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Remnant: From The Ashes comes with a plethora of key items and crafting materials. Each item is important to the overall gameplay experience. Our Remnant: From The Ashes, Key Items and Crafting Materials Guide will discuss all key items and crafting materials.

Remnant: From The Ashes Key Items and Crafting Materials

Key Items are special items in Remnant From The Ashes. These items are used to unlock or advance various missions in the game. They also help you access certain locked areas. You need to find these items at certain locations in the game.

This guide is a work in progress so some of the information might be missing. Will be updated soon.

Key Items

Key Item



Fuse Can be used to fill the empty fuse slot located on Ward 13 Ward 13 behind keycard door
Ward 13 Keycard Gain access to the main hub, Ward 13 Founder’s Hideout
Tarnished Ring N/A N/A
Guardian’s Heart Used to complete Elf Queen or Underlaying Kind quests Ixillis Drop
Labyrinth Key It is used to access the Labyrinth Underlaying King Drop
D.A.T.L.A. Key This key can power the crystal terminal in Ward 13 Ward 13
Founder’s Key This key unlocks a computer connected to a mirror on the lower levels of Ward13 N/A
Ward 13 Master Key This key unlocks all locks of this type in Ward 13. Very convenient Ward 13 in the room after the giant fan
Strange Coin You can give this item to Ace, and she will reward you with Magnum Revolver and 300 Scrap N/A

Now let’s talk about the crafting materials in Remnant: From The Ashes. The game feature a ton of crafting materials and they found and various locations.

Crafting Materials




Iron The resource used to reinforce weapons and armor. Dropped by enemy/bosses and can be found inside crates/chests.
Lumenite Crystal The special resource used to craft boss weapons, weapon mods, upgrade boss weapons and dragon heart capacity. Dropped by enemy/bosses and can be found inside crates/chests.
Shadewood Can be used to craft Rattle Weed Can be obtained by defeating Shroud
Flesh Barb N/A N/A
Blazing Heart Can be used to craft Spitfire Can be obtained by defeating Singe
Black Tear Used to craft XXX Shade and Shatter Drop
Forged Iron N/A N/A
Unclean Heart N/A Defeat the Unclean One
Simulacrum ULTRA RARE resource that has the power to take any weapon or armor and manifest it to its ultimate form at max level. It can also be used to reinforce the Dragonheart. Can be found at Cutthroat Channel
Sharpnel Shard N/A Brabus Drop
Spore Gland N/A N/A
Sentinel Shard Valuable resource harvested from RAZE that can be used to forge a powerful weapon mod. Raze drop on Rhom
Thermal Geode N/A N/A
Slime Vessel Valuable resource carried by CANKER that can be used to forge a powerful weapon. N/A
Hivestone N/A N/A
Blink Spear Shard N/A N/A
Storm Crystal N/A N/A
Totem Antler N/A N/A
Hound Choker N/A N/A
Stone of the Guardian N/A N/A
Swarm Tusk N/A N/A

This marks the end of our Remnant: From The Ashes key items and crafting guide. You can also check out our How to level up fast, weapon stats, where to find iron, and secret achievements and trophies.

Remnant: From The Ashes weapons are divided into three different categories. In the game, you will see three types; Hand Guns, Long Guns, and Melee Weapons. Our Remnant: From The Ashes weapons guide will explain all weapon stats, details, damage, and more so you can know which weapon is the right fit for you.

Remnant: From The Ashes Weapons

This section features weapon stats, we will divide each weapon type with its own section. Some of the information below will be updated so check back later if you can’t find what you are looking for. The weapon type we’ll see are Hand Guns.

Hand Guns


DMG RPS Mag Ammo
Repeater Pistol 17 6.5 13 104
Magnum Revolver 63 1.4 6 30
Defiler 52 2 6 36
Hunting Pistol N/A N/A N/A N/A
Submachine Gun 7 16 35 245
Hive Cannon 70 1.8 3 27
Spitfire 12 8.5 24 144
Curse of the Jungle God ?? ?? ?? ??

The next weapon type we will look at is Long Guns. These are powerful weapons which are used to deal high damage to bosses and other types of enemies.

