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We are currently in the year 2019 but CD Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk 2077 remain faithful to its late 80’s tabletop roots. In the past three decades, ever since the first edition, the Cyberpunk genre has moved on but CD Projekt RED’s RPG proudly wears its influences on its sleeve, setting up in a still-wired present.

According to Marcin Blacha, the story director of Cyberpunk 2077, the upcoming AAA RPG is not an extension of “our world” in 2077. She explained that it is Mike Pondsmith’s vision of what the future might look like. In that sense, the developers aren’t “modernizing” the tabletop source material.

Cyberpunk 2077 is not an extension of ‘our world’ in 2077, it’s a vision of the future as Mike Pondsmith, and the society in general, I guess, expected the future to look like in the ’80s. In this sense, we’re not modernizing the [tabletop source material] at all, what we are doing is developing those expectations and transgressing ‘twists’ from our reality here and there.

A good example of this, however down-to-earth it may sound, is how we perceive the Internet today – it’s wireless, right? They didn’t have that back in the day, so CP2077 is still mostly wired, full of dark subnets and places you need physical access to jack in. There is the Blackwall, and what’s beyond it does resemble our current web, but again, it’s not exactly our world.

CD Projekt RED is staying true to the original vision of Mike Ponsmith without compromise. We will see the fruits of their hard work on April 16 next year when Cyberpunk 2077 comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Extracted from PlayStation Magazine September 2019 Issue #165

Pakistani gamer Arslan “Ash” Siddique has become the first player ever to win EVO U.S and Japan back to back. On July 5, Arslan represented Pakistan at the grand finals of Evo 2019 in Las Vegas.

He is the first champion from Pakistan who burst onto the scene at the OUG tournament back in 2018. He took down Tekken legend Jae-Min “Knee” Bae without losing a single game. Arslan took his skills to EVO Japan where he defeated Jimmyjtran, Book, Chanel, LowHigh, and AK.

He faced “knee” in the finals which brings Arslan’s overall record against the best of Korea to 0.5. “Knee” has never been able to defeat Arslan which clearly gave Arslan a psychological edge.

Arslan’s story is inspiring, coming from a country where no one knew his name yet winning a multitude of international titles.

Over the weekend a major data leak took place at the Entertainment Software Association. Personal information of over 2000 video game journalists, editors, YouTuber, streamers, and other content creators was posted online.

The official E3 website published a spreadsheet containing the contact information and personal addresses of everyone. The information is shared with the ESA when a journalist signs up for E3. While it is a horrible situation that takes place, it is astonishing it took so long for something to like this to happen.

What makes matters worse is that this can happen any time, again. At any big gaming event attending journalists share their information with the organizers. That information doesn’t stay with the organizers and is shared with all exhibitors at the event. ESA is just one point of the leak but there are countless others that could leak journalist info.

Events like Gamescom, PAX, E3, PlayStation Experience, EA PLAY, and many others could end up accidentally sharing personal information of journalists.

Names, Phones numbers, email addresses, and other information are bounced around from one exhibitor to the other and at any point, it could end up on the internet.

Many journalists who sign up for events aren’t aware of this piece of information that private data is shared with a ton of exhibitors. Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Co-founder Jim Rossignol says often his personal email gets added to press lists even though he never signed up for that particular event. This is because journalist information is shared around quite frequently without much data-protection in place.

People who sign-up often don’t read the sign-up agreements which clarify which data the organization is allowed to share with its partners.

It is the same issue as a gamer not reading the Terms of Service before sign-up for an online game or service. It is a common practice not to read which puts all of us at risk. Sharing private information is a common practice in many industries to generate leads for future business.

Of course, not all event organizers share your information without consent but the only way to know who does, and what information is shared, is to go through the sign-up agreement or ToS.

