The Helldusk Armor, a coveted set in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3, is not just a testament to one’s prowess but also a symbol of the challenges overcome to obtain it. This legendary armor set offers significant advantages in battle, making it one of the most sought-after items in the game. This guide will walk you through the intricate steps to acquire this armor, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.


What Is Helldusk Armor

The Helldusk Armor set stands out as one of the best armor sets in Baldur’s Gate 3. However, acquiring it is no easy feat. Each piece of this armor, except the boots, is located in the House of Hope, the domain of Raphael. To complete the set, one must confront and defeat Raphael, a task that requires both strength and strategy.

Entering The House Of Hope

The House of Hope, a pivotal location in this quest, can be accessed in multiple ways. One can either strike a deal with Raphael or feign agreement, only to decline later. Regardless of the choice, a conversation with Raphael is essential. After this interaction, players must seek out a diabolist named Helsik in Baldur’s Gate, who runs the shop called the Devil’s Fees. For a fee (10,000 Gold), which can be negotiated down with Persuasion (1000 Gold) or other means (Steal something for her as a Rogue), Helsik will provide the means to teleport to the House of Hope.

House of Hope Location.

Helldusk Armor Pieces Locations

The Helldusk stands as a legendary heavy armor set with a weight of 20. As you continually wear and use this armor, your bond with it deepens, eventually granting you access to the Fly Spell. Moreover, every time you succeed in a saving throw, the armor’s unique feature, Infernal Retribution, activates, setting your assailant ablaze for three turns. Additionally, the Prime Aegis feature of the armor offers near immunity to burning and significantly diminishes damage from fire-based assaults.


Helldusk Helm Location

Found in the boudoir of the House of Hope, players will encounter the incubus, Haarleep. Defeating him will yield the Helldusk Helm, which offers benefits like immunity to critical hits, the Immolating Gaze class action, Infernal Sight, and Magical Durability.

Helldusk Helm Abilities

Immunity to Critical HitsOne of the standout features of the Helldusk Helm is its ability to shield the wearer from critical hits. This means that attackers, regardless of their strength or skill, cannot land devastating critical strikes on you, ensuring consistent damage intake and potentially saving the wearer from lethal blows.
Immolating Gaze – Class ActionThe Immolating Gaze is a powerful class action bestowed upon the wearer of the Helldusk Helm. This ability allows you to unleash a fiery gaze upon your enemies, turning the tide of battle in your favor. It’s not just a defensive tool; it’s a statement of your prowess on the battlefield.
Infernal SightNavigating the dark and treacherous terrains of Baldur’s Gate 3 becomes significantly easier with the Infernal Sight ability. This feature allows the wearer to see clearly in both ordinary and magical darkness. Moreover, it grants immunity to blinding effects, ensuring that your vision remains unobstructed during crucial moments in combat.
Magical DurabilityMagic is a dominant force in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3, and the Helldusk Helm offers a layer of protection against it. With the Magical Durability feature, wearers gain a +2 bonus to Saving Throws against spells and magical effects. This enhancement bolsters your defenses against arcane attacks, making you a formidable opponent even against the most potent spellcasters.

Helldusk Gloves Location

A safe across from the boudoir holds the Helldusk Gloves. To access it, players must pass a Perception Check on a gemstone, followed by Arcane and Investigation Checks. These gloves grant Infernal Acuity, Infernal Touch, Rays of Fire class action, and a bonus to Strength Saving Throws.

Helldusk Gloves Abilities

Infernal AcuityMagic users will find the Helldusk Gloves particularly beneficial due to the Infernal Acuity feature. This ability grants a +1 bonus to both Spell Attack Rolls and Spell Saving Throws.

Whether you’re casting a spell to harm foes or trying to resist an incoming magical attack, the gloves ensure you have the upper hand, making your spells more accurate and potent.
Infernal TouchWith the Helldusk Gloves equipped, every touch becomes a potential weapon. The Infernal Touch ability imbues your weapons with fiery energy, causing them to deal an additional 1-6 Fire Damage.

