Navigating the expansive universe of Baldur’s Gate 3, adventurers often stumble upon foes that challenge their mettle and strategy. One such adversary is Gerringothe Thorm, an undead entity with a peculiar obsession with gold. This guide will shed light on the tactics and preparations needed to best Gerringothe Thorm in Baldur’s Gate 3 using a direct confrontation or with dialogue options.


Roaming the corridors of the Rethwin Tollhouse, Gerringothe Thorm is no ordinary undead. Her curse? An unending greed. Boasting a health pool that reaches 606, she’s not one to be underestimated. But her most alarming ability is “Jealous Avarice,” which zeroes in on a party member, dealing a staggering 8d12 damage for every 500 gold they possess. The key to defeating the threat of Gerringothe Thorm? Ensure your party’s gold is safely stashed away at camp.

How To Beat Gerringothe Thorm In Baldur’s Gate 3

As the players step into the tollhouse, they’re met with distinct signs: raucous noises echoing from the upper floor, gold piles strewn about, and mysterious floating skulls. These gold piles aren’t mere decorations; Gerringothe can harness them as weapons, either morphing them into ethereal weapons or triggering their explosion. Before diving into combat, it’s wise for a stealth-adept party member, ideally cloaked in invisibility, to gather these gold piles. Meanwhile, the rest of the group should stay back.

Gearing Up for the Duel

In the impending clash with Gerringothe, various forms of damage come into play, with psychic assaults being predominant. Arm your party with elixirs that fend off psychic damage. Elixirs that ward off fire, poison, and necrotic onslaughts can also be handy. A crucial reminder: only one elixir’s effects can be active on a character at any given time. And, of course, keep your gold far from this battle.


Target Gerringothe’s Visages

When the boss fight with Gerringothe Thorm kicks off, Gerringothe’s visages become your primary targets. These spectral beings prefer the high ground, from where they unleash ranged magical barrages and debilitating status effects. Each visage you vanquish reduces Gerringothe’s health cap by 100. Harness ranged abilities and supportive spells like “Bless” to gain the upper hand. Herd the visages together and unleash your most potent area attacks. With the visages out of the picture, Gerringothe’s vitality dwindles to just six, setting the stage for a swift conclusion.

How To Beat Gerringothe Thorm With Dialogue Options In Baldur’s Gate 3

I recommend Baldur’s Gate 3 players to avoid a confrontation with Gerringothe Thorm because with the right dialogue choices, players can avoid a direct confrontation. You need use dialogue options to make Gerringothe Thorm kill herself or bypass the fight entirely.

For those playing as a Rogue, especially characters like Astarion, the conversation with Gerringothe Thorm in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be navigated skillfully:

Dialogue Options for Rogues

  1. Initiating the Conversation: When asked, “What do you bring?”, inquire about her needs by choosing “What do you require?”. She’ll express her desire for gold.
  2. Offering Gold: As Astarion, who has ample wealth, you can opt for the “Toss a piece of Gold” option. However, her greed knows no bounds, and she’ll demand more.
  3. Negotiating Passage: Question her with, “If I give you gold, what do I get in return?”. She’ll propose safe passage across a river.
  4. Uncovering the Truth: Probe deeper with, “Only a fool easily parted with gold – what’s in it for me?”. This will agitate her, but persistence will reveal that the gold serves as a guarantee for safe passage.
  5. Challenging Her Scam: When she demands a toll for river passage, retort with “The toll-collector scam is old and uninspired.” This triggers a DC18 check, which a Rogue like Astarion can pass with ease.
  6. Final Confrontation: Another DC18 check can be initiated with “Look, I’ve run this scam myself, I know it’s a trick.” when she reiterates her demand for gold. Succeeding in this check will let you bypass the fight entirely.

Dialogue Options for Wizards

For those who’ve chosen the path of the arcane, Wizards have their own set of dialogue options:

  1. Starting the Dialogue: Begin with either “What do you require?” or “Magical expertise. I have a presentation on Weave dissonance”.
  2. Gold Exchange: Like with the Rogue, offer her a piece of gold by selecting “Toss the piece of Gold”. She’ll inevitably ask for more.
  3. Unearthing the Reason: Question her intentions with “I don’t hand out so much gold for so little in return.” She’ll then promise safe river passage in exchange for the gold.
  4. Challenging Her Position: Initiate the DC18 check by asking, “Why stay in this rotten building? Take your gold and be free”.
  5. Final Negotiation: To bypass the fight as a Wizard, you’ll need to pass a DC21 check. Trigger this by challenging her with “Says who? Seems to me there is no one here to oversee you” when she claims the gold is for the toll.

Pro Tip: If you provide her with the full 6k gold, she rewards you with an item equivalent to a level 6 spell scroll. This powerful item casts “flesh to gold,” which, if successful, incapacitates the target entirely, rendering them unable to act in any way.