Looking for a way to get Dark Seals in Fire Emblem: Three Houses? Well, you have come to the right place. Our Fire Emblem: Dark Seals guide will explain how to get Dark Seals and enemies you can defeat in each chapter to get the Dark Seal, how to beat Death Knight, and more

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Dark Seals

In the Garreg Monastery players can find different seals during various chapters. These seals are unique examination seals that let you unlock one of the most interesting classes, Dark Mage. In various chapters of the game, you can find a Death Knight that’ll drop a Dark Seal.

How to Get Dark Seals

Dark Seals are found in Chapter 4, 6, 8, 12, and 18. It can take a while to get all Dark Seals to unlock different characters but you can get the seals via an alternative method.

You can ready a thief with a Steal skill to get Dark Seals in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This skill is useful when defeating him isn’t required by the mission. You can re-class your character when the Death Knight weak and steal the Dark Seal from him.

Keep in mind that you need a higher speed stat than the Knight himself to successfully steal the seal. If that’s not the case, you’ll need to defeat him to get the Dark Seal.

How to Defeat the Death Knight

Now for the tough part, how to defeat the Death Knight? He isn’t easy to take down which should be clear enough from his name. But there are effective methods to beat him in combat.

Mainly, we found two ways to beat the Death Knight in the main story mode without raising any proficiencies thoroughly. You can beat the Death Knight with a team of average level 5-7 at the start of the mission.

Note: Raise your character level if these methods don’t work.

Gambits and Knighkneeler

The first effective method to take down the Death Knight is to use Gambits and Knightneeler. Use offensive gambits to deal damage to the enemies without worrying about counter attacks. Raise the hit rate by using gambit boosts with allies nearby before using the gambit.

Knighkneeler is an effective combat art against mounted enemies so use this to finish off the Death Knight.

Get Ready for Battle

Before getting into battle, there are a couple of things that you should do. The following is what we recommend you to do in order to get ready for the battle ahead:

1 At least one character should have Knightkneeler
2 Train Knightkneeler character to have about 15 Mt
3 Get a steel lance and equip it on the Knightkneeler character
4 Assign a battalion to the Knightkneeler character
5 Assign battalion with offensive gambits to the character who has high physical or magic attack
6 Recommended gambits are: onslaught, group magic: ice, and assault troop

Combat Tips

The following are some battle tips that should help you out:

1 Rout at least 80% of the enemies
2 Don’t beat the commander to prevent mission completion. Keep some enemies around for RNG adjustment
3 Bring all allies around Death Knight
4 Character with a range of two or more is placed in the second square of Death Knight for linkage
5 Even though the damage you deal is low, it is important to keep attacking Death Knight’s HP
6 Increase the damage by the character with Knightkneeler by using rally or support
7 Use the Knightkneeler on Death Knight to beat him
8 If you fail to kill Death Knight in one go, the character that attacked is likely to die
9 Use divine pulse to try again but before trying to kill Death Knight, attack the remaining enemies to adjust the RNG. Your attack on Death Knight will give the same result if you don’t adjust RNG

Combat Arts and Knightkneeler

Death Knight is fast and has an attack speed of 14 when you first encounter him. You must attack him with a unit of an attack speed of at least 11. Deal damage using combat arts before using the Knightneeler to bring him down. This method is most effective when playing with the Black Eagles house as they have high speed.

Get Ready for Battle

Before getting into battle, there are a couple of things that you should do. The following is what we recommend you to do in order to get ready for the battle ahead:

1 Train many characters to get at least 11 speed.
2 Not required to use steel weapons if you have 10+ allies.
3 Assign a high damage battalion and attacking knights to characters with at least 11 Spd.
4 Get a steel lance and give it to Knightkneeler character.
5 Offensive gambits assigned to the Knightkneeler character

Combat Tips

The following are some battle tips that should help you out:

1 Rout at least 80% of the enemies
2 Don’t beat the commander to prevent mission completion. Keep some enemies around for RNG adjustment
3 Bring all allies around Death Knight
4 Character with a range of two or more is placed in the second square of Death Knight for linkage
5 Make the most use of skills that increase attack power to boost the damage dealt of the character with at least 11 Spd. You can use support and rally as well
6 Use the Knightkneeler on Death Knight to beat him
7 If you fail to kill Death Knight in one go, the character that attacked is likely to die
8 Use divine pulse to try again but before trying to kill Death Knight, attack the remaining enemies to adjust the RNG. Your attack on Death Knight will give the same result if you don’t adjust RNG

This was our Fire Emblem; Three Houses Dark Seals Guide, hope this helps you in the game.