Long Guns

Long Gun

DMG RPS Mag Ammo
Sporebloom 160 2 1 N/A
Sniper Rifle 132 1.7 1 25
Shotgun 130 0.6 5 25
Ruin N/A N/A N/A N/A
Ricochet Rifle  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A
Repulsor 100 1.8 5 30
Particle Accelerator N/A N/A N/A N/A
Hunting Rifle 55 1.8 9 45
Eye of the Storm N/A N/A N/A N/A
Devastator 35 1.5 1 30
Crossbow N/A N/A N/A N/A
Coach Gun 102 2.5 2 26
Chicago Typewriter 13 9.2 80 320
Beam Rifle 24 5 30 180
Assault Rifle N/A N/A N/A N/A

Now that we have Long Guns out of the way lets see what we have in the melee department. There are a handful of melee weapons available in Remnant: From The Ashes.

Melee Weapons

Melee Weapon

World Breaker 45 Force Burst

Charge attacks have an explosive force which staggers

Wastelander Flail 45 None
Scythe ?? None
Scrap Sword 35 None
Scrap Hatchet 40 None
Scrap Hammer 52 None
Riven 45 Life Leach

Returns damage dealt returns to the wielder as health

Petrified Maul 50 Heavy Impact

Chance to inflict additional stagger DMG with each attack. Charge attacks have a chance of bonus stagger DMG

Blade of Adventure 22 None

This marks the end of our Remnant: From The Ashes Weapons guide. Hope this helps you better understand the weapons in the game. If you require more help with Remnant, do check out our how to level up fast, Dragon Heart Upgrade, and how to lift the Citadel Curse.

Remnant: From The Ashes is a great game with interesting gameplay mechanics. One of the gameplay mechanics are traits which are powerful abilities the player can use in Remnant: From The Ashes. Our Remnant: From The Ashes traits guide will discuss these abilities and what are the best traits to use.

Remnant: From The Ashes Traits

This section of the guide will reveal how to unlock Remnant: From The Ashes traits. There are many traits and we will keep updating this guide to cover more the traits. Here is everything you need to know about traits and how to unlock traits in Remnant: From The Ashes.

(Guide updated)

How to Unlock Traits

Trait Name Trait Bonus How To Unlock
Vigor Health Automatic on all classes
Endurance Stamina Automatic on all classes
Spirit Mod Power Generation Cultist starting trait
Teamwork Damage Resist, EXP & Mod Power Join a multiplayer game
Shadow Walker Enemy awareness down Hunter starting trait
Mother’s Blessing Ranged damage reduction Save Root Mother (Earth)
Elder Knowledge Experience point bonus Listen to tape recording inside Ward 13, after using key
Warrior Melee damage bonus Starting Trait for Scrapper or Complete Lands End on Earth
Quick Hands Weapon Reload Speed Defeat the Ent on Earth
Keepers Blessing Elemental Resistance increase Reach the Labyrinth
Exploiter Increases Weak Spot Damage by 1.25% per Point Kill a set amount of enemies with Weak Spot damage
Scavenger Increases the value of scrap boost Obtained from Reggie, give him the Tarnished Ring (multiple playthroughs might be required)
Recovery Increases the value of Stamina Regeneration and decreases its delay Defeat Claviger
Handling Decreases Gun Spread and Recoil Get a lot of weapons
Glutton Increases the speed of using Consumables Beat the Unclean One
Executioner Increases Critical Hit Chance Defeat Ixillus on Crosus
Triage Health Regen Effectiveness Survive battle of the two tribes
Kingslayer Critical Hit Damage Beat Underlying King
Will to Live Increases Health while wounded Get revived in multiplayer a lot
Arcane Strike Increases Mod Power gained on Melee hits Defeat Ravager or Totem Father
World Walker Stamina cost reduction Reach Rhom
Mind’s Eye Increased Ranged damage Defeat Nightmare
Bark Skin Increased Armor Speak with the tree on Earth (Requires Twisted Mask)
Revivalist Revive Speed +5%/point Revive more teammates
Guardian’s Blessings Melee Damage Reduction +1% per Point Beat The Guardian
Cold as Ice Increases damage dealt to enemies when attacking them from behind Meet Brabus on Earth, kill your team
Trigger Happy Increases your rate of fire.  Level a gun to 20

This marks the end of our Remnant: From The Ashes traits guide. If you require more help with the game check out our Trophies and Achievements, Where to Find Amulets, and Bosses guide.

You are trying to find all the weapons in Remnant: From The Ashes? Well, you have come to the right place. There are a plethora of weapons in the game and while some are easy to get your hands on, others are hidden behind doors, chests, or must be bought. Our Remnant: From The Ashes weapons locations guide will explain where to find all weapons and what are best weapons you can use to hunt down the toughest of bosses.

