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You can consider Hero Relic weapons in Fire Emblem: Three Houses as the best weapons that the game offers. Every single one of these weapons has a unique bonus attached to it. However, finding them all will probably take you a while. And that’s where our Hero Relics guide comes in. We’ll show the locations of these powerful weapons and the unique bonuses associated with them.

How to Unlock Hero Relic Weapons in Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

In the game’s lore, these relic weapons were passed from Fodlan’s Ten Elites and Four Saints. Noble characters who inherited crests from their ancestors are able to wield these powerful tools to bring justice or chaos.

All the relic weapons and their attributes along with information on what you need to do to unlock them are in this table.

Hero Relics Unique Ability How to Unlock Attributes Wielders Weapon Type
Sword of the Creator You get healing on attacking. Unlocked on its own during the fourth chapter. Male/Female Byleth Sword
Aymr You can use Raging Storm which adds +14 Mt and +10 Hit. You can move again if you manage to hit. Edelgard
Areadbhar You can cast Atrocity that adds +15 Mt and +20 Hit against all enemy types. Dimitri Lance
Failnaught You get Fallen Star that adds +10 Mt, +10 Crit, and +30 Hit. Allows you to avoid enemy attacks in the consequence turn. Claude Bow
Thunderbrand You get to strike twice when initiating combat with Foudroyant. Catherine & Lysithea
Blutgang You get healing on attacking. Complete the paralogue the Forgotten Hero. Sword
Lance of Ruin You get to use Ruined Sky. You get it at the end of Chapter #5. +22 Mt, +65 Hit, +20 Crit, +1 Rng, +9 Wt, +20 Dur Miklan & Sylvain Lance
Lúin Allows you to use Fire Quake. Ingrid
Freikugel Increases Axe damage. You get to use Apocalyptic Flame. Complete the paralogue A Divided World. Hilda Axe
Crusher Allows you to use Dust. Annette
Thrysus Increases the potency of magic spells. Complete the paralogue Land of the Golden Deer. Staff
Sword of Seiros You heal 50% of damage dealt and restore HP after every turn.
Sword of Begalta You get healing after every turn that further increases with being crest-bearer. Complete the paralogue the Sleeping Sand Legend. Claude Sword
Sword of Moralta You get healing after every turn that further increases with being crest-bearer. Felix Sword
Axe of Ukonvasara You get healing after every turn that further increases with being crest-bearer. Lorenz Axe
Tathlum Bow You get healing after every turn that further increases with being crest-bearer. Bow
The Inexhaustible You restore HP at the every turn and attack twice. Bernadetta
Spear of Assal Increases damage done by Lances. You get healing after every turn that further increases with being crest-bearer. Complete the paralogue of Flayn & Seteth. +14 Mt, +85 Hit, +10 Crit, +1 Rng, +9 Wt, +30 Dur Seteth & Ferdinand Lance
Caduceus Staff Increases the potency of magic spells. Complete the paralogue of Flayn & Seteth. +1 Range, +1 Wt Linhardt & Flayn Staff

We’re still looking for more Hero Relics & Sacred Weapons and will update this list.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses allows you to romance multiple characters during the course of the game. As confirmed before the game’s release, it features same-sex romance and marriage options. In this Fire Emblem: Three Houses Romance Guide, we cover everything you need to know about romancing characters in the game.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Romance

Before we begin, here are all the potential partners you can romance and have sex within the game:

Male Romance Options

  • Petra
  • Annette
  • Edelgard
  • Flayn
  • Manuela
  • Shamir
  • Mercedes
  • Dorothea
  • Ingrid
  • Linhardt
  • Bernadetta
  • Lysithea
  • Marianne
  • Hilda
  • Leonie

Female Romance Options

  • Dimitri
  • Hubert
  • Claude
  • Edelgard
  • Hanneman
  • Alois
  • Ignatz
  • Felix
  • Ferdinand
  • Linhardt
  • Mercedes
  • Lorenz
  • Raphael
  • Caspar
  • Dorothea
  • Sylvain
  • Ashe
  • Seteth

The first thing that you need to understand is that option to romance someone doesn’t unlock right off the bat. You’ll have to wait for a good while before an opportunity presents itself.

