In Baldur’s Gate 3, players often find themselves in need of additional help to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. This is where Hirelings come into play. These non-essential characters can be recruited to bolster your party’s ranks and provide tactical advantages in combat. But how do you recruit them, and why would you want to? Let’s dive in.


What Are Hirelings?

Hirelings are essentially paid mercenaries that can be added to your party for a fee. Unlike main characters such as Gale or Karlach, Hirelings don’t come with unique storylines or backgrounds. They’re there to fight for you, no questions asked. This makes them perfect for players who want to experiment with different classes without altering the dynamics of their main party.

Larian Studios, the game’s developer, has even mentioned that Hirelings won’t judge your actions like companions do, making them ideal for those looking to undertake a more morally ambiguous playthrough. Want to send someone into the heat of battle as a distraction? Hirelings are your go-to.

How to Recruit Hirelings

Recruiting Hirelings is a straightforward process:

  1. Meet Withers in the Dank Crypt: Your journey to recruiting Hirelings begins in the Dank Crypt. Here, you’ll encounter an undead entity named Withers. After a brief interaction, he’ll inform you that you’ll meet again and then make his way to your camp.
  2. Visit Your Camp: Once Withers is at your camp, you can discuss the prospect of recruiting Hirelings with him. Each Hireling will set you back 100 gold. However, ensure you have an available slot in your party, or the Hireling will simply remain at your camp.
  3. Full Party of Hirelings: If you’re not a fan of the main companions’ constant bickering, you can opt for a full party of Hirelings. You can recruit up to three of them to accompany you on your adventures.
  4. Level Matching: A significant advantage of Hirelings is that they will always match your level. So, if you’re at Level Ten and decide to recruit a Hireling, they will also be at Level Ten, ensuring they’re not just fodder for your enemies.

All Hirelings in Baldur’s Gate 3

There are twelve Hirelings available in Baldur’s Gate 3, representing each class in the game. Here’s a list of them:

  • Brinna Brightsong – Lightfoot Halfling Bard
  • Danton – Mephistopheles Tiefling Druid
  • Eldra Luthrinn – Gold Dwarf Barbarian
  • Jacelyn – High Half-Elf Sorcerer
  • Kerz – Half-Orc Paladin
  • Kree Derryck – Duergar Warlock
  • Maddala Deadeye – Human Rogue
  • Sina’zith – Githyanki Monk
  • Sir Fuzzalump – Rock Gnome Wizard
  • Varanna Sunblossom – Wood Half-Elf Fighter
  • Ver’yll Wenkiir – Lolth-Sworn Drow Ranger
  • Zenith Feur’sel – High Elf Cleric

Why Recruit Hirelings?

The primary reason to recruit Hirelings is flexibility. They allow players to experiment with different classes and combat strategies without the commitment of altering their main party. Additionally, their non-judgmental nature makes them perfect for players looking to make morally grey choices without facing the repercussions from main companions.

While Hirelings might not offer the depth and narrative richness of main companions, they provide a tactical edge and flexibility that can prove invaluable in the challenging world of Baldur’s Gate 3.


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