GameStop has been around for decades in the gaming industry. But over the years this video game retail giant has lost its market share and millions in share value. According to our prediction, at this rate, Gamestop might not see the next-generation of consoles. The company might be the “Blockbuster” of the gaming industry, suffering the same fate.

Back in June 2019, GameStop saw its biggest drop as nearly 30% share value plunged in premarket trading. The retailer reported a 13.3% drop in the first-quarter revenue and a 10.3% decline in sales.

GameStop was forced to remove its quarterly dividend to save around $157M a year. But the situation is getting worse for GameStop.

At the start of this console generation, GameStop traded its shares at nearly $60. In November 2013 GameStop shares peaked at $55.88. Since then we are seeing a downward spiral with minor jumps in share value every now and then.

By the end of trading on August 1, 2019, GameStop ended the day with $3.84. The main cause is the lack of console and video game sales from GameStop. Throughout this generation, an alarming rise of digital video game sales killed GameStop’s share value.

Entering The Digital Era

By the end of 2018, U.S digital video game sales amount to 83% of overall sales. Gamers do not wish to wait before getting their hands on a new game. Digital downloads give them instant access to new games. In contrast, only 17% of all gamers went for physical copies by the end of 2018. In this drastic change from the decade ago when 80% of games were sold in physical form.

The situation isn’t any better elsewhere; the latest numbers show 80% of all video game sales in the U.K are now digital. The Entertainment Retailers Association said of the £3.86bn generated in 2018, £3.09bn came from digital video game sales. The revenue number includes microtransactions and DLC, subscription services, pay-2-play as well as individual game sales.

Digital revenue is up 12.5% year over year for 2018 while physical revenue is down 2.8%.

The Dawn of Streaming Services

Back in 2011, GameStop started a video game streaming division, Spawn Labs. The division tested video game streaming services for 3-years before closing down in 2014. Spawn Labs was building a cloud-based streaming service that’ll allow players to stream video games. But at the time GameStop said fans do not want a Netflix-like streaming service for video games and closed the division.

If GameStop would have stuck around with streaming for a few more years, it may have been in a better position right now. All major players in the gaming space are working on streaming services which strongly suggests that the future is all-digital; Microsoft xCloud, Google Stadia, and Sony’s push for PS Now with PS5.

GameStop is struggling to find its place in the changing landscape of the video game distribution market. At this rate, GameStop might not survive next year. It might not live to see the next-generation of consoles. The company laid off 50 employees including regional managers, district managers, HR staff, loss prevention managers.

Some exciting news for Resident Evil fans as a new entry in the series might soon be announced. Over in Japan Capcom is asking Biohazard Ambassadors to join the developer to test a new unannounced game.

Resident Evil 7 released two years ago and since then we have heard about Resident Evil 8 many times. The new direction of the series is expected to continue with Resident Evil 8, less action and more survival horror in the first-person mode.

If you are in Japan, you can sign up for the Ambassador program and go check out the new Resident Evil game. The testing will begin in September and if you are selected, Capcom will throw you an email confirmation later on.

The event will be held at Shinjuku, Tokyo, on September 8 or 9, 2019. It is more than likely that Capcom will announce Resident Evil 8 to the public this fall.

We Need a Switch Version This Time

Resident Evil 7 was playable on Switch, well, kind of, but we never had a proper Switch port. RE7 is playable through the cloud in certain regions only. Things need to change with Resident Evil 8. There is a huge fan base of the series on this platform. Fans loved the recent classic RE games on Switch so it is about time we make the effort to give them something more.

