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Navigating the intricate companion relationships in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be a challenge, especially when it comes to the Astarion. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of actions and decisions that can influence Astarion’s approval in Baldur’s Gate 3, ensuring you build a strong approval.

Who Is Astarion

Astarion is a complex character with a penchant for mischief. He revels in the suffering of others, often finding humor in cruel jests. For instance, he might rescue a hostage victim only to extort him later for amusement. He’s been known to assist individuals like Karlach, not out of righteousness, but due to the thrill of committing murder for someone he barely knows. However, beneath this facade, Astarion values personal loyalty, driven by his circumstances.

His primary concerns revolve around his survival, self-interest, and freedom from Cazador. The tadpole has granted him relief from his vampiric banes and broken Cazador’s mind control, making him particularly attached to its powers. He’s notably the only companion (as of early access) who desires to harness the Tadpole’s powers and gains approval for dialogues that encourage its use. While he’s not a fan of playing the hero, he can be swayed by actions that align with his sense of humor or personal interests.


Actions That Increase Astarion’s Approval In Baldur’s Gate 3

Intro Area/Ravage Beach/Dank CryptAccept Astarion’s apology upon your first meeting.

Betray the Tieflings after persuading them to release Lae’zel.

Before releasing Lae’zel from the cage, ask her to utter “please.”

If you convince the Tieflings to release Lae’zel, side with her against them.

Opt to confront Gimblebock and his group by the ruins.
Druid GroveDecline Zevlor’s request to mediate with Kagha when he seeks the Party’s assistance.

During your discussion with Auntie Ethel in the Emerald Grove, share that you require assistance due to a mind flayer parasite infection.

Allow Arka to execute Sazza in the makeshift prison of Druid Grove.
Inform Astarion that following Arka’s execution of Sazza, the refugees are in a state of desperation. (Quest: Rescue the goblin Sazza)

After Kagha the Archdruid inquires if you view her as a monster, respond that you appreciated her performance. (Quest: Rescue Arabella)

Consent to unlock the gate for the goblin invaders.

During the conversation, use animal speech to communicate with the bird Nettie is treating and harm it fatally.

During the standoff between Ardin and Zevlor at the Druid Grove, choose to either intimidate or incite. (It’s essential that Ardin survives the Goblin Assault)

Opt to eliminate Kagha without attempting to sway her.

Commend Lae’zel for her interrogation of Zorru, which Astarion will appreciate.

Upon encountering Zorru, ensure he submits and shows respect to Lae’zel.

When Asharak wishes to address the Tiefling children, respond with, “Bad News Children, You are all going to die”.

Reject Raphael’s overtures by labeling him insane and vowing never to strike a bargain with a devil.

After rescuing Mirkon from the Harpies on the shoreline, warn him, “Stop sniveling or they’ll be back. They like tasty little tiefling kids”
Between Blighted Village Proper and Druid GroveUse Illithid Powers on Brynna

Inquire about Edowin’s fate.

Encourage Edowin’s siblings to seek vengeance.

After the siblings leave speak with Astarion and say “Such powers could be useful.” Do this before looting Edowin’s body.
Blighted VillagePersuade the goblin guard outside the village.

Stumble upon Grukkoh and Buthir’s intimate moment and tell Astarion that it was fun.

Demand “Compensation for Effort” from Barcus after rescuing him.

Intimidate the ornate mirror to open its secrets for Search the Cellar quest.

Deliver the final blow to Feezerk, with Wyll in your party.

Successfully hire the Ogres without payment.
Risen RoadAssist the tiefling Karlach against the followers of Tyr.

Upon encountering Paladin Cyrel, instruct him to “take the supplies.”

Either eliminate the Githyanki patrol or successfully convince Lae’Zel to “play along with the act” and successfully deceive them.

After acquiring Oskar, the artist, declare him as your servant. (Avoid making the purchase when Astarion is in your party, as he will disapprove.)

Instruct the Gnoll Leader to prey upon his fellow Gnolls.

Give your assent to execute Rugan.
Sunlit WetlandsEliminate Gandrel, the monster hunter. You can find him near Auntie Ethel’s home, south of the Sunlit Wetlands.

In that location, you’ll also engage in a discussion about his former master, providing an opportunity to earn his approval. To do so, select the dialogue option that conveys, “You have my back, I’ve got yours”

Decline to help the two brothers, who are north of Sunlit Wetlands, find their sister, Mayrina.

Resurrect Mayrina’s husband and later jest about the situation with Astarion.

Trick Lorin by pretending to be the monster he fears.

Spare Auntie Ethel during your confrontation.

When entering the swamp, pass the check to see it for real, then baa at the red caps when you speak to them.

Let Astarion kill the gurr to the left of Auntie Ethel’s hut, then say “kill.”

After killing the hag, use the wand to resurrect her husband, give her the wand, then tell Astarion it was funny.
Goblin CampWhen meeting the Sentinel Olak at the camp entrance pass the Deceive/Nature option and say “”cant be serious” before throwing feces at the guards.

Boo Volo during his performance.

Kiss the foot of Novice Crusher at the Goblin camp. You also need to steel the ring.

