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Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Meer Deer Meat Locations

Meer Deer Meat is required during one of the quests in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. However, it goes beyond just a quest item. You’ll need it for cooking, raw food, and its hide is used for crafting in the game. In this guide, let’s go through the best Meer Deer Meat location in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.

  1. Location: The Meer Deer is located in the Clouded Forest, specifically within the White Moss Forest biome. This distinct location is marked as the white map area surrounding “The Hollows,” known as the base of the Kame’tire clan.
  2. Approach: To find the Meer Deer, your journey should start by heading southeast from The Hollows. The terrain of the Clouded Forest is both enchanting and challenging, providing a perfect backdrop for your hunt.
White Moss Forest map
White Moss Forest meer deer location.

The Meer Deer are elusive and sensitive to noise. Approach them with stealth to increase your chances of a successful hunt. Ensure you’re well-equipped for the hunt. Whether it’s a bow or another weapon, knowing how to use your gear effectively is crucial.

Using the Hunter’s Guide To Track Meer Deer

In the Hunter’s Guide, go to Type > Wildlife > Meer Deer. If you’ve accepted the “Revelations” main quest, the guide entry for Meer Deer will be available. Pinning it allows you to see yellow lines indicating the proximity of a Meer Deer.

Use the D-Pad Up on consoles or “C” on PC to access the Biomes on the world map. Scrolling over the area around The Hollows, you’ll see it labeled as “White Moss Forest.” Meer Deer can be found throughout this area.

When you’re near the deer or at least in the vicinity, you use Na’vi Senses to track its movement around jungle. Once you have it insight, you can use Na’vi Senses to spot weaknesses and target them for an easy kill.

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