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Whether it’s about resisting harmful debuffs or status effects, or about retrieving lost health and ammunition, consumables have a lot of utility in Remnant:  From the Ashes. Below, we’ll break down the effects of each of these consumables, as well as provide instructions on how to acquire them.

Remnant: From the Ashes Consumables

Most of the consumables listed below can be obtained by exploration. This pertains to hidden locations of the map or secret chests. Others can be acquired by defeating standard and boss enemies, or to be purchased from vendors. Since they’re Consumables, after all, these carry active effects and have to be applied manually by going to the inventory and selecting the item.

You can equip the useful items to your Quick Item menu. Head over to the Consumables tab and press Square button on your DualShock 4 to assign it to the Quick Item menu. Now, in-game, you can bring up this mini-menu of items by pressing one of the four d-pad keys.


The item increases movement speed by 10% and the speed of all melee attacks by 15% for 30 seconds. Can be purchased from Reggie in Ward 13 for 50 scraps.

Ammo Box

Replenishes ammunition for all the currently equipped weapons. Can be purchased from Reggie in Ward 13 for 200 scrap.


Remove Bleeding status effect. Can be purchased from Reggie in Ward 13 for 50 scraps.


Health is regenerated at a rate of 1.7 HP per second for a duration of 30 seconds. Can be purchased from Reggie in Ward 13 for 100 scraps.

Divine Nector

Armor effectiveness is increased by 10% for 60 minutes. The effect doesn’t wear off after death but will continue till the duration runs out.

Dragon Heart

This is a permanent item. Once acquired, you can replenish it by resting or using a world stone. This will instantly resurrect a teammate while replenishing the user’s health and stamina to the max. This item is un-missable and rewarded as a gift from one of the NPC vendors.

Ethereal Orb

The Overloaded status effect is removed while Shock resistance is increased by 10% for 30 minutes.

Frenzy Dust

Both fire rate and reload speed of the weapon is increased by 15% for 30 seconds. This buff is applied to all teammates, as long as they step into the cloud of the Frenzy Dust. Can be purchased from Reggie in Ward 13.


The Corrosion status effect is removed while Corrosion resistance is increased by 30% for 10 minutes. Can be purchased from Reggie in Ward 13.

Handgun Ammo

This is a common ammunition item for Handgun firearms, which you can obtain via chests or loot drops from enemies and bosses.

Heavy Water Elixir

The item removes the Irradiated status effect and increases Radiation resistance by 30% for 10 minutes. Can be purchased from Reggie in Ward 13.

Houndmaster’s Jerky

Critical damage is increased by 15% for 60 minutes. The effects don’t wear off after player’s death but will stay until the duration runs out. and will stay in effect after death.

Hydro Coolant

A hyper-cooled liquid that will instantly extinguish the Burning effect and increase Fire Resistance by 30% for 10 minutes. Can be purchased from Reggie in Ward 13.

Liquid Escape

Use this item to instantly return back to the last saved checkpoint.

Long Gun Ammo

This is a common ammunition item for Long-gun firearms, which you can obtain via chests or loot drops from enemies and bosses.

Mudtooth’s Stew

The item increases Max Stamina by 25% for 60 minutes. The effects don’t wear off after player’s death but will stay till the timer runs out. Can be purchased from Reggie in Ward 13.

Mudtooth’s Tonic

The item increases Max Health by 25% for 60 minutes. The effects don’t wear off after player’s death but will stay till the timer runs out. Can be purchased from Reggie in Ward 13.

Oilskin Tonic

A greasy salve that removes the Root Rot effect and increases Root Resistance by 50% for 10 minutes. Can be purchased from Reggie in Ward 13.

Orb of Undoing

Used to reset or respec all traits. This is obtained upon killing the final boss of Remnant: From the Ashes, the Nightmare who’s situated at Ward 17. Alternatively, you can purchase the item from Reggie in Ward 13 for 2500 scrap.

Tome of Knowledge

Acquire a single trait point upon consuming the item. This item can be found in various locations throughout the world of Remnant: From the Ashes.

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There are a lot of tough enemies to face in Remnant: From the Ashes, and your only option is to go with everything you’ve got. By using the items from loot drop of the defeat bosses, you can prepare yourself for the next ones. Here’s how to craft the best weapons suitable to take down bosses in Remnant: From the Ashes.

