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How To Avoid Getting Busted In Need For Speed Unbound


The cops in Lakeshore can pop up at any time. Even in the middle of a race. If they catch you, they will take all the cash that you have on you. You do not want that to happen especially when you have a lot of cash on you. In this Need For Speed Unbound guide, we go over how you can avoid getting busted.

How To Not Get Busted In Need For Speed Unbound

If you get caught or busted, the cops will take all the money that you have. The following are some tips on how you can avoid that:

Stash Your Cash

Taking part in races earns you money but it also increases your heat level. The higher the heat level the higher level of cops and the more aggressive they are going to be against you. In order to avoid losing a lot of money, we recommend heading back to your garage in order to stash your cash and keep it safe.

You need to find a balance between the money you want to make and the heat you can manage. Taking on fewer races will keep the heat level low allowing you to get to your garage safely but it also means that you will not make a lot of money.

Use Your Vehicle To Your Advantage

At heat level 1, the cops are not that aggressive but that changes as the heat level rises. Since the cops are going to use everything that they have at your disposal, it makes sense that you do the same. If you have a 4X4 then you should go off-road and ditch the cops.

If you have a sports car then you can stick to the streets, hit top speed, use your nitrous and outrun the police. At heat level 3, you will be chased by Corvettes. Outrunning them can be hard but it is not impossible.

Take Cover

The max heat level is level 5. At this level, the police are going to throw everything at you. You will be chased by helicopters that will spot you from above and even Raptors will join the pursuit. We can head underground and take cover under bridges in order to break the line of sight with the helicopters.

Stealth Is Important Too

While the game is called Need for Speed, at times speed alone is not going to be enough and you will need to get creative. As your heat level increases, the spotting meter fills up faster. You will need to make it harder for the police to spot you. Turning off your engine can do that. You can also use auxiliary gadgets to increase your spot time. You should also look at the mini-map and avoid the cones so that you are not spotted by the cops.

Get Creative

As the heat level increase and cops get tougher, you will need to get creative. Instead of driving fast in a straight line, try turning into streets at the last moment or heading into oncoming traffic. The cops can be fooled into making mistakes that you should use that to your advantage. Have police cars bump into each other or onto oncoming traffic in order to get rid of them.

Tweak The Difficulty Setting

If you feel like the cops are too aggressive then you can change the difficulty setting to relaxed. This will reduce the top speed of the police and make it harder for the cops to spot you. Alternatively, if you want to challenge yourself then you can increase the difficulty to intense. This will make you easier to spot.

This is how you can avoid getting busted by the cops in Need for Speed Unbound. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guide on which junker car you should pick. For more content, check out our Need for Speed Unbound guides hub.

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