Remnant: From The Ashes Weapons Locations

One of the weapon types in Remnant: From The Ashes is “Long Guns.” Some of the long guns in Remnant can be found across the map while others can be bought. Here are the locations of the long guns. (Updated)

Long Gun Locations

Weapon Name Where To Find How To Acquire
Beam Rifle Rhom Complete door opening Dungeon
Chicago Typewriter Earth Save the 2 Liz’s in a random event
Coach Gun Ward 13 Buy
Devastator Harrow Boss Fight Defeat
Eye of the Storm Totem Father boss fight Defeat
Hunting Rifle Ward 13 Buy
Particle Accelerator Claviger Boss Fight Defeat
Repulsor Nightmare Boss Fight Defeat
Ricochet Rifle Yaesha Defeat Blink Thief in a random dungeon
Shotgun Ward 13 Buy
Sniper Rifle Church Go to the basement of the church and it is in the corner near some lockers.
Sporebloom Ent Boss Beat the Ent boss and bring his item to the crafting lady

Another type of weapon you can find handguns which are extremely useful.

Hand Gun Locations

Weapon Name Where To Find How To Get
Submachine Gun Wad 13 Complete Ward 13 Keycard Puzzle
Spitfire Singe Boss fight Defeat Singe
Repeater Pistol Ward 13 Start With
Magnum Revolver Ward 13 Turn in Lucky Coin to Ace
Hunting Pistol Random Earth Dungeon Talk to the Hunter inside the dungeon to get the key and reach the end
Hive Cannon Ixillus Boss Fight Defeat the boss
Curse of the Jungle Gods The Ravage Boss Fight Defeat the boss

Another type of weapon is melee and here is what you need to know.

Melee Weapon Locations

Weapon Name Where To find How To Get
Guardian Axe Ixillus Boss Fight Defeat
Lost Harpoon Harrow Boss Fight Defeat
Petrified Maul Earth, Ent Boss Defeat
Riven Rhom Give the Guardians Heart to the Undying King
Scar of the Jungle God The Ravagers Boss Fight Defeat
Scrap Hammer Hanger 13 Buy/Start with
Scrap Hatchet Hanger 13 Buy/Start with
Scrap Sword Hanger 13 Buy/Start with
Scythe Crosus Buy from the Elf Queen
Smolder Earth, Singe boss fight Defeat
Voice of the Tempest Totem Father Boss Fight Defeat
Wastelander Flail Rhom, random dungeon Complete the Cursed Trial
World Breaker Claviger Boss Fight Defeat Claviger

We will make sure to update this guide when we come across more weapons in Remnant: From The Ashes. This is the end of our Remnant: From The Ashes weapons location guide. If you need to know more about the game check out our secret achievements and trophies, How to get Iron guide. For all weapons stats and details here is the main weapons guide.

Marvel’s Avengers game demo was torn apart for its optics and felt scripted. When looking at these demos it is always hard to tell how truly they represent gameplay. Avengers game delivered perfect moves and looked like a powerful team. However, fans like us are always interested in what happens when moves aren’t perfect, what happens when they take damage, what happens when someone like Captain America stumbles?

Gameplay designer Vince Napoli says it is crucial to preserve the superhero fantasy even in hit reacts.

Even missing jumps, it needs to look like they gave it their all. So we go through and do a pass, and say, ‘Captain America is going to use his shield to grind on the ground to recover because that’s what he would do. He’s going to make use of his environment. He’s going to keep looking forward because he has his eyes on the battlefield at all times.’

That’s the best thing about combat driven character games is that
you look at the character and start designing your combat around them.

Shaun Escayg from Crystal Dynamics adds that just like films and books many of their failings come from character arcs. It’s kind of a “dysfunctional family.” And some of that translates into the gameplay, he said.

If Escayg is speaking about how canon affects the dynamic of certain character combinations in co-op play, Avengers could actually be an interesting game to play.

Source: Extracted from Edge Magazine Issue #336

Hunt: Showdown is one of the most underrated games of this generation and while it is not available on consoles, it should be. More players need to experience what developers have done with this product over the last year.  For PC gamers who are just getting into this game, we have an amazing monsters guide for Hunt: Showdown.

Hunt: Showdown Monsters Guide

In our Hunt: Showdown Monsters guide we will talk about monster weaknesses and strengths, and their general behavior. There is Meathead, Hive, Grunt, Armored, and Hellhound. Let’s start with Meathead and see what we can do to beat Meathead.

