Ready to explore the world of Baldur’s Gate 3? Well, you might run into some Arcane Turrets. These are magical machines that guard the Arcane Tower in a place called the Underdark. They automatically shoot at anyone who comes close. But don’t worry! This guide will show you how to turn off these turrets so you can keep exploring without getting hurt.


Location of the Arcane Turrets

The Arcane Turrets are found in the Underdark, right outside the Arcane Tower. To get there, start at the Underdark Beach waypoint. Then head southeast. You’ll walk on a wooden path and climb some rope netting. Keep going, and you’ll find the Arcane Turrets waiting outside the tower. They’re there to keep people like you out, but with the right tricks, you can get past them!

  • Level Recommendation: It is suggested that you and your party are at level five since the enemies here are challenging.
  • Coordinates: The Arcane Tower is guarded by two arcane turrets (X: 22, Y: -260).

How to Disable the Arcane Turrets

Using Sussur Blooms

One way to turn off the Arcane Turrets is by using Sussur Blooms. These are special flowers that can stop magic. You can find them near a tree called the Sussur Tree in the Underdark. Throw these flowers close to the turrets, and they will stop working for a while.

  • Location to Find Sussur Bloom: Near the Baldur’s Gate 3 Sussur Bark area or west of the Myconid colony.
  • Method: Travel to the Arcane Tower and place a Sussur Bloom in the bottom level’s power generator to deactivate the turrets.

Using Lightning Damage

Another way to disable the turrets is by using lightning attacks. The turrets are not strong against lightning, so you can use lightning spells or items to damage them a lot. Spells like Witch Bolt or items like Arrow of Lightning will work great.

  • Spells to Use: Shocking Grasp, Witch Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Call Lightning, The Joltshooter.
  • Scrolls to Use: Scroll of Witch Bolt, Scroll of Chain Lightning, Scroll of Shocking Grasp.
  • Method: Use lightning spells to destroy the turrets before reaching the tower. This allows you to traverse the area without fear of the turrets attacking you.

Additional Tips

  • Use Turn-Based Mode: You can use turn-based mode to move carefully and avoid getting hit by the turrets.
  • Crouch to See Better: If you crouch, you can see the areas where the turrets can see you. This way, you can move without being seen.
  • Try Different Damage Types: You can also use other types of damage like Bludgeoning or Radiant Damage to disable the turrets. They don’t resist these damages, so your attacks will work well.