Moreover, even if you’re unarmed, your attacks are not to be underestimated, as they will inflict 1-6 Necrotic Damage upon your adversaries. This dual nature of the gloves makes them versatile for both armed and unarmed combat scenarios.
Rays of Fire – Class ActionHarness the power of fire with the Rays of Fire class action. Exclusive to the wearers of the Helldusk Gloves, this ability allows you to unleash a barrage of fiery rays upon your enemies. It’s a testament to the gloves’ infernal origins and serves as a powerful offensive tool in your arsenal.
Enhanced Strength Saving ThrowsPhysical confrontations are as much a part of Baldur’s Gate 3 as magical duels. Recognizing this, the Helldusk Gloves provide a +1 bonus to Strength Saving Throws. This enhancement ensures that you remain steadfast against effects that challenge your physical might, be it resisting a shove or holding your ground against forceful impacts.

Helldusk Armor Location

The most challenging piece to obtain, the Helldusk Armor, requires players to defeat Raphael, who boasts a health of 666 and is accompanied by two minions. This armor piece offers benefits like automatic proficiency, the Fly class action, Infernal Retribution, and Prime Aegis of Fire.

Helldusk Armor Abilities

Automatic ProficiencyOne of the standout features of the Helldusk Armor is its adaptability. Regardless of your character’s background or class, once you don the Helldusk Armor, you are automatically proficient with it.

This means you can harness its full potential without any penalties, making it a versatile choice for adventurers of all kinds.
Fly – Class ActionThe ability to take to the skies is a game-changer in any combat scenario. With the Fly class action, exclusive to the Helldusk Armor, you can soar above the battlefield, evading ground-based threats and gaining a strategic advantage over your foes.

This aerial mobility can be the difference between victory and defeat, allowing you to engage or disengage at will.
Infernal RetributionThe Helldusk Armor is not just about defense; it’s about retaliation. The Infernal Retribution ability ensures that any spellcaster who dares target you pays a hefty price.

If you successfully make a Saving Throw against a spell, the armor’s infernal energies lash out, burning the caster for three consecutive turns. This feature deters enemies from targeting you with harmful spells, knowing that they might suffer the consequences.
Prime Aegis of FireFire is both a destructive force and a protective one. The Prime Aegis of Fire ability imbues the wearer with fire resistance, reducing damage from fire-based attacks.

Additionally, this protection ensures that you cannot be burned, making you immune to the debilitating effects of fire-based status conditions.

Helldusk Boots Location

Located outside the House of Hope, the Helldusk Boots can be found at Wyrm’s Rock Fortress, specifically in a chest on the top floor’s northwestern corner. These boots provide the Hellcrawler class action, Infernal Evasion, and the Steadfast ability.

Hellcrawler – Class ActionThe Hellcrawler class action, exclusive to the Helldusk Boots, is a testament to their infernal origins. This ability allows the wearer to move with unparalleled agility and speed on the battlefield, evading threats and positioning themselves advantageously.
Infernal EvasionIn the heat of battle, even the most skilled adventurers can find themselves in precarious situations. The Infernal Evasion ability of the Helldusk Boots offers a second chance in such moments.

If you fail a Saving Throw, these boots grant you the option to use a Reaction to turn that failure into a success. This feature can be a lifesaver, especially when facing powerful spells or effects that could otherwise incapacitate or harm you.
SteadfastThe world of Baldur’s Gate 3 is filled with treacherous terrains and powerful spells that can hinder movement. With the Steadfast ability, the Helldusk Boots ensure that you remain unyielding against such challenges.

All difficult terrain effects are negated, allowing you to move freely and unhindered. Additionally, spells that attempt to displace you will find no purchase, ensuring that you remain firmly rooted in your chosen position.

Upon deciding to leave the House of Hope, players will find their exit blocked by Raphael. This confrontation is inevitable, and defeating him is essential to acquire the Helldusk Armor. Raphael is a formidable opponent, but with the right strategy, such as targeting the pillars in the room to stun him, players can beat him in Baldur’s Gate 3.


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