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Navigating the complex relationships in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be a daunting task. One of the most intriguing characters you’ll encounter is Gale, a wizard with a good heart and a penchant for magic. Earning Gale’s approval help you earn his loyalty but also it is a requirement if you wish to Romance Gale in Baldur’s Gate 3. In this guide will walk you through the steps to do just that.

How To Get Gale’s Approval In Baldur’s Gate 3

Let’s start with some general tips:

  1. Character Traits: Gale is kind-hearted and values sympathy. Actions that demonstrate kindness and empathy will generally win him over.
  2. Dialogue Choices: Gale appreciates when you save lives and make decisions that benefit others. He also has a good sense of humor, so witty and humorous dialogue options can earn his favor.
  3. Magic and Curiosity: As a wizard, Gale is naturally curious about magic. Engage him in conversations about magic, and he’ll likely respond positively.
  4. Mind Flayer Tadpole: Gale is keen on removing the mind flayer tadpole from your heads. Actions that align with this goal will earn his approval.

Specific Actions And Decisions To Get Gale’s Approval

Throughout Baldur’s Gate 3, there will come many points in the story where you can make choices that will gelp earn Gale’s approval.

AreaAction And Decision
Intro Area/Ravage Beach/Dank CryptExpress to Shadowheart at camp that finding a healer should be your top priority.

Use your animal handling skills to soothe the agitated boar near where Astarion is located.

Respond with “Good evening” when Astarion says “Go to Hell” at camp.

Successfully deceive Lae’zel’s captors when you find her in a cage.

Choose to recruit Lae’zel into your party.

Use persuasion or intimidation to handle the group of bandits/adventurers outside the Dank Crypt.
Druid GroveCalm down Aradin and Zevlor using persuasion.

Agree with Zevlor’s request to assist the tieflings.

Persuade Rolan to remain in the Druid Grove.

Commit to helping Wyll rescue the refugees in the Druid Grove.

Invite Wyll to join you at camp.

Demonstrate your sword fighting technique to Guex in the Druid Grove.

In the Emerald Grove, allow Silver the wolf to sniff you while using the “Speak with Animals” ability.

Intervene and stand between Arka and the goblin Sazza when she aims her crossbow at him in the Makeshift Prison.

Persuade Kagha to release Arabella.

Accuse Kagha of being a monster after the incident with Arabella.

After obtaining the poison from Nettie, convince her to provide you with its antidote.

Uncover evidence of Kagha’s collaboration with the Shadow Druids and expose her treachery in “Save the Refugees” quest

Rescue Mirkon from the clutches of the harpies.

Approach Nettie and persuade her to hand over the antidote.

Engage with Alfira by playing along with her, encouraging her to perform her song, or if you’re a Bard, assist her in completing the lyrics.

In the Emerald Grove, let Silver the wolf familiarize himself with your scent, ensuring you have the “Speak with Animals” ability active.

Persuade Kagha to oppose the Shadow Druids once you unveil her scheme.

After halting the ritual, discuss the situation with Zevlor and express your willingness to assist further.

Play with Alfira or help her with her song.
Blighted Village and SurroundingsCrush the tadpole outside Druid Grove.
Befriend the Owlbear in its cave.

Invite Scratch (dog) to your camp.

Persuade goblins in Blighted Village.
Blighted VillageConvince the goblins to let you pass in the village.
Risen RoadWhen you first meet Karlach, choose dialogue that doesn’t imply you were sent by the paladins. Then, pass either the Intimidation or Persuasion Check.

Agree to help Karlach in the “Hunt the Devil” quest.

Use the Bard Persuade option with Rugan to get their cargo.

Rescue Benryn in Waukeen’s Rest. Act quickly as fire spreads once you open the door or destroy the rubble.
Sunlit WetlandsAssist Auntie Ethel and help find Mayrina.

Assure Johl and Demir during your interaction with them that you’ll assist in locating Mayrina.

When conversing with Auntie Ethel at her residence, firmly express your determination to aid Mayrina.
Goblin CampExtend an invitation to the Owlbear cub to join your camp.

After conversing with the Owlbear cub, use your intelligence or persuasion skills to convince Krolla to hand over the Owlbear cub without payment. (Note: This takes place in the Goblin Camp, and you shouldn’t have harmed the Owlbear Cub in the Cave for this to work.)

Utilize the Speak to Animals ability during the Chicken Chase game and persuade the Owlbear to assist you in securing a victory.

Triumph in the Chicken Chase, and without resorting to illithid powers, persuade Krolla to return your money. Subsequently, invite the Owlbear Cub to your camp and employ the Illithid power when requesting Krollo to allow the Cub to accompany you.

Challenge Novice Crusher to kiss your foot, using intimidation as a tactic.

On your second attempt, employ intimidation to compel Novice Crusher to kiss your foot.

Confront Novice Crusher with the statement, “I’d sooner spit in your face,” and then further provoke him by asking “Do you want a demonstration?”