Resident Evil 8 on Nintendo Switch would be an amazing experience. However, do keep your hopes in check as hardware limitations are a genuine issue on Switch. But there is a way around that; rumor has it that Nintendo is planning to quietly upgrade Switch hardware. The upgrade is expected to remove many of the hardware constraints which mean Resident Evil 8 and other demanding games can possibly happen on Switch.

How to run the ball in Madden NFL 20? Well, our Madden NFL 20 guide will explain the process and basics of how to run the ball. Additionally, we will discuss tips and tricks for better runs and button layouts to help you. Madden 20 is here which means the Madden madness is about to kick off. The annual franchise is back with new features, players, changes and improvements.

If you are looking for tips and trick, the basics, then you have arrived at the right place.

Madden NFL 20 Tips and Tricks

Let’s start with the basics which every player must know. Each player you control will run in the direction you point to by default. However, that isn’t the ideal play style. To for better control over your ballcarriers, here’s what you need to know.

Action Input Xbox Input PS4
Sprint RT R2
Protect Ball RB R1
Hurdle Y Triangle
Dive X Square
Spin B Circle
Stiff Arm A X
Pitch LB L1
Hesitation Tap LT Tap L2
Juke Right stick right/left Right stick right/left
Truck Right stick up Right stick up
Stumble Recovery Right stick down w/
green arrow prompt (QTE)
Right stick down w/
green arrow prompt (QTE)

Precision Modifiers

This is one of the more recent features which came into play a few years ago. This is great for better player movements. The whole point of Precision Modifiers offer ways to chain together moves for smart maneuvers, managing stamina, and counter defenders. The moves we listed above don’t need precision modifiers which is better suited for competitive games. If you are new to the franchise we suggest you try not to overdo with the left trigger.

The modifiers are reserved for seasoned players who can do wonders with them in higher difficulties and online leagues. But in case you are good at a skill position you can indeed use modifiers but go easy with it, don’t use all the times.

Balance of quicker maneuvers and more stamina exhausting but potentially touchdown scoring modifier moves will take some practice.

The best move is if you got one player to beat on the sideline, use a modified stiff arm or spin move.

Run Concepts and Following Blockers

Madden NFL 20 is not an easy game to play. If you are new to the game or someone looking to do better this year, you need to learn the basic of this game.

There are two types of plays, running plays and passing plays. However, with a casual understanding of the plays, you won’t win the plays.

Only if you are familiar with the basics of running plays you can hope to do better in Madden NFL 20 and Ultimate Team. To improve your ground game you need to understand Run Concepts used in Madden games.

For instance, you can use a Draw when a QB drops back to pass but after a delay, hands in off to the running back. This tricks the defense line into thinking a pass is coming because it looks like it is.

In NFL and Madden there is another popular play which is called Sweep. The ball is given back to the RB as he runs the parallel line of the scrimmage to rotate outside the defensive line. Keep in mind that it is important to give time to your blockers to be ahead of you.

Have patience and avoid cutting corners or rushing to the edge.

All plays have a lane or you can it a “hole” that you must hit. Of course, there are other lanes that may look more appealing but it can often be by design to deceive defenses. You blocker won’t be in sync with you if you attempt to improvise.

Double-check your play art before the ball is snapped. Use the right trigger to check the play art. Madden 20 is nothing short of a chess-game, so keep that in mind.

The right trigger will show you what your blockers are doing, which hole needs to be hit, and the number of defenders in the “box.”

The best way to decode your playbook is to understand run concepts and what their names mean.

Take Care of the Ball

This is probably the most basic thing you need to know, protect the ball. It is crucial to know when to cover and protect the ball so that you don’t give it away. Use the R1 or RB buttons on consoles to protect the football and make sure you don’t lose it.

It is to be noted that protecting the ball will slow you down and you are more than likely to be tackled by the opponent. This practice is useful when you want to gain some yards and keep moving forward on the field.

Use this to protect the ball when the opponent is racing the lock and is itchy to get the ball from you.