At the appropriate time, you’ll need to do two things in order to romance a character. Firstly, you need to reach S rank Support Level with your potential partner and ensure that you belong to the same house. The latter shouldn’t be much an issue since you’ll get plenty of chances to recruit someone you like.

As for increasing your Support Level with someone, there are multiple ways of doing so. Almost every in-game task you complete with your partner results in you increasing the Support Level – this includes sharing meals, choir, combat, etc.

When it comes to battle, you need to make sure that both the potential partners are placed right next to one another. Another good way of increasing the meter is to provide each other with gifts lying around the school.

Also, note that you do not have any way of knowing how far you are from reaching the S rank so just continue to do the aforementioned activities and you’ll get it eventually. Finally, the game will ask you to pick a partner which is what you’ve worked towards.

The first thing that you’ll be asked to do after firing up Fire Emblem: Three Houses is to choose a house. Being three in total, each house in the game has its strengths, weaknesses, and characters you’ll interact with. While the best advice would be to play with all the houses, not everyone has that kind of time. To help you with that, we’ll go over Black Eagles, Golden Deer, and Blue Lions one by one.

Best House in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

It’s a good idea to learn everything about all three houses before deciding because you won’t be able to change your decision later on. Your decision will determine the course of the story.

The game also does a very good job of explaining each house so make sure to pay attention. The purpose of the guide is to help you make an informed decision. With that out of the way, let’s talk about which house you should choose in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Blue Lions

Comprising mostly of nobles, the Blue Lions are always found in a never-ending conflict with the Black Eagles. Their leader is Prince Dimitri Blaiddyd who is the successor to Faerghus’ throne.

Lances are their preferred weapon of choice and they like to get down and dirty when it comes to combat. However, you’ll need to devise strategies in such a way that your units don’t get overwhelmed and have something to fall back to.

The house features some of the toughest characters in the game but lacks when it comes to ranged units and magic-wielders. To circumvent this, you should try to unlock Budding Talents for Felix and Sylvain as soon as possible. And if possible, recruit magic-wielders from other houses.

Character Recruitment Crest Strengths Weaknesses Budding Talents Recommended Class
Dimitri No Minor Crest of Blaiddyd (Elite Crest) Swords, Lances, Authority Axes, Reason Riding High Lord
Dedue No N/A Lances, Axes, Brawling, Heavy Armor Riding, Flying N/A Great Knight
Annette Magic, Faith Minor Crest of Dominique (Elite Crest) Axes, Reason, Authority Bows, Heavy Armor N/A Gremory
Ashe Charm, Lance N/A Axes, Bows Reason Lances Bow Knight
Felix Speed, Sword Minor Crest of Fraldarius (Elite Crest) Swords, Bows, Brawling Reason, Authority Reason Mortal Savant
Ingrid Dexterity, Flying Minor Crest of Daphnel (Elite Crest) Swords, Lances, Riding, Flying N/A N/A Falcon Knight
Mercedes Magic, Bow Minor Crest of Lamine (Elite Crest) Reason, Faith Swords, Lances, Axes, Heavy Armor Bows Gremory
Sylvain Charm, Reason (Must be Female Byleth) Minor Crest of Gautier (Elite Crest) Lances. Axes, Riding Bows Reason Paladin

The Golden Deer

If you don’t like to get up and close with your enemies, the Golden Deer is the perfect house for you. As archers, you’ll need to stay at a safe distance and chip away at enemies’ HP from afar. However, you need to look for flanks since you’re prone to be overwhelmed.

The leader of the Golden Deer house is Claude von Reigan who is also an expert archer. When it comes to characters belonging to this house, you get a lot of versatility ranging from Armored Knights to magic-wielders. Moreover, a majority of your recruits from other houses should also fit right in–depending on how you grow your students.