Remnant: From the Ashes Boss Weapons

Crafting is carried out at the vendor situated on the first floor of Ward 13. Look for him near the Pavilion Crystal. Every boss item upgrade will require Lumenite Crystals along with some required resources/materials. The materials are usually ones that you can collect as a loot drop from standard enemies or in chests riddled around the map.

For the crystals, you can either gather them after defeating the boss enemies or purchase them for a high price from the female vendor towards the west side of Ward 13. Once you have both the materials required and the Lumenite  Crystals, make your way to the vendor described previously on the first floor. You can purchase the boss weapons which will replace your equipped weapon.

These boss weapons carry special perks or elemental bonuses like additional Corrosion or Burn damage per hit etc. They can whittle down the health of the enemies very quickly and pack a lot of punch. You can upgrade these boss weapons at the same vendor to make them even more powerful. The max upgrade level for boss weapons is +10.

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Knowing which class suits your play-style best is crucial for getting the best results in Remnant: From the Ashes while also ensuring you have a lot of fun. In our Remnant: From the Ashes Character Classes below, we’ll break down the different weapon, mods, traits and combat approaches of every respective class.

Character Classes in Remnant: From the Ashes

There’s no mercy in the world of Remnant: From the Ashes, in this third-person shooter type take on the Dark Souls formula. Every inhabitant you face will make it his duty to bring you down so danger lurks around every corner. In order to maintain tight control over how your character plays, you have presented a choice from three classes.

Even though you are restricted to a single class once you’ve made the choice, choosing which gear and weapons to equip will allow you to bring your own flavor and style to the character. Traits are also unique starting perks for each class (as well as general ones later on), which you can learn about in more detail here.

The Scrapper

This is a good starting class as it’s well rounded. Armed with a Shotgun for close-ranged havoc and a Repeater Pistol for mid-range firing, The Scrapper is easy to get used to and get results. As for the melee weapon, you can unleash the might of the heavy-hitting Scrap Hammer.

As if The Scrapper wasn’t menacing enough with their close-range threat, the Hot Shot mob applies the burning effect to the bullets. This deals additional damage to enemies thanks to the status effect which drains their health over time.

The Scrapper’s melee damage is boosted thanks to the Warrior trait that is applied to the character class by default. The Scrapper is a brutal fun class for players of the classic hack-n-slash mentality.

The Ex-Cultist

This is more akin to the support class you’ve come to expect from role-playing games. Unlike The Scrapper whose strength is in close-quarter combat, the Ex-Cultist shines in close and mid-ranged combat. Owing to this mid-range goodness are the Coachgun and Repeater Pistol. For close-range, she can bury her Scrap Hatchet deep into the flesh of her enemies.

As for her supportability, the Ex-Cultist can utilize the Menders Aura mod to restore the health of teammates in a certain radius. This health regeneration process is gradual and will be applied to all teammates as long as they remain in the circle of the mod’s effect.

The Ex-Cultist’s starting trait, Spirit, allows her to increase the rate of regeneration of her weapon mods. So if you’re the type of player who puts teamwork above anything else, The Ex-Cultist is your go-to class.

The Hunter

Attacking from the shadows and resorting to stealth, the Hunter is the only long-range character class in Remnant: From the Ashes. There’s the accurate and precise Hunting Rifle for picking out enemies from far away, a Repeater Pistol for mid-range and a Scrap Sword for melee damage.

This sniper class is equipped with the Hunter’s Mask mod which serves two functions. Firstly, it will allow the Hunter and his teammates to see targets through walls or any obstacles, in a 40-meter radius. This effect is persistent for 20 seconds. While these enemies are marked, any shot on them will increase Critical Hit chance by 100%, ensuring instant death for most enemies.

The Shadow Walker trait for The Hunter class will decrease the awareness of enemies for the player and the teammates significantly. This allows players to be more discrete and less noticeable. If you’re reliable with your aim and blessed with the virtue of patience, stick with The Hunter for your playthrough of Remnant: From the Ashes.

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The action shooter hit of the year is here and if you were rather excited and pre-ordered the game, you’re in for many treats. In order to collect all your DLC bonuses and VIP items in Remnant: From the Ashes, follow our guide below.

How to access DLC items in Remnant: From the Ashes

Right off the bat, players who pre-ordered Remnant: From the Ashes are granted early access to the game. This allows players to play the game on the weekend which is exactly 2 days prior to the launch of the game on 20th August. So, you can literally boot up your Xbox One or PC and play the game once it has been downloaded. PS4 players aren’t granted this bonus and will have to wait for the release of the game.

