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Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: How To Enter The Lodge


The only method to get in the Lodge is by approaching from the east in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora. The method of infiltration, whether stealthy or confrontational, is up to you. Once you’re on the east side of the enemy base, head upstairs to the area marked “Warehouse Administration – Authorized Personnel Only.” Here, you will find a wall panel under the “RDA” logo.

Interact with this wall panel. It will automatically enter a code, unlocking a nearby door.

With the door unlocked, enter the room. Inside, you’ll need to use your hacking tool on the console. The controls vary depending on your platform: PS5 players should use L1 + Triangle, Xbox players LB + Y, and PC players the assigned number key (default is “5”)​​.

Note: You can remap your controls on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S to change button prompts.

approach the lodge from the easter side in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.

After Entering The Lodge

Head to the inner courtyard downstairs and find the left door labeled “Warehouse Entrance” “01”. Be ready for a challenge. Pulling the lever inside the Warehouse will trap you in a room with enemies, including a new type armed with a flamethrower.

Employ the Spear Launcher, a powerful weapon that was automatically unlocked earlier in your journey. It’s particularly effective against the flamethrower-wielding enemy. Prioritize taking down smaller enemies first, and then focus on larger enemies.

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