If you take the mountain pass route in Baldur’s Gate 3 then you will come to Rosymorn Monastery and Githyanki Creche. Upon heading to the lower floors of the monastery you will start the Find the Blood of Lathander quest and you will learn that there is a hidden holy relic. In this Baldur’s Gate 3 guide, we go over how you can get the Blood of Lathander mace.


How To Get The Blood of Lathander Mace In Baldur’s Gate 3

Near the top of the Rosymorn Monastery, there is a room with a large stained glass window on the floor. This is surrounded by four altars. Interact with the stained window to see the weapons of the previous Dawnmasters. You will need to find two of them; the Ceremonial Battleaxe and the Ceremonial Warhammer.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Blood of Lathander

Once you have the weapons you need to place them in the correct place inside the room with the stained glass window. The following is where you need to place the weapons:

  • Dawnmaster Seed – Ceremonial Warhammer (northeast altar)
    Dawnmaster Vaseid – Ceremonial Greataxe (southwest altar)
  • Dawnmaster Stockhold – Any weapon (Southeast altar)

Ceremonial Battleaxe Location

Go southeast from the stained glass window room and cross the gap in the monastery’s roof. Located a broken cabinet in the broken window. Smash it and then head inside. You will need to defeat the Guardian of Faith inside. You can then pick the Ceremonial Battleaxe off the floor.


Ceremonial Warhammer Location

Come out of the glass window room and then head south. Break the first barricade you find along the west wall. Use the knotted roots to climb to the roof and go east to find two eagles. You can talk to them but you might have to fight them. Once they have been defeated you can get the Ceremonial Warhammer from their nest.

Once all the weapons have been correctly placed, a secret panel will appear in the northern wall. You can then open the pouch to find the Dawnmaster’s Crest.

Inquisitor’s Chamber

You now need to head over to the Captain’s Quarters. Turn on the Githyanki Barrier Disruptor to gain access to the Inquisitor’s Chamber. There will be some dialogue and a fight inside. After that, you will be able to explore. You will find two statues that you need to orient correctly. The one on the right needs to be blessing the rising sun and the one on the left needs to say a fond farewell to the setting sun. The statue on the left is stuck and does not move freely.

The right statue needs to face east while the one on the left needs to face west. Use Grease on the left statue to make it spin. Now head down and at the bottom, you will find a secret chamber. You will need to destroy traps and the energy sources to the barriers.


Progress forward to the final room and insert the Dawnmaster’s Crest. You will not be able to claim the Blood of Lathander mace.

This is how you can get the Blood of Lathander mace in Baldur’s Gate 3. To learn more check out our guide on how you can get the Helldusk armor set. You can also check out our guide explaining Proficiency Bonus.


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