Now, for the in-game perks, you are first granted access to three exclusive character/armor skins. These can be applied after you complete the tutorial of the game. You may find these and equip them from your inventory. These three are Doomsayer Ex-Cultist Armor, Gladiator Scrapper Armor and Nightstalker Hunter Armor.

As the last set of rewards for your pre-order action, a bunch of consumables are added to your inventory upon completion of the tutorial. These are an Ammo Box, 3 Bandage, 3 Bloodwort, 2 Oilskin Tonic and 3 Elixir of Enlightenment. Bandages regenerate a bit of your health while Oilskin Tonic can remove harmful status effects.

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When you’re done defeating the smaller enemies in  Remnant From the Ashes and done upgrading your weapons and gear, it’s time to face a big threat. The game constantly puts you in the mouth of danger with menacing and formidable boss enemies. The fights require you to use different strategies and approaches to beat the foe as you learn their attack patterns and move-set. Below, we have detailed tips and tricks that’ll certainly help you beat every boss in Remnant From the Ashes.

Remnant From the Ashes Bosses Guide

Bosses in Remnant From the Ashes require good awareness of the attack patterns of the foe as well as that of the environment or arena you’ll be fighting in. Upgrading equipment and weapons before encountering the boss is encouraged, just as you would in a Dark Souls game. For more detailed info on upgrades, head to our Remnant: From the Ashes Iron Guide.  We’d also highlight any other useful items you could benefit from carrying in these boss fights.

As a general rule to evade attacks, make use of your Roll mechanic. This dodge maneuver has some i-frames so if you time it correctly, you’re going invulnerable and untouched from any harm. Additionally, in all these fights, you’ll encounter a wave of explosive minions. That seems to be the trend for most of the boss fights. The best way to deal with these standard enemies is to shoot them close to the boss or before they reach you. This ensures that they won’t cause damage to you upon exploding, but only to the boss enemy.

How to Beat Shroud

This is the first boss you’ll encounter in Remnant From the Ashes. The level is within the sewers region after you cross the subway. Shroud is a double-threat because not only will be you tackling it but also its spawned Roots. Thankfully these are your standard foes with regular melee and ranged attacks, so you can dispose off them easily.

Before taking on the battle with the Shroud, gather healing tonics and bandages, which will help you regenerate health quicker throughout the fight. These items can be acquired from the vendor, Reggie in Ward 13. When facing Shroud, you need to be wary of his bow and arrow attacks. These come from a long-range or from above, with arrows inflicting a Bleed status that continues to drain your health.

Remnant From the Ashes Boss Shroud

We advise you to dodge these attacks and be constantly in motion, as the boss teleports around and covers itself with clouds of smoke. Rolling over is key here as you don’t wanna get cornered or overwhelmed by enemies.

In terms of dealing damage, focus fire on the head region of the Shroud especially when it’s stationary. Before initiating an attack, there will a window of opportunity when you can shoot at Shroud, so deal damage this way.

How to Beat Gorefist

This is a heavy-hitting boss who deals an insane amount of melee damage.  Thus, the name of the game is to keep your distance and dodge Gorefist’s attacks at all costs. You can predict them when you see him readying his blade for an attack or charging at you. Moreover, you’ll need to deal with Gorefist’s minions throughout the fight, which are easy to deal with.

Remnant From the Ashes Boss Gorefist

These small glowing guys explode when near you. So either you can dodge these explosions, or if you’re really clever, use them against Gorefist to stagger it. This gives you a window to inflict some good damage. Use ranged weapons and make use of the obstacles in the large room to the right, in order to keep Gorefist at bay.

How to Beat The Ent

This boss enemy will be encountered in one of the more open areas in the game in The Choking Hollow. The boss fight has multiple phases whereby The Ent will change its moves and attack patterns. The Ent has a huge health pool so it’ll take quite a lot of hits to whittle his health down to zero. This enemy will inflict the Infected status effect, so stock up on those Oilskin Tonics.

The fight starts with a stomp attack from The Ent which sends out shockwaves. You can deal with them by rolling through the first wave of this attack. You get a brief window where you can shoot down at The Ent. Deal with the smaller enemies by shooting the pink guys so they don’t explode near you. Make sure to collect ammunition from them as this will be a long fight.