Sprint Spamming Is Bad

If you want to win, don’t spam sprint. It is frowned upon even for seasoned players.  Sprinting can get you some quick yards if you manage to not get tackled. But you are burning much-needed stamina which may cost you a touchdown. Save your sprints for when you see an open space and try to get ahead of the defensive line like that.

Understand Your Team

This is the final but most valuable tip for the players of Madden NFL 20. In order to successfully run the ball, you need to know your team. Usually, you play with class players with a long list of skills and abilities but they are useless if you don’t know how to use these players. You must understand their weaknesses and strengths.

Study your team and understand which players are suitable for which task and play.

If you need more help with the game check out our How to Intercept Passes, and Madden NFL 20 Best Playbooks.

This marks the end of our Madden 20 guide on how to run the ball.

Putting together the best team is the main point of Madden NFL 20. But what is the best way to do this? EA makes millions from its sports franchises thanks to in-game purchases so that is always an option if you have money. In this Madden NFL 20 Ultimate Team Strategy Guide we are going to walk you through how you can get the best team and players.

If you are playing to dominate the Ultimate Team in Madden 20 there are only 3 best ways you can do this. In our Madden NFL 20 Ultimate Team we will discuss the main three because of course, everything else is total nonsense. There is no short cut to doing things.

Madden NFL 20 Ultimate Team Strategy

As we said, there are only three proven ways you can get the best players and create the best team in Madden NFL 20 Ultimate Team. Following is how you get an edge in your Ultimate Team mode.

Have a Few Hundred Dollars Laying Around?

Well, the best yet most expensive way is to spend money. You can buy packs that can unlock the best players but the picks are random. It works the same way the FIFA Ultimate Team works. You spend plenty of money and cross your fingers.

While this is an option, we do not recommend this as we don’t support microtransactions. You’ll be drained before you know it but there is a way to control it if you are adamant at putting together the best team without much effort.

Create a budget and do not go above it. If you get the players you need, great if not, there are other ways.

Grind The Solos

Well, the best way and the one we recommend is grinding the solos. Solo battles are back in Madden 20 Ultimate Team and can bring you a plethora of MUT. Each week in Madden Ultimate Team 20 there are four new AI teams in Solo battles. Your team will face any one of these teams and earn as much Battle Points as possible.

These Battle Points will determine which reward you get every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before a complete refresh happens.

Get Better And Beat Better Teams

Practice makes perfect, remember? The more you play the better you can get at beating teams that’ll destroy you on paper. Madden is the kind of game that requires time and dedication if you are new to the franchise.

If you are interested in learning more about the game, then be sure to check out our guide on Madden NFL 20 Defensive Playbooks, Madden 20 Achievement Trophies Guide, and Madden NFL 20 Defensive Playbooks.

This marks the end of our Madden NFL 20 Ultimate Team Strategy guide.

Resident Evil 2 Remake PC supports mods which means modders can create a ton of them. Since the game’s release modders have released the most unique, funny, scary, and nude mods for Resident Evil 2 Remake via Nexus mods and other websites.

The modding community is thriving and even to this day, we see some really unique Resident Evil 2 mods for PC. Bad news for those playing on consoles, there is no mod support for RE2 Remake.

Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods

The following article will share our list of best mods for Resident Evil 2 Remake. The mods list will feature 5 best mods and 5 nude mods you can try. Afterward, we will explain how to install mods on Resident Evil 2 Remake in case you are new to PC modding.

Experience The Horror In First-Person

Ever since the inception of Resident Evil series we have seen a couple of camera changes. Early Resident Evil games used a fixed, and over the shoulder camera angles.

We saw a major change with the release of Resident Evil 7 as Capcom introduced the first camera perspective. Many liked this change as it added to the immersion of survival horror.

Well, you can create the same level of immersion in Resident Evil 2 Remake via the first-person mod.