Use intimidation to force Novice Crusher to kiss your foot.

Tell Novice Crusher “I’d Sooner spit in your face” and win the fight. Make him kiss your foot.

Tell Novice Crusher “”I’d Sooner spit in your face” and then kill him after winning the fight. This will trigger a fight in the entire camp.

Convince the Owlbear Cub that Goblins are the reason for its pain.

If Krolla denies you the rewards from Chicken Chase, use Illithid abilities.

Speak with Priestess Gut alongside Wyll and initiate a confrontation.

Eliminate Priestess Gut within the Goblin Camp.

Express your curiosity to Abdirak and consent to endure torture (he’s a devotee of Loviatar in the Goblin Camp).

Inform Tracker Grikka (the goblin near the dwarf being roasted) that you can extract information from the captive.

Team up with Minthara in the assault on the Grove.

Provide Minthara with the precise coordinates of the grove.

In the absence of Wyll, subject Liam to torment on Spike’s behalf.

Launch an assault on the Goblin Camp. (Quest: Rescue the Refugees)

Offer to inflict pain on Liam at the Goblin Camp.

When Halsin proposes the elimination of the Goblin leaders, decline his request.
Shattered SanctumParticipate in the ritual with Abdirak.

Allow Halsin to find safety without involving him in the situation.
UnderdarkDemand Boots during your dialogue with Tulla.

Agree to eliminate the Duergar for the Myconid Sovereign.

Engage with the fake god Boooal in the Festering Cove or allow Koa-Toes to bow to you.

In the ‘Find the Mushroom Picker’ quest, inform Baelen Bonecloak, “he got himself into this mess, he can get himself out”.

Align with Spaw and eliminate Glut.

While at the camp, offer the Owlbear Cub a morsel of food from your inventory.
GrymforgeForce Corsair Greymon to fall into the water.

Approach Ward Magmar and inquire about acquiring a personal servant.

Side with Astarion, suggesting that the lantern isn’t necessary and that rescuing Nere isn’t a priority. Say, ‘we cant turn back now,’ when attempting to access the Moonrise Towers.

If you decide to rescue him from the rubble, instruct True Soul Nere to “finish the servants” in the name of the Absolute.
Last Light InnPolitely refuse the wine Jaheira offers you.

Rearrange the lanceboard to give Mol an advantage.

When Flaming Fist Marcus suggests Isobel meet Ketheric, respond with, “I say we follow the winged freak.”
Ruined BattlefieldPersuade the Hyena to leave the goblins.

Flee when shadows assault the Harpers.

Trick the toll collector, Gerringothe Thorm.

In the ‘Punish the Wicked’ quest, sway Madeleine into injuring herself with a knife.

During ‘Punish the Wicked’, instruct Madeleine, “Begin the act of stabbing and only halt upon my command.”

In the ‘Punish the Wicked’ quest, succeed in a persuasion attempt to urge Madeleine with the words, “Continue the act.”

In the ‘Seek Protection from the Shadow Curse’ quest, deceive Kar’niss through a successful check, convincing him to hand over his lantern.

During ‘Seek Protection from the Shadow Curse’, effectively persuade Kar’niss to depart the vicinity, leaving the lantern behind.

After obtaining the moon lantern, decline to free the pixie named Dolly Dolly Dolly.

Each instance you convincingly mimic the act of drinking in front of Thisobald Thorm at The Waning Moon.

Every time you accurately recount a tale in the presence of Thisobald Thorm at The Waning Moon.

Compel Warrior Gronag with the command, “go and fetch that bone you threw.”

Triumph in the Hide and Seek game against Oliver near the battlefield shrouded in shadows.
House of HealingMake the sisters practice on themselves.

Make Malus Thorm kill himself.
Moonrise TowerLet Araj Oblodra know that Astarion is his own person.

Don’t allow Araj Oblodra’s to get bitten by Astarion at any point.

Cut off Barnabus and the chef’s conntection.
CampAfter chatting with Lae’zel during the first evening rest, advise Shadowheart to stay alert.

Speak to Astarion, express your desire to stay alive, and then pick the knife-related option.

Politely decline the Devil’s offer to remove your Tadpole.

Post-conversation with the devil, remind Astarion, “We are not his playthings”

The morning after your first tadpole dream, if you understand Astarion’s feelings, ask him about his dream.

Encourage him to open up about his dream and assure him you’ve got his back.

After the second mind-flayer dream, decide to continue using the powers.

After the third dream, express your decision regarding the powers.

Show understanding and support when you discover Astarion’s vampire nature.

Allow Astarion to drink your blood at camp.

Back Astarion in the group discussion following the camp incident.

Suggest Astarion can feed on foes.

Again, encourage him to share his dream and reassure him of your support.

In a chat with Shadowheart (post-fiery city dream), back Astarion’s plan to keep using the tadpole’s abilities.

Tell Wyll that dreams won’t deter you from harnessing the Tadpoles’ capabilities.

Accept Astarion’s invitation to share a bed during the Tiefling camp party.

In the intimate scene, choose to “Bare your neck, inviting him.”