Remnant From the Ashes Boss Ent

The next phases see The Ent send out an explosive foe who comes charging at you. Dodge out of the way at the earliest to avoid getting hit by the explosion. Now, wait for his ground slam attack where he uses both his hands. Time your dodge and then immediately focus fire on the red cluster on its back for bonus damage.

You now enter the final phase, where The Ent wreaks havoc via mortars and explosive enemies. Thankfully, you can circle around The Ent and use the impact of the mortars to get rid of the smaller foes. After dodging his mortar attacks, concentrate fire again on the boss enemy to bring it down.

How to Beat The Undying King

One of the more tougher bosses, The Undying King is encountered in The Undying Court on Rhom. Unlike the other bosses, you have a choice either to serve his needs or fight him. Before you can focus your fire on The Undying King, take care of his summoned minions and turrets. The latter will especially deal chunks of damage from far away as they continue to fire at you.

As for the King himself, he summons the might of the lethal scythes. Once he wields the weapon, he will charge at you or jump to close the distance for a powerful melee attack. In such a case, it’s best to roll over towards The Undying King and move behind his back to unleash your attacks and deal damage.

Remnant From the Ashes Boss The Undying King

He’ll regenerate health a couple of times when he sits on his throne and resorts to summoning the minions again. Keep focusing fire on it to eliminate The Undying King.

How to Beat Scourge

You’ll encounter Scourge once you reach The Hive, in the dungeons of The Scouring Waste. Before the fight, we highly encourage you to stock up on the Heavy Water Elixir from the vendor in Ward 13 to combat the Radiation status effect of the Scourge attacks. Moreover, keep your distance from the Scourge unless you want the Radiation meter to go up like crazy. You should focus fire on the torso of the Scourge, since shooting his mask will send out homing projectiles.

You’ll also need to deal with the minions, like any other boss. Make sure to dodge Scourge’s attacks, which are easily predicted thanks to how slow their start-up is. In addition to the projectiles, he’ll move closer for a winding punch attack which is also easily evaded.

How to Beat The Harrow

The Harrow is a bit different from the other bosses since the focus this time around is on eliminating the minions to get to the main boss. The Harrow is a nimble foe that will deal decent damage with his clawy melee attacks up close. Once you eliminate the first wave of the minions, the skeleton-like boss, will emerge and rush at you.

Remnant From The Ashes The Harrow

Dodge his attacks and keep your distance while focusing fire on him. Now rinse and repeat with the second wave of the minions until you’re able to put down The Harrow for good.

How to Beat Ixillis XV

The encounter takes place in a swampy region, on a bridge in Crosus. Ixillis XV can fly a bit and perform attacks with his spear. The perfect time to dodge is when you see this spear light up green. There’s also another move where Ixillis XV mediates and summons white orbs which will home in on you. Shoot them before they reach you.

Remnant From the Ashes Ixillis XV

Now deal with the minions as you would by quickly firing at them before they’re up close and may explode. Once you’re midway through the battle with the boss, a second phase arrives and with it a second identical boss. So at the same time, you’ll be facing two boss enemies near the swampy bridge. At this point, prepare for a lethal screaming attack unleashed by the two bosses in conjunction. This whittles a lot of your health, so shoot multiple times at the heads of the two bosses to interrupt the attack.

Though the most reliable method is to shoot at the head region and the locks on the boss enemies, you can cleverly lure them off the bridge for an easier time. If you have high-impact weapons like a shotgun, you can use it at close range to push back Ixillis XV and his pal off the bridge.

How to Beat The Unclean One

After making your way to a swampy region in Corsus, you’ll come across a deserted shack with The Unclean One boss inside. The Unclean One uses his huge hammer to deal immense melee damage up close so keep your distance at all costs. Be ready to roll away when you see the boss climb the walls of the area or leap high into the air for a slam attack. Also, if you’re far away, the boss will charge at you and can attack you through walls. Beware of this attack.

When the minions spawn, The Unclean will perform a 360-degree spin attack with his hammer that covers a wide radius. Be sure to back up by rolling away from The Unclean One. This will cause The Unclean One to cause damage to the minions, while you can shoot at the boss enemy from a range. Focus fire on the head and the posterior region of the boss as they’re the most vulnerable parts of it.

How to Beat Thrall

In the Musk Forge region of Corsus, The Thrall is encountered. The main threat of the boss is the Corrosion status effect. This comes in the form of toxic green clouds which he inflicts causing the player’s armor to lose effectiveness. Thankfully, this debuff can be removed by applying the Greenleaf cure which you can obtain from Reggie in Ward 13.

Remnant from the ashes The Thrall

There’s also the matter of his teleportation when he performs a projectile attack that can be easily dodged but will mark the emergence of the minions. Quickly deal with the minions while ensuring you don’t step in the Corrosion-ridden territory. Then focus fire on the Thrall to get rid of the boss enemy.

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This marks the end of our Remnant From the Ashes Boss Guide.

Iron is one of the most important resources in Remnant: From the Ashes and is used in the crafting of weapons and armor. Find out more info on how to acquire the different types of Iron and how you can utilize them efficiently.

Iron in Remnant: From the Ashes

Iron isn’t a difficult resource to acquire since it’s fairly common in Remnant: From the Ashes, you’ll just need to know where to look. With this goal in mind, the areas that grant you access to these materials are available from the start of the game.

The Standard Iron is the form of Iron that’s made accessible from the get-go. The material is obtained as loot drop from killing enemies and from chests riddled around the areas. Moreover, Standard Iron can be purchased from the NPC at the base of the staircase in the basement of Ward 13.  For upgrading your gear, interact with Rigs in Ward 13.

Remnant: From the Ashes Iron

The next batch of weapon and armour upgrade will require the use of Forged Iron. Similar to Standard Iron, Forged Iron is acquired from exploring hidden areas for chests or by killing enemies. It can also be purchased from the previous NPC in Ward 13. Subsequent upgrades for weapon and gear will require Galvanised Iron and then ultimately, the Hardened Iron.

Note, these irons will eventually appear for purchase at the vendor once they start emerging in the world and you begin collecting them.

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This marks the end of our Remnant: From the Ashes Iron Guide.

The refiner is one of the most important tools you’ll be using from the get-go in No Man’s Sky. A refiner will extract of one resource from another or combining more than one resource to form a useful one which will certainly help you develop tech faster. Read in our guide below to get informed about how a Refiner functions, and what you’ll need to build it in the game.

Refiner In No Man’s Sky

Thanks to how crucial a Refiner is to developing and utilizing resources, the game goes out of its way to establish its building procedure in a tutorial. The Refiner comes in three categories, depending on its functionality and capacity, with the portable being present in the tutorial. Its blueprint is present by default in the “portable technology” tab. Simply invest 50 Ferrite Dust (Metal Plating) and 30 Oxygen for the crafting process to be completed.

Now that you’ve built a simple portable Refiner, you can use it by first feeding it carbon-based fuel in the fueling spot. Thereafter, you can place the desired reagent in the input spot. This is the material you’ll be processing or refining into a more efficient and valuable resource. An example includes that of converting Ferrite Dust into Pure Ferrite, or Carbon into Condensed Carbon. The game will display info about all the materials you can synthesize with the available raw materials in your inventory. Once the process is completed, a green light on the Refiner will indicate the output is ready for collection.

The Uses Of A Refiner And Its Categories

At its core, a refiner converts raw materials into more condensed and refined ones, increasing their utility and efficiency. The immediate effects including less burden in terms of capacity and reduced recharge time and resource-requirement since refined items carry more capability and are thus required in small amounts. Not to mention, the base values (in units) of the refined items are significantly higher than those of the raw materials.

The only drawback to using a refiner is that it requires fuel to be manufactured and inputted and that the refining process itself may take a while if the desired output is resource-intensive. To combat these two problems, two upgraded versions of the portable Refiner exist Medium and Large Refiners. Both of these are non-portable and won’t consume fuel as they are powered by player’s Habitable Base. Moreover, these two versions can break down the more valuable refined item into its components when the need be, unlike the portable version.

Medium Refiner can refine two items into another, unlike the portable version which could only refine a single one into the output. To build it, you must first unlock the blueprint from one of the Base Computer mission. Then you’ll need to invest 100 Magnetised Ferrite and 5 Di-hydrogen Jelly for its production.

The Large Refiner can refine three items into another, more than the Medium or Portable version. For it’s crafting process, a blueprint is to be obtained first which can be done via one of the Scientific Research missions. Then, you need 200 Chromatic Metal, 100 Sodium Nitrate, and 5 Microprocessors to produce the Large Refiner.

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There’s a huge variety of resources to be collected in the world of No Man’s Sky. Some resources are more valuable than others, be it in terms of utility or that of monetary value. Gravitino Balls are one such resource which might stand above the majority of other resources when it comes to earning money. Here’s how you farm this particular resource in No Man’s Sky.

Farming Gravitino Balls in No Man’s Sky

The in-game description of Gravitino Balls states the resource as “extremely rare and valuable”. This is definitely true since each unit of Gravitino Balls has a staggering base value of 12,445 Units. Such a high monetary value automatically puts assigns the function of “trade commodity” to the resource.

In appearance, Gravitino Balls are growing blobs of light which is the end-result of “divergent super-gravitational forces”. Enough chatter about the nature of the resource, let’s get to the real thing. How do you acquire them?

Thankfully, there a bunch of ways you can obtain the Gravitino Balls in No Man’s Sky. In terms of pure exploration, the player might get hands on the resource by opening Buried Chests with Ancient Keys, or by scanning the terrain of different planets with the Analysis Visor.

Alternatively, and this is the more reliable method, you can complete expeditions in No Man’s Sky to collect Gravitino Balls as the quest reward for successful completion. You can double down on this method by upgrading your fleet of Frigates so that you can take part in multiple Expeditions at a given time. This increases the chance of acquiring Gravitino Balls as a reward.

Lastly, while traversing the uncharted territories, deconstructing abandoned and wrecked ships might grant you with Gravitino Balls which you’ll find in the inventory.

With that said, not all planets have the same density of Gravitino Ball clusters. If you were to find the resource via exploration, our best bet is to scrounge the Doomed Planets in the Red Star System as these lands have abundant resources of Gravitino Balls. Oh, and more often than not, gathering a Gravitino Ball will incur the wrath of the sentinels who will rage at you with aggression. Beware of them and find your escape!

Like all resources in No Man’s Sky Beyond, milk is an important material that can be utilized for different purposes. But as far as every interaction with creatures goes, you’ll need to tame it first and then follow the procedure of acquiring milk from it. Read down below in our guide to find out more.

How to Milk Creatures in No Man’s Sky Beyond

Before you can interact with a creature, you’ll need to ensure that you tame it. Otherwise, the alien will just flee at the sight of you. We have a separate Creature taming guide for you. You’re prompted to construct a Nutrient Processor and cook a preferred bait for the creature by scanning it with your Analysis Visor.

Now when you’re harvesting the animal for materials, you might obtain milk as a result. Other times, you’ll be granted different valuable resources apart from milk. In order to further facilitate the process of milking the creature, you can place a harvesting node or feeding unit to automatically carry the process. This prevents them from running away and eases off the burden of milking the creature manually.

Most of the resources in No Man’s Sky are acquired by harvesting planets, creatures or asteroids. However, other items are not obtained in a straight-forward manner and requires a tad bit more work. Chromatic Metal, is not found on it’s own but has to be crafted from other elements. No Man’s Sky Chromatic Metal is a useful resource and will help you in crafting a bunch of technology and devices. Here’s everything you need to know about farming Chromatic Metal in No Man’s Sky.

Farming Chromatic Metal in No Man’s Sky

Chromatic Metal is a processed metal alloy that can be obtained via the process of Refining existing metal elements. A Refiner can be built once the blueprint is acquired (you will come across it early in the game). After investing Metal Plating (50 Ferrite) and 30 Oxygen, the refiner can be used on various metals for Chromatic Metal.

These include Copper, Cadmium, Emeril and Indium in terms of elements, with Copper being the most abundant and common metal of the four. A combination of Gold, Silver and Cadmium, or Ferrite alone can also grant you Chromatic Metal via a Refiner. The procedure remains similar to how you carry out most things in No Man’s Sky.

After you’ve scanned a terrain for any of the above mentioned metal deposits, mine them with a Terrain Manipulator. You have to use Pure Ferrite (refined from Ferrite  Dust) as fuel in the Terrain Manipulator. The Refiner also requires fuel along with any of the given metal elements to produce Chromatic Metal. The quantity of the Chromatic Metal depends on the rarity of the metal refined, confirming a directly proportional relation between the two metrics. To increase efficiency and save time, utilise multiple Refiners at the same time.

The uses of Chromatic Metal are multiple as it is utilised in regards to Antimatter,  Exocraft Mining Laser, Signal Booster and Acceleration Module Upgrades to name a few. Other technologies which require Chromatic Metal as an ingredient include Microprocessor, Base Computer, Hyper Drive and a bunch of Terminals including Agricultural, Science, Construction and Exocraft.