo has a close-combat and ranged attacker, can be beneficial. High ground offers a tactical edge.
  • Target the Singing Harpy: A harpy might employ the “Lure” skill, drawing characters towards it. Neutralizing this threat promptly, especially with ranged attacks, is crucial.
  • Protect Mirkon: Mirkon’s vulnerability is evident, given his defenseless state. Shielding him from the “Lure” effect and potential harpy attacks is paramount. Spells like “Sleep” or those diverting harpy attention can be invaluable.

Secluded Cove Treasures

Post-harpy encounter, explore the Secluded Cove (Coordinates: X: 357, Y: 534) to discover a chest laden with treasures, situated behind the rock formation where harpies once perched.


Located at Secluded Cove (Coordinates: X: 323, Y: 493). Traversing the shallow waters reveals elevated steps. Use the “Jump” action to reach the Harpy’s Nest, home to the Ring of Colour Spray and other treasures. Additionally, a poignant letter titled “I’m Sorry” by Edmund awaits your perusal.

Why Save Mirkon In Baldur’s Gate 3

  • Access to the Tiefling Hideout: Rescuing Mirkon grants entry to the Tiefling Hideout without incurring Mol’s wrath. On amicable terms, Mol might present further quests.
  • Mirkon’s Gratitude: A visit to the Tiefling Hideout post-rescue will have Mirkon express his heartfelt gratitude, gifting you a handwritten account of the harpy encounter.

Doing this quest to save Mirkon not only showcases your prowess but also unravels deeper layers of Baldur’s Gate 3’s narrative.


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