Back 4 Blood Golden Skulls Locations Guide

Back 4 Blood Golden Skulls Locations Guide

There are 10 Golden Skulls in total in Back 4 Blood. All 10 are completely optional since the player gets nothing from them except an achievement/trophy. However, do note that the trophy/achievement can only be unlocked after getting all 10 Golden Skulls in the co-op campaign. In this guide, we have shared the locations of all the Golden Skulls that can be found in Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood Golden Skulls Locations

Below, we have provided a complete list of all the Golden Skulls in Back 4 Blood:

Golden Skull #1
Location: The Crossing, Act-I

There is a red container submerged in water, toward the right of the bridge – right next to the ship.

Golden Skull #2
Location: Book Worms, Act-I

This one is located on the ground floor of the ‘Haven’ building. Once there, check under the desk with a laptop on top of it – inside the room on the left.

Golden Skull #3
Location: Special Delivery, Act-I

This one is located on top of one of the platforms in the Lumber Yard.

Golden Skull #4
Location: Hell’s Bells, Act-I

There is a slightly elevated area right next to a large tree – right next to it is another Golden Skull hiding inside the bushes.

Golden Skull #5
Location: A Call to Arms, Act-II

This one is inside the chicken coop in the open area – right next to the red building.

Golden Skull #6
Location: Hinterland, Act-II

For this one, get behind the waterfall before near the large bridge.

Golden Skull #7
Location: Grave Danger, Act-II

Stick to the right side of the graveyard and head all the way to the end. There should be an open crypt with a fallen cross – the Golden Skull is inside the said crypt.

Golden Skull #8
Location: Garden Party, Act-III

This one is right next to the entrance of the safe house – inside the maze.

Golden Skull #9
Location: Making the Grade, Act-III

This one is inside a yellow-blue tent in a large open area.

Golden Skull #10
Location: The Abomination, Act-IV

While destroying the weakspots on the body, climb the vein on the right side to find it hidden in a corner.

These are all the Golden Skulls in Back 4 Blood. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed Back 4 Blood wiki page.

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