Meathead Monster

One of the monster types you will come across the Hunt: Showdown is Meathead. They have no real resistance to any damage-type but you can deal extra damage with by using rending and piercing attacks. Keep in mind that it spawns leaches as sensors.

What Do We Know About Meathead?

Roaming around the open world of Hunt: Showdown you will rarely come across Meathead. Compared to other monster types Meathead isn’t easily found. You can sometimes spot them by large barns and houses. They don’t exit their spawn area unless attacked by a hunter. So if you decide to engage Meathead, make sure you have an idea.

Meatheads are deaf and blind so they run around like a headless chicken trying to locate the hunter. When Docile they will walk short distances and leeches fall off them.  This is how they locate hunters as leeches act as sensors.

Meatheads are hard to take down and if they catch you expect massive damage as they hit hard.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Let’s list down the strengths first.

  • Tough to beat
  • Fire damage resistant
  • High melee damage
  • Fast runner

Now let’s see the weaknesses.

  • Can’t access indoors
  • Blind and deaf
  • Explosive damage

The Hive Monster

The Hive can be found ear the strategic points such as big buildings, boss areas, resupply areas, clues. As the name may suggest, The Hive can unleash bees that deal poison damage. Other than this they have no attack method.

Strengths and Weaknesses

We will look at the strengths first.

  • Swarm of poisonous bees
  • Big perception range
  • Fight in open areas

Let’s look at the weaknesses

  • Weak nest construct
  • One-shot kill to the head hanging from the side

Armored Monster

You can find Armored monsters in towns and inside jungles. Due to heavy armor, they move slowly and are a big target. If you are trying to pass the area patrolled by one of these monsters make sure you have plenty of bullets on you. If there is a way to avoid engaging with it, avoid!

Fire is an effective method to put down Armored quickly. Otherwise, you will need plenty of bullets to kill it. Also, keep in mind that while armored enemies are slow, they do jog fast when aware of nearby hunters. It has a strong melee attack and it can be hard to escape Armored in close-range.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Let’s talk about the strengths first.

  • Powerful Melee attacks
  • Will chase when provoked
  • Resistant to bullets

Here are the weaknesses

  • Head and belly are weak points
  • Weak leg armor
  • Weakness to fire
  • Edged weapon melee attacks deal high damage

Grunt Monster

The most common type of enemy you will face in Hunt: Showdown is Grunt. They don’t have a set area of operation which means they hang around pretty much everywhere. Often times Grunts wield weapons and molotovs that can set hunters on fire.

Grunts can be killed with a gunshot or knife to the head.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Here are the strengths.

  • May use strong weapons
  • Often hang in groups

Here are the weaknesses

  • Hibernates alone
  • Limited perception and easily confused
  • Headshot means easy kill

Hellhound Monster

Hounds are found hanging around inhabited areas and present no specific weakness to any damage type. It a fast-moving enemy but not that hard to kill.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Let’s see the strengths.

  • Strong bite attack
  • Large perception area
  • Run in packs
  • Fast

Here are the weaknesses

  • Shot to the head

This was our Hunt: Showdown Monsters guide. Hope this helps you deal with monsters in the game. Also, check out our Hunt weapons guide.

Death Stranding is a hot topic right now as recently Sony removed it from the list of PS4 exclusive games. Not many people remember but there was a lot of discussion around Death Stranding for PC back in 2015. However, the discussion suddenly died out and it was established that Death Stranding is a PS4 exclusive.

After 4 years the discussion around PC version has started again which led us to do something digging. It seems Sony itself confirmed the PC version of Death Stranding back in 2015. The reason not many people were able to spot this because Sony later deleted its PlayStation blogpost that confirmed the existence of a PC version.

We found an archived version of Death Stranding’s PlayStation Blog post which confirmed it as a “console exclusive.” Moreover, the FAQ section of this post by Sony’s “Pad Poet” confirmed that Death Stranding PC is expected to roll out after the PS4 version.

Sony’s deal is timed exclusive but it seems part of the agreement is not to disclose this timed exclusive deal to the public. It is possible that this clause was added later to hide the fact that Death Stranding is only a console exclusive.

Death Stranding PC

This is clearly good news for PC but what about Xbox One? Well, so far it doesn’t seem like Death Stranding is coming to Xbox One. Sony reportedly owns the IP but does plan to publish it on PC as far as we can tell. It is pretty much out of the question that Sony will publish Death Stranding on Xbox One; that is of course if Sony actually owns the IP which does seem to be the case.

