In Baldur’s Gate 3, players encounter a myriad of characters, each playing a pivotal role in the overarching narrative. One such character is Dammon, a Tiefling smith, who becomes integral to Karlach’s companion quest, “The Hellion’s Heart.” As players progress through the game, Dammon’s location shifts, making it a challenge for some to pinpoint his whereabouts. This guide aims to provide a clear path to Dammon across Acts 1, 2, and 3.


Dammon isn’t just a random NPC; he’s crucial to the progression of “The Hellion’s Heart” questline. Players will find themselves visiting him multiple times, but his ever-changing location can be a source of confusion. Moreover, there are instances where Dammon can meet an untimely end, which would halt the quest’s progression. Players keen on completing Karlach‘s storyline should be vigilant in defending Dammon whenever the opportunity arises.

Dammon the Infernal Mechanic Locations

Dammon the Infernal Mechanic Location: Act 1

In the game’s first act, players can find Dammon at coordinates X:178 Y:563, situated in the Hollow. This location is adjacent to the Emerald Grove. A crucial point to note for those pursuing Karlach’s quest is the importance of eliminating the goblin leaders in Baldur’s Gate 3. If these leaders remain alive, there’s a risk that Dammon might not transition to his next location.

Dammon the Infernal Mechanic Location: Act 2

Should Dammon survive the events of Act 1, players will find him in Act 2 at the stables of the Last Light Inn, located at coordinates X:-33 Y:165. As players traverse the Shadow-Cursed Lands, their journey will naturally lead them to this inn. It’s imperative to ensure the safety of this location, given its significance to the questline.


Dammon the Infernal Mechanic Location: Act 3

For those who’ve reached the game’s final act, Dammon can be located at the Forge of the Nine within the city of Baldur’s Gate. This forge is on the city’s eastern side, nestled just west of the renowned Elfsong Tavern.

Where To Find Infernal Iron

As players hop between these locations in search of Dammon, another task awaits them: the collection of Infernal Iron. This material is vital for Dammon to assist Karlach. While Infernal Iron is relatively rare, players can amass a sufficient amount. In fact, those who manage to gather every piece of this material will find themselves well-equipped to complete “The Hellion’s Heart” companion quest. Here are two known locations of Infernal Iron in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Blighted Village

  • The first piece of Infernal Iron can be found in the basement of the Blighted Village. Players can access this basement either through a locked door or via a webbed ceiling.
  • Once inside, players should look for the Masterwork Weapon Forge. In the same room as the forge, there’s a ladder leading to a locked chest. Picking this lock (either by the player or with the help of Astarion) will reveal the coveted Infernal Iron.

Goblin Camp

  • For those who might miss the piece in the Blighted Village, another piece of Infernal Iron awaits in the Goblin Camp.
  • Inside the Shattered Sanctum of the camp, players will find a treasure room located just behind Dror Ragzlin’s throne. Picking the lock to this room will unveil a trove of treasures, including another piece of Infernal Iron.

Update: We have found three more Infernal Iron locations which you can view in our dedicated Infernal Iron locations guide.