Baldur’s Gate 3 Companion Quests Walkthrough: Recruit Companions

Baldur's Gate 3 Companion Quests

Baldur’s Gate 3 players can unlock 5 companions to accompany them in their journey. Each companion is unlocked in a different way, through a different quest. In this detailed guide, we will go through all companions quests you complete in Baldur’s Gate 3. The following is the list of all companions available in the game.

  1. Shadowheart
  2. Astarion
  3. Gale
  4. Wyll
  5. Lae’zel

Baldur’s Gate 3 Companion Quests Walkthrough

We covered a ton of other details you should know about companions in a separate guide. Before you go through this one, it won’t be a bad idea to check our companions guide as well to get familiar with all companions of Baldur’s Gate 3. Unlocking companions can also help create a better overall build.

Shadowheart Quest: Daughter of Darkness

The Daughter of Darkness is the companion quest for Shadowheart. You get the quest when you recruit Shadowheart. After you get the objective, go to the broken statue near the blighted village windmill where Shadowheart noticed a strange magical presence. As you travel with her you can find her comment about Selune, use Persuasion check (17) to make her reveal her true identity. After you manage to save Druid Halsin and take down the goblin leaders, Halsin will talk about traveling to Moonrise Towers through Underdark.

Astarion Quest: The Pale Elf

The Pale Elf is the companion quest for Astarion. Speak with Astarion to get this quest and the objective. Gandrel is a monster hunter at the Sunlit Wetlands. Do not reveal the location of Astarion to earn this companions’ approval. If you take Astarion with you to face Gandrel again, the elf would want to fight the hunter. You can reveal Astarion’s name before he does or not fight alongside him to get disapproval.

Gale Quest: The Wizard of Waterdeep

Speak with Gale to get this companion quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. Travel with Gale and he will explain his situation and will ask you to uncommon magical items. You can find the item in question as a staff at the Overgrown Tunnel (Save Mayrina quest).

Wyll Quest: The Blade of Frontiers

Speak with Wyll to get The Blade of Frontiers. Meet up with Wyll at the front gate of Druid Grove. Finish the battle and head inside to recruit. The final step is to clear the goblin leaders.

Lae’zel Quest: The Githyanki Warrior

The Githyanki Warrior companion quest is pretty simple, you need to save her from a few Tieflings at Ravaged Beach. You can only do this if she is not killed in the game’s prologue. Go to Druid Grove and locate the tiefling. Let Lae’zel interrogate him to gain approval. Travel to Githyanki patrol’s location through the Risen Road. Kill all of them after they accuse you of stealing.

After you complete all aforementioned quests you unlock all 5 companions for Baldur’s Gate 3. If you want to know the locations for each companion, check out the link above for our companions locations guide.

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