In Baldur’s Gate 3, players are constantly faced with choices that can shape their narrative and determine the outcome of their quests. From engaging with NPCs and companion characters to uncovering hidden treasures, every decision holds weight. Among the myriad of unique items that players can discover, the Owlbear Egg stands out not just as a collectible, but as an important element that intertwines with various questlines and offers multiple avenues of utilization. This guide delves deep into the intricacies of obtaining the Owlbear Egg, its significance in the game’s ecosystem, and the various strategic decisions players can make regarding its use.


How To Get Owlbear Egg In Baldur’s Gate 3

The Owlbear Cave

The Owlbear Egg is nestled within the Owlbear Cave, a location players can stumble upon while exploring the areas around the Blighted Village. Specifically, the Owlbear cave can be found at coordinates (X:83, Y:450), west of the Emerald Grove Environs waypoint. Inside this cave, players will encounter an injured Owlbear fiercely protecting its cub and the coveted egg. The Owlbear Egg itself can be located at (X:-357, Y-112) within the cave.

To get the Owlbear Egg in Baldur’s Gate 3, players have a few options:

  • Engage and defeat the Owlbear.
  • Interact with the Owlbear, leave the cave, perform a Long Rest, and then return to retrieve the egg.
  • Stealthily steal the egg without alerting the Owlbear.

What To Do With Owlbear Egg

1. Trick Lady Esther in the ‘Steal a Githyanki Egg’ Quest

In the ‘Steal a Githyanki Egg’ quest, players are tasked with finding a Githyanki egg from a nearby creche. However, possessing the Owlbear Egg offers an alternative. Players can either deceive or persuade Lady Esther into using the Owlbear Egg, successfully completing the quest without obtaining the actual Githyanki egg.


2. Selling the Owlbear Egg

The Owlbear Egg is a valuable commodity in Baldur’s Gate 3. It can be sold for a handsome sum of 750 Gold. Given its value, selling the egg can be a lucrative option for players in need of gold, especially if they wish to avoid the moral dilemma of stealing a genuine Githyanki egg.

3. Using the Owlbear Egg as a Camp Supply

The Owlbear Egg can be found under the ‘Camp Supplies’ category in the player’s inventory. While it can be used to facilitate a Long Rest, doing so might not be the most efficient use of this precious item. The egg alone suffices to meet the camping supply requirement for resting. However, given its potential uses and value, using it merely as a camp supply might not be the most judicious choice.


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