So what does this mean? Death Stranding can quite possibly make its way to PC.  But don’t expect Sony to allow Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions to confirm the PC version before its release on PS4. Death Stranding PS4 is coming in November.

It will take a long time but you will manage to get all of the trophies in Age of Wonders: Planetfall: Our Age of Wonders: Planetfall trophies guide will help you get all trophies by explaining exactly what you need to do.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Trophies

  • Emissary
    Complete The Emissary quest
  • Builder
    Complete The Builder quest
  • Technologist
    Complete The Technologist quest
  • Economist
    Complete The Economist quest
  • Diplomat
    Complete The Diplomat quest
  • Warmonger
    Complete The Warmonger quest
  • Invader
    Complete The Invader quest
  • Expeditionary Forces
    Win as Vanguard leader
  • Story Master
    Complete 25 NPC Faction Quests
  • Operator
    Complete The Operator quest
  • Negotiator
    Complete The Negotiator quest
  • Friendly Fire
    Kill your own unit by missing a shot
  • Xenophile
    Have colonies of 3 different races in your empire
  • Emperor
    Complete The Emperor quest
  • Unifier
    Complete The Unifier quest
  • Escape to Freedom
    Win as Kir’Ko leader
  • Futurist
    Research a Tier X skill
  • The very best, like no one ever was
    Achieve Integration with a NPC faction
  • RedCore Mining Co.
    Win as Dvar leader
  • Justice Prevails
    Declare war using at least 15 casus belli in a scenario
  • Harbinger
    Complete The Harbinger quest
  • Paragon
    Achieve maximum reputation
  • Galactic Matriarchy
    Win as Amazon leader
  • Wide Awake
    Complete the Vanguard Campaign
  • Syndicate Collective
    Win as Syndicate leader
  • Consortium Dominium
    Complete the Dvar Campaign
  • Homecoming King
    Complete the Kir’Ko Campaign
  • Resistance is Futile
    Win as Assembly leader
  • Pariah
    Achieve a minimum reputation
  • All Your Base
    Win a multiplayer match
  • Spymaster
    Complete The Spymaster quest
  • Conquerer
    Complete The Conquerer quest
  • Pustules Everywhere!
    Complete the Amazon Campaign
  • Star Bureaucrat
    Have 7 doctrines active
  • The Art of Deception
    Complete the Syndicate Campaign
  • Galactic Warlord
    Win 100 manual battles
  • Missing a Few Lungs
    Complete the Assembly Campaign
  • Well Done
    Win a game using the Promethean Doomsday weapon
  • Eye of the Storm
    Complete the Final Campaign mission
  • Power Play
    Get your commander to level 20 and have them equip 4 mods
  • Hello darkness my old friend
    Win a game using the Psynumbra Doomsday weapon
  • Singularity
    Win a game using the Synthesis Doomsday weapon
  • Mr. Universe
    Achieve a Unifier Victory
  • Wololo
    Permanently convert 30 units to your side
  • Overlord
    Have 3 vassals during a single playthrough
  • No one could survive that!
    Kill 5 units with a single tactical operation
  • The Alpha Strain
    Win a game using the Xenoplague Doomsday weapon
  • Patron
    Complete The Patron quest
  • Four Noble Truths
    Win a game using the Celestian Doomsday weapon
  • Beyond the Void
    Win a game using the Voidtech Doomsday weapon

This is our Age of Wonders: Planetfall guide if you need more help with the game feel free to check our Planetfall combat tips, crashes and error fixes, Diplomacy guide.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall modding is a little complicated but worry not, out modding guide will help you create and publish Planetfall mods. The guide will give you all the information you need to understand the modding system in Age of Wonders: Planetfall.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Modding

It should be noted that Age of Wonders: Planetfall modding tools are given as a courtesy to the fans. You may see different specifications from Age of Wonders: Planetfall, are not tech supported and only come with an English interface.

Modding Packages

The sorting system for user-created content in stored in packages as .acp and contains data that allows you to configure your mod. It also features the modified game data that is created by you to tweak how the game functions. To see which mod is installed in Age of Wonders: Planetfall, go to mods tab in the launcher.

Mods save file location: C:\Users\you\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Age of Wonders Planetfall\Mods

Create Mods and Change Existing Resources

In order to create a mod and edit video game resources, here’s what you can do.

