“Baldur’s Gate 3”, a combat-heavy game with immersive gameplay and stunning graphics, also provides an elaborate health and healing mechanism that demands strategic planning from players. Whether you are a veteran of the series or a newcomer, understanding how to effectively manage the health and well-being of your party members is crucial to your success. This guide aims to help you understand the various methods available for healing your party members in Baldur’s Gate 3.


Updated on August 4, 2023: Our healing guide is now updated with even more information clarity about healing your party and companions in Baldur’s Gate 3. The guide will prepare you for any combat situation in the final release of the game.

Food & Potions: The Basic Healing Items

As a player, you have to recognize that not all injuries warrant the use of a healing potion. Minor wounds can be tended to with food items available in the game. For instance, a simple apple can restore 4-6 HP, while a fully cooked meal can significantly rejuvenate the health of a party member. The cost-effectiveness of food makes it a valuable asset for non-urgent healing.

Healing potions, on the other hand, are more potent in restoring health and should ideally be reserved for combat situations or emergencies. They can be acquired through different means – purchases from merchants, exploration, and rewards for completing tasks. Given their relative scarcity and importance during combat, judicious use of these potions is recommended.


Resting: Best Healing Method

In addition to using items, resting serves as a crucial component of the healing strategy in Baldur’s Gate 3. Two types of rest are available to the player: Short Rest and Long Rest.

A short rest, which you can take once a day between long rests, replenishes a limited amount of HP and is useful in situations when your entire party is not at full health but the injuries are not severe enough to warrant the use of healing items.

A long rest, on the other hand, restores all hit points and spell slots but requires setting up a camp, which in itself demands resources. While it offers complete recovery, a long rest also advances the game’s timeline, which might impact certain quests and events. Therefore, timing your long rests is an important strategic consideration.

Healing Spells

When faced with the immediate threat of combat, healing spells become your go-to method of restoring health. They’re indispensable during fights, where the use of items or resting is not feasible. Primarily, the Bard, Cleric, and Druid classes have the capability to cast the best healing spells.


“Cure Wounds” and “Healing Word” are the two most common healing spells you will encounter early in the game. “Cure Wounds” heals more hit points but requires close proximity to the target and uses an action. Conversely, “Healing Word” heals fewer hit points, but its advantage lies in its range and that it only uses a bonus action, allowing the caster to perform another action in the same turn.

Higher levels unlock more potent healing spells such as “Prayer of Healing” and “Mass Healing Word.” “Prayer of Healing” is effective outside of combat, healing multiple party members simultaneously. “Mass Healing Word,” similar to “Healing Word,” can be used during combat and affects multiple characters.

Points To Consider

It’s essential to note that all characters can be knocked down to zero hit points during combat, prompting death saves. A party member can make one death save per turn, with three failed saves resulting in their death. Healing spells or items can restore a character to one hit point, helping them avoid the risk of death saves.

Balancing the use of food, potions, resting, and healing spells can drastically improve your party’s longevity in Baldur’s Gate 3. By taking these strategic approaches, you can ensure your party remains healthy and ready to take on whatever challenges Baldur’s Gate 3 presents.


This is how you can heal your party in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on companion locations. If you are having issues running the game then you can check out our errors guide. For more content related to the game, you can check out our Baldur’s Gate 3 guides hub.


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