Character Recruitment Crest Strengths Weaknesses Budding Talents Recommended Class
Claude No Minor Crest of Reigan (Elite Crest) Swords, Bows, Authority, Riding, Flying Lances, Faith Axes Bow Knight
Hilda No Minor Crest of Goneril (Elite Crest) Lances, Axes Faith, Authority Heavy Armor Warrior
Ignatz Dex, Authority N/A Bows, Authority Flying Reason Bow Knight
Leonie Strength, Lance N/A Lances, Bows, Riding N/A N/A Falcon Knight
Lorenz Charm, Reason Minor Crest of Gloucester (Elite Crest) Lances, Bows, Reason, Riding Brawling N/A Paladin
Marianne Magic, Riding Minor Crest of Mystery (Elite Crest) Swords, Faith, Riding, Flying Brawling, Heavy Armor Lances Falcon Knight
Lysithea Magic, Faith Minor Crest of Charon (Elite Crest) Reason, Faith, Authority Swords, Lances, Axes, Heavy Armor Swords Gremory
Raphael Strength, Heavy Armor N/A Axes, Brawling, Heavy Armor Bows, Reason, Riding N/A Grappler

Black Eagles

Lastly, when it comes to Black Eagles, this house is more suitable for players who love to wield magic. The house leader is Edelgard von Hrevelg, the soon-to-be empress of the Adrestrian Empire. While they lack in defensive attributes and mounted users, Black Eagles characters are self-sufficient with healing spells and various elemental effects.

Being mostly nobles (with the sole exception of Dorothea), the Black Eagles are in an eternal conflict with the Blue Lions. Of course, you might’ve guessed by now, but you should consider recruiting a few tough characters from other houses to get stronger overall.

Character Recruitment Crest Strengths Weaknesses Budding Talents Recommended Class
Edelgard No Minor Crest of Seiros (Saint Crest) Swords, Axes, Authority, Heavy Armor Bows, Faith Reason Armored Lord
Hubert No N/A Bows, Reason, Authority Axes, Faith, Flying Lance Gremory
Bernadetta Strength, Bow Minor Crest of Indech (Saint Crest) Lances, Bows Swords, Axes, Brawling, Heavy Armor N/A Bow Knight
Caspar Strength, Brawl N/A Axes, Brawling Bows, Reason, Authority N/A War Master
Dorothea Charm, Authority N/A Swords, Reason Faith, Riding, Flying Faith Warlock
Ferdinand Dexterity, Armor Crest of Cichol Swords, Lances, Axe, Riding N/A Heavy Armor Paladin
Linhardt Magic, Reason Minor Crest of Cethlenn (Saint Crest) Reason, Faith Axes, Brawling N/A Bishop
Petra Dexterity, Riding N/A Swords, Axes, Bows, Flying Reason, Faith N/A Assassin

These are all the houses in Fire Emblem: Three Houses with their strengths, weaknesses, and other details. For more on FE: Three Houses, be sure to check out other guides.

The latest expansion for Grand Theft Auto Online has added the Diamond Casino and Resort to the game. For those of you who still don’t know how to get to the Diamond Casino and start missions, this handy little guide will teach you everything about it.

GTA Online Diamond Casino and Resort Location

Diamond Casino isn’t hard to find by any means but if you don’t want to waste your time trying to locate it, here’s how you can get to it directly.

Firstly, do note that you’ll spawn right in front of the said casino if you’re playing for the first time after installing the update. In case you didn’t, you can travel to East Vinewood on Vinewood Park Drive to get to it. You’ll also be able to locate the Vinewood Racetrack on the backside of the casino.

Once there, you should immediately notice the club by a host of lights coming out of it. It goes without saying but you can also check your World Map for easier navigation.

If you visited this place before, you might’ve noticed a “Coming Soon” sign right outside the club. The sign is no longer in place now since the DLC is now available for everyone.

Grand Theft Auto Online Diamond Casino – Casino Missions

Once you’ve managed to get to the Diamond Casino and Resort, you should be able to complete a host of missions available. In order to start, here’s everything you need to do:

The first thing that you need to do is to buy a Penthouse in the game. Once you’re done with the purchase, you need to visit your Penthouse where you’ll be greeted with a cutscene and will be introduced with different characters.

After that, you need to wait for a short while to receive a call about a new mission. At this point, you need to head over to the Diamond Casino and look for AB mission marker and start your first mission.