The Elfsong Tavern is a renowned establishment in Baldur’s Gate 3, offering weary travelers a place to rest, share tales, and enjoy some of the finest ales in the city. But how does one secure a room in such a sought-after location? Let’s delve into the steps required to ensure a comfortable stay at the Elfsong Tavern.


Elfsong Tavern Location

Situated in the heart of Baldur’s Gate, the Elfsong Tavern is hard to miss. Its towering structure and the melodious tunes emanating from within make it a beacon for adventurers and locals alike. The tavern is known for its unique ambiance, with the ethereal song of an unseen elf echoing through its halls, giving the establishment its name.

How To Get A Room Elfsong Tavern In BG3

Upon setting foot in the Elfsong Tavern, players might be sidetracked by the Emperor’s request to retrieve his lost gear from the cellar. Finding the Emperor’s lost gear requires players to venture to the kitchen stairs and address a pesky rat infestation. However, this quest stands separate from the primary goal of getting a room at the Elfsong Tavern.

Emperor's lost gear location under the kitchen.
Emperor’s lost gear location – head down the stairs shown in the image.

For those seeking accommodations, the barkeep, Alan Alyth, awaits at the back end of the common room. Alan offers adventurers the entire upper floor for a mere 200 gold. This seemingly steep price is influenced by a recent murder incident linked to Bhaal that transpired within the tavern’s walls. However, savvy players have the opportunity to negotiate. With a bit of charm or persuasion, and perhaps a dash of intimidation, they might just secure the rooms at no cost for the entirety of Act 3.


The Elfsong Tavern’s upper floor offers a plethora of benefits:

  • Comfortable Lodging: Foremost, adventurers can relish the luxury of sleeping indoors on real beds, a welcome change from the rugged outdoors.
  • Dumbwaiter Services: A unique feature of the room is the dumbwaiter, positioned to the right of the entrance. At night, this device allows players to order a Supply Pack, filled with 40 Camp Supplies, for just 64 gold. This invaluable service ensures the party remains well-equipped and nourished.
  • Room Access: The Elfsong room serves as a convenient replacement for the regular campsite while players traverse Baldur’s Gate. While there’s a direct access door on the second floor, in-game commands like “Go to Camp” and “End the Day” will whisk players straight to their rented space.
  • Treasures and Items: The room isn’t solely for relaxation. Players can discover valuable ingots in a chest adjacent to Withers and the dumbwaiter. Moreover, the Traveler’s Chest, safeguarding the party’s treasured equipment, and the inviting beds are situated on the entrance’s left side.

How To Negotiate The Room Price

While the Elfsong Tavern’s upper floor might initially seem pricey at 200 gold, players have the opportunity to negotiating room price or even get a free room. The key lies in the art of negotiation. Engaging with Alan Alyth, the barkeep, opens up a dialogue where players can flex their Persuasive skills.

A successful ability check, Persuasion or Perception, can sway Alan’s opinion in the player’s favor. Those feeling particularly bold might even attempt an Intimidation check, though it’s essential to tread carefully to avoid souring relations. The recent murder incident linked to Bhaal within the tavern has made Alan more amenable to negotiations, as he’s keen to keep the rooms occupied during these trying times.


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