Before resting on the first or second night, when discussing death preferences, either pick a method (like beheading, knife, or poison) or challenge him with, “If I die, I’ll take you with me.”

After meeting Raphael, assert to Astarion, “We are not his playthings”

Hand over the “Necromancy of Thay” book to Astarion.

Feed the young Owlbear at camp.

Politely decline Halsin’s request to eliminate Goblin leaders.

Advise Shadowheart to tread carefully in unknown lands on the first night.

Express interest in learning more about Shar from Shadowheart.

When discussing Casador with Astarion, propose a mutual support pact.

Offer the Necromancer’s book to Astarion.

Inform Arabella of her parents’ demise.

Assure Astarion that “of course you’ll hunt down Cazador and kill him”
RevingtonGive food to Yenna.

Tell Yenna to find a guard.

When you meet Strange Ox tell him “It takes more than a bit of gore to turn my gullet.”

Say something about Saer Grotpoll’s Rivingtonian accent.

When near the Dying Stone Lord Thug say “Slit him open. Make him suffer. Make him scream.”
Lower CityPersuade Helsik to give you a free sample during your conversation with her in Devil’s Fee.3
Circus of the Last DaysAnswer the Master of Love, Zethino’s first question: “When he’s elbow-deep in gore.”

Answer Zethino’s second question: “Me.” or “Revenge.”

Answer Zethino’s third question: “Most things fear him, actually.” or “Breaking a nail.”

When speaking Dribbles the Clown say “What a corny joke” or when he says “Did you hear about the scarecrow who lost a fight?” boo him.

Apart from Astarion, volunteer any one of your party members to go on stage with Dribbles the Clown.

If you go to the stage, say “my strength, of course” or “my courage” when Dribbles asks what makes you special in the Circus of the Last Days.
Wyrm’s CrossingLet Astarion craft his own ‘consort’.3
Sharess’ CaressWhen you propose intimacy with the Orlith siblings to Astarion, he will reject it but reassure Astarion.3
Fraygo’s FlophouseInvestigate the blood near the bed in the attic.3
Wyrm’s Rock FortressSpeak with Lord Amber’s Bodyguard and tell them that Steel Watch might turn against them.
Lower CityConvince Helsik to give you a free sample in Devil’s Fee.

Actions That Decrease Astarion’s Approval In Baldur’s Gate 3

While building an approval with Astarion is essential, it’s equally important to be aware of actions that might displease him. Astarion disapproves of overtly heroic deeds and prefers actions that align with his sense of humor and self-interest. To maintain a positive relationship, consider his personality and preferences when making decisions.

  • Assist Wyll in rescuing the Tiefling refugees at the Druid Grove.
  • Suggest the Druids might have overstepped when discussing with Marriko and Locke at the Druid Grove.
  • Pledge support to Zevlor.
  • Question Lae’zel’s aggressive approach after initially meeting Zorru.
  • Commit to advocating for Komira and Locke with the druids in the Druid Grove.
  • Apply dung to your face upon Sentinel Olak’s suggestion.
  • Permit True Soul Gut from the Goblin Camp to either purify your thoughts or mark your hand.
  • Assure Nettie you’ll consume Wyvern Poison if tadpole symptoms arise.
  • Decide to aid in the search for Mayrina in the Sunlit Wetlands.
  • Peruse the Necromancer Tome found in Search the Cellar.
  • Encourage peace between Zelvor and the human during their dispute at the Druid Grove.
  • Expose Astarion’s true nature to the monster hunter, Gandrel.
  • Be unsuccessful in getting Astarion to share details about his dream.
  • Press on assisting Mayrina during your conversation with Auntie Ethel.
  • End the life of the revived zombie form of Mayrina’s husband.
  • Convey to Raphael your desperation to rid yourself of the Tadpole.
  • As a Warlock, minimize the threat posed by Raphael when speaking to Astarion.
  • Convince Kagha to oppose the Shadow Druids.
  • Commit to aiding Zevlor in the Goblin Camp without expecting a reward.
  • Volunteer to help the duo under attack by gnolls without seeking a reward.
  • Jokingly refer to Astarion’s previous enslavement in intimate contexts.
  • Hand over the Necromancer Tome to Gale.
  • Coerce Spike into divulging information, more so when conversing with Wyll.
  • Overlook Astarion’s interest in your love life.
  • Accept the helm offered by True Soul Gut in the Shattered Sanctum.
  • Say yes to helping the Gnome workers in Grymforge find Philomeen.
  • Ask True soul Nere to stop hurting people.
  • Drink the special wine Jaheira made.
  • Warn Isobel that Marcus wants to take her.
  • Promise Nettie you’ll drink the bad drink if you start turning into a scary creature.
  • Get found and then fight with Oliver’s “family.”
  • Give the Artist some money, like 200 coins.
  • In Moonrise Towers, be nice and let the goblin Fezzerk go.
  • Make him do something to Araj Oblodra even if he said no.
  • Let the trapped people and the Mind Flayers go in the Mind Flayer place.

That’s everything you need to know about Baldur’s Gate 3 Astarion Approval and how to maintain a good relationship.