After emerging victorious in a fight against Novice Crusher, following the aforementioned confrontation, demand that he kiss your foot.

Persuade Tracker Klagga to hand over the poem retrieved from the deceased dwarf.

During your initial interaction with Minthara, flirtatiously mention that you’re hunting her down, implying she’s your prey.

Express condolences to the Goblin Child Eight in the Outdoor Goblin Camp, saying, “I’m sorry for your loss.”

Successfully intimidate Torturer Spike into divulging information.

Inform Minthara that you’re aware of the grove’s location, but ensure you pass the intelligence roll to keep the exact location concealed.

Make an attempt on Minthara’s life.

After completing the torture session with Liam, inform Minthara that the prisoner has disclosed the location, ensuring you succeed in the Deceit Check.

Upon your first encounter with Halsin, assure him of your intention to assist him against the goblins.
UnderdarkChallenge the fake god Boooal in THE FESTERING COVE
CampOn the first night at camp, initiate a conversation with Lae’zel, then approach Shadowheart and express your agreement with her.

During your initial night at camp, when Gale greets you with a curt “Go to hell,” respond amicably with “And good evening to you too.”

When inquiring about Gale’s identity at camp, respect his desire for privacy.

During the first tadpole dream event at camp, persuade Lae’zel to remain calm and not act rashly.

After experiencing the second tadpole dream, advise the group to refrain from utilizing the tadpole’s powers.

Following the third tadpole dream, express your regret over the choices you made.

When Raphael approaches you at camp, decline his offer to extract the tadpole.

After your encounter with Raphael, engage in a conversation with Gale at camp, seeking his insights on how to counteract

Raphael and understand the cambion’s motivations.

If the Owlbear cub at camp is injured, attempt to administer healing.

At camp, show affection to Scratch, the dog, by petting him.

Inform Tracker Grikka that you possess the skills to extract information from the captive.

At camp, witness the heartwarming scene where the Owlbear cub and Scratch become friends. (Note: This might be a potential bug, but using the Speak with Animals ability might prevent the approval notification from appearing, even though you technically pet both animals.)

When Gale requests your trust before unveiling his secret or condition, choose to place your trust in him.

When Sentinel Olak suggests a rather unsavory task, comply by smearing dung on your face.

Break the tragic news to Arabella that her parents are no more.

During Gale’s romantic scene, express interest in learning about The Weave from him.

During Gale’s Weave teaching session, either imagine sharing a kiss with him or visualize walking hand in hand.

When Elminster returns to camp with you after your encounter in the Shadow-Cursed Lands, he’ll mention that Mystra is aware of your endeavors. Respond with a hint of frustration, asking, “If even the gods are in the know, why are we left to tackle these threats on our own?”

After discussing Scratch’s ownership with the Sword Coast Couriers in Rivington, decide to keep Scratch with you.

Actions That Negatively Impact Gale’s Approval In Baldur’s Gate 3

While building a rapport with Gale is essential, it’s equally crucial to be aware of actions and decisions that can negatively impact your relationship with him. Here’s a list of actions that can decrease Gale’s approval:

AreaAction And Decision
Camp InteractionsDuring the first night in camp, if Gale says, “Didn’t that paint enough of a picture?” avoid choosing the option “[WISDOM] Try peering into his mind. If he won’t open up, you’ll sneak in.” Failing this skill check will decrease his approval.

After the 3rd tadpole dream, avoid saying “your choice, your powers.”
Interactions With Other CharactersDo not side with Lae’Zal against the Tieflings, especially if you persuade them to free her.
Avoid telling Zevlor “sorry but you have other things to do.”

When Asharak speaks to the Tiefling children, refrain from saying “Bad News Children, You are all going to die.”

When questioning Liam, the tortured adventurer about Halsin, avoid saying “Keep Trying, You’ll Figure it out.”

Do not torture Liam for Torturer Spike without Wyll’s presence.

Avoid successfully torturing Liam for Wyll, which requires a persuasion check.

Do not let Wyll torture Liam.

Avoid screaming at Scratch’s friend’s corpse to prove he is dead.

When interacting with tracker grikka (the goblin near the roasting dwarf), refrain from saying you can get answers from the prisoner.
Things To AvoidDo not smear dung on your face when Sentinel Olak asks you to.

Avoid reading the Necromancer Tome from “Search the Cellar.”

Do not give the Necromancer Book to Astarion.

Refrain from agreeing to open the gate for goblin raiders.

When Raphael offers to remove the tadpole, avoid saying you would do anything to get it removed.

When talking to Lorin, do not emulate the roar of a mind flayer.

Avoid pocketing the ring when Mattis asks you to choose between heads or tails.

Maintaining a positive relationship with Gale requires not only performing actions that he approves of but also avoiding those that he disapproves of. By steering clear of the actions listed above, you’ll be better positioned to keep Gale’s approval high and foster a strong bond with him in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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