  • Start the Package Manager (Game Editor)
  • Select “New” from the file menu
  • Give your mod a name and choose “Set”
  • Add a title and an optional mod preview image
  • Run the Resource Editor from Tools
  • Select “Open” in the Resource Editor file menu
  • Choose the RPK you wish to modify from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Wonders Planetfall\Content\Title\Packs\ ( you can also do this from your default installation folder)
  • Choose resource to modify
  • Open the right-click menu and select “Modify” to unlock the resource and make the desired changes

The Game Editor

As mentioned before, the Package Manager aka Game Editor is used to edit mod packages. Use Steam to launch the package manager when you boot Planetfall. You can go to the game’s installation folder directly to launch Package Manager.exe and start modding.

Understanding the UI

When you launch Package Manager you will see a few different sections. Here’s what they are for.

Included files — This section is on your left and shows the list of files that are in the package you are creating. It will show all the files that are in the same folder as the ACP file. You can see maps you made, modified game files, language files, and more.

Title — In the top-middle section of the screen you can see the title bar which is used to give your mod a title. The title you add will appear on the Steam Workshop and in the game.

Author — This section is used to add the name of the author of the mod.

Tags — Steam uses these tags to help users search for the most relevant mods. It helps users understand what sort of data the package contains.

Preview Image — Add a preview image here.

Version — Give your mod a version number

Priority — If two packages are trying to modify the same data or resource, you can prioritize one package over the other. Give your mod at least a priority of 1 so it can overrule the game’s data.

Build number — The build number will go up every time you save a new version of the package. The system uses this number of figure out which package is newer of the content of the packages have been changed recently.

Content Editor — Add or edit content such models and rigs. Files are saved as .clb.

Resource Editor — This is the tool you use to make changes to your mod. It lets you open .RPK files that contain data objects which configure the game’s units, city upgrades, operations, and many other things. Here is where you change the way Age of Wonders works. RPK files can be found in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Wonders Planetfall\Content\Title\Packs GOG: [Age of Wonders Planetfall Install Folder]\Content\Title\Packs.

How to Edit Existing Content

To edit existing content you need to copy .cib file via the installation folder to your mod folder. Open the package manager and load your mod, open Content Editor and access the .clb copy from your modding folder.

If your .clb file is using the same name as the original and priority is higher than the game, the original file will automatically be overwritten.

How to Publish Your Mod

When you are done creating your mod, you can publish it through the Package Manager. Go to “File” and select “Publish” and .zip file. Your mod is now created in the mod folder. You can upload the mod to Steam Workshop or directly to Paradox via its own launcher.

If you need more help with Age of Wonders: Planetfall, check out our strategy guide.

Recently EA sent out an email to Plans vs Zombies fans asking them to playtest a new game. At the time we didn’t have any idea what this could be, many speculated Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 3. Well, it is pretty much Garden Warfare 3 but EA is calling it Plants vs Zombie Picnic.

The game is in Alpha on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Since EA didn’t hire proper playtesters to test the game, the game is out in the wild. At this point, it doesn’t make sense why EA is keeping in a secret.

Plants vs Zombie Picnic Leak

  • The game design is similar to Garden Warfare 3
  • EA has introduced three new plants “Acorn (Plant Imp with Torchwood mech), Snapdragon ( handles like TF2 Pyro with airblast as well), and Nightcap (cloak and disguise similar to TF2 spy)
  • New Zombies are Zombot, Disco Zombie (hovergoat replace), and Surfer
  • Soil Survivors comes as battle royale mode
  • All original modes return
  • All Garden Warfare 1 and Garden Warfare 2 maps return
  • No Gnomes, Infinity Time is no longer available
  • Garden Warfare 1 Boss mode return with no changes
  • Most classes are reworked and feel more balanced except Imp and soldier
  • Changes to art style yet it looks pretty similar to Garden Warfare 1

Plants vs Zombie Alpha Plants Roster

  • Peashooter
  • Chomper
  • Kernel Corn
  • Night Cap (NEW)
  • Snapdragon (NEW)
  • Cactus
  • Citron
  • Acorn (NEW)
  • Sunflower
  • Rose

Plants vs Zombie Picnic Alpha Zombies Roster

  • Foot Soldier
  • Imp
  • Super Brainz
  • 80s Action Hero (NEW)
  • Electric Slide (NEW)
  • Captain Deadbeard
  • All-Star
  • Space Cadet (NEW)
  • Scientist
  • Engineer

More Plants and Zombie types might be added to the final build of the game but for now, these are the ones we saw in Alpha. Before we let you go, here is a look at the Alpha map from Plants vs Zombies Picnic Alpha.

The new Plants vs Zombie game is confirmed for a Fall 2019 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.