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Back 4 Blood Corruption Cards Guide: How to Get, Rewards


Corruption Cards are a gameplay mechanic in Back 4 Blood that adds a new layer on top of the existing gameplay. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to get Corruption Cards, their rewards, and how they work in Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood Corruption Cards

Below is the complete list of Corruption Cards available in the game. Before the start of each level, the director will choose two unique cards that place limitations to the level in the form of Ridden, map effects such as weather, and scenarios such as mist areas. If you manage to complete the limitation successfully, you get additional rewards and XP.

Card  How to Complete Reward
Safety First  Complete the mission without the Cleaners Incapacitatedmore than 3 times.  500 Copper
Blue Dog Hollow  Shut off the source of the Ridden by bringing down the mine.  n/a
Blood Samples  Find the Specimen Container and bring it to the end of the level.  500 Copper
Silence is Golden  Don’t trigger any car alarms, door alarms, birds, and snitches throughout the level. 500 Copper
Ferocious Running Ridden  Aim for the head to get 15% increased HP and +2 damage per hit. n/a
Mist  Clear the Mist.  n/a 
No One Left Behind  Keep all Cleaners alive till the end of the level.  500 Copper 
The Devil’s Return  Make a horde follow you to Evansburgh Bridge in Finleyville.  n/a 
Ferocious Shamling Ridden  Aim for zombie’s heads. n/a

And that’s everything you need to know on how to complete Corrupted Cards and what they do. Need more help? See Unlocking all Characters, How to Heal, Unlocking Cleaners.

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