Download first-person mod from Nexus Mods

The Classic Inventory

Don’t get me wrong, Resident Evil 2 Remake brought a really decent inventory design and UI. However, older RE fans would appreciate the retro look. Install the classic inventory mod adds old school Leon and Claire sprites to the game’s save screen. Meanwhile, your inventory is given a blue background that is right out of the PlayStation OG RE2.

The classic look brings back so many memories, the hard times of managing the inventory, the decisions to drop items and to clear space. All of that is still a part of the game but it looks better with the classic UI.

Download the classic inventory mod from Nexus Mods

Throw Some Color On Those Weapons

Older fans love the horror and grit of the Resident Evil 2 Remake but the younger audience can add their own flair to the experience. Players can add weapon skins to Resident Evil 2 via the Optional Skins Mod.

There aren’t many weapons in the game but your options aren’t limited for skins. The skins mod adds a ton of new weapon skins. They are quite fun to have as an option if you feel like adding them at some point.

Download the optional skins mod from Nexus Mods

Cinematic ReShade, HDR, and Color Adjustment

If would like to boost the graphical prowess of Resident Evil 2 Remake, this mod is for you. This mod adds a reshade preset which makes the game easier on the eyes and gives it a cinematic look without compromising graphics.

Moreover, there is a TAA issue that causes blur but this mod deals with it successfully. The mod comes with its own high-quality Gaussian Blur, fake HDR and boosts color depth.

Download Cinematic ReShade mod from Nexus Mods

Bring Back Nemesis

Since we can add classic inventory, and classic camera angles, why not bring classic enemies back too? While this one isn’t from Resident Evil 2, Nemesis is one of the most popular characters from the series.

Capcom has shown interest in making Resident Evil 3 Remake but until that happens, let’s add Nemesis to Resident Evil 2 Remake.  In case you are wondering how? the mod turns Mr.X into Nemesis.

Download Nemesis mod from Resident Evil Modding

Resident Evil 2 Remake Nude Mods

This section of the article will share the nude and sexy mods for our thirsty gamers.

Claire Goes All Natural

This Resident Evil 2 Remake nude mod is exactly what it says, a nude Claire enters Racoon City. Sadly, Mr.X doesn’t care much for Claire’s hot curves. He will still chase you down and kill you for sure.

Download Claire nude mod from Nexus Mods

All Natural Ada Wong

What’s better than one nude female character? Two nude female characters. This nude mod brings out the gorgeous Ada Wong out of her clothes.

Download Ada Wong nude mod from Nexus Mods

Claire Noir With Transparent Shirt, Adult Version

Well, Claire riding the bike in the rain in a transparent shirt is a sight to behold.

Download Claire Noir mod from Nexus Mods

PG-13 Leon

For those not interested in nudity, there is a PG-13 version of Leon. Leon supporting a six-pack and a cop thong.

Download PG-13 Leon mod from Nexus Mods

Beachboy X Comes to Town

Mr.X in a sexy thong? There must be high demand for this. The big guy wears flip flops, sunglasses, and an Umbrella Corporation branded thong.

Download Beachboy X mod from Nexus Mods

How to Install Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods?

The process of installing Resident Evil 2 Remake mods is pretty simple. Here’s the step by step guide to mod install.

  • Download mod manager
  • Extract mod manager anywhere
  • Check game file integrity before installing (right-click the game in your Steam library and click on “Verify File Integrity)
  • Copy mod to “[modmanager]\Games\RE2R\Mods”
  • Run mod manager and select “Manage Mods” and from there install or uninstall our mods

So there you have it, hope this is useful to you.

Oxygen Not Included is one of those PC games that lets you put in cheats. Cheat codes will help you unlock different modes and even reveal all events. Our Oxygen Not Included Cheats Guide will help you with all the best cheats to unlock God mode, Discover all Elements, and much more.

Players can make the game take all commands by creating (empty) text-file through the “OxygenNotIncluded_Data” folder. You can locate this folder inside the root game folder.

All Oxygen Not Included Cheats

The first thing we will talk about in our cheats guide is how to use Oxygen Not Included cheats. Create an empty text file on your PC and name it “debug_enable.txt.”

The “.txt” file is an extension so the file name you’re looking for is “debug_enable.” Now you will be able to use Debug-commands but keep in mind that you need to restart the game afterward. The method is useful for screen-shot and turns off the HUD with ALT +F1.

Steam users can find this folder by right-clicking the installation folder and clicking on “Local Files” and “Browse Local Files.”

Windows and Linux users should move the “debug_enable.txt” file inside “OxygenNot Included_Data” folder/directory.

Mac users, on the other hand, opening package bundle via a right-click and selecting “Open Package Contents.” Put the “debug_enable.txt” file in the “Contents” folder.

Oxygen Not Included Cheats List

  • Discover All Elements — CTRL + F4
  • God Mode — ALT + F4
  • Instant Build Mode + F4
  • DebugToggle — Backspace
  • ToggleProfiler — Backquote/Tilde
  • DebugPaintForceFlower — AlphaO
  • DebugVisualTest — SHIFT + F1
  • DebugGameplayTest — SHIFT + F2
  • DebugElementTest — SHIFT + F3
  • DebugRiverTest — SHIFT + F4
  • DebugTileTest — SHIFT + F5
  • DebugSelectMalerlia !– CTRL + 5
  • DebugToggleMusic — CTRL + M
  • DebugGotoTarget — CTRL + Q
  • DebugFocus — CTRL + T
  • DebugUltraTestMode — CTRL + U
  • DebugSpawnDuplicant — CTRL + F2
  • DebugPlace — CTRL + F3
  • DebugInstantBuildMode — CTRL + F4
  • DebugShowTestMode — CTRL + F5
  • DebugDig — CTRL + F6
  • DebugExplosion — CTRL + F8
  • DebugDiscoverAllElements — CTRL + F9
  • DebugTriggerException — CTRL + F12
  • DebugRefreshNavDell — ALT + N
  • DebugTeleport — ALT + Q
  • DebugToggleSelectInEditor — ALT + T
  • DebugPathFinding — ALT + P
  • DebugReloadMods — ALT + M
  • DebugReloadLevel — ALT + L
  • DebugSuperSpeed — ALT + Z
  • DebugNotification — ALT + X
  • DebugNotificationMessage — ALT + C
  • DebugToggleUI — ALT + F1
  • DebugCollectGarbage — ALT + F3
  • DebugInvincible — ALT + F7
  • DebugApplyHighAudioReverb — ALT + F8
  • DebugApplyLowAudioReverb — ALT + F9
  • DebugForceLightEverywhere — ALT + F10
  • DebugCellInfo — ALT + F11

Primary Debug Mode – Backspace

This mode takes a few seconds to load when the first time you turn it on. The mode helps you do the following:

  • Zoom in and Out
  • Toggle Fog of War
  • Paint Solids and Gasses
  • Copy/paste areas of a world excluding dupes
  • Save areas as a templete file

DebugInstantBuildMode — CTRL+F4

The mode does the following for your Oxygen Not Included

Build orders will appear without using additional resources

All contruction types and building are available. Even those that aren’t researched yet

Instant blocks on dig orders

Any building where the player can queue up orders for item production, queuing up and order with +1 causes instant production. This takes effect even if the building is recieving no power

Dublicates can be assigned to any job

Fully research subject by just selecting it along with prerequisite research subject

All researches last even if the mode is turned off

  • Debug Telepot (Alt+Q) — Selected dupes, critters, plant, and buldings are teleported to the location of the cursor.
  • DebugInvinsible (ALT+F7) — Dupes will become invinsible.
  • DebugUltraTestMode (CTRL+U) — Speeds up the game performance.
  • DebugSpawnDuplicant (CTRL+F2) — Random dupe generation at the cursor.

This is our Oxygen Not Included cheats guide. For more help on the game visit our Oxygen Not Included Flora and Fauna Guide, and Oxygen Not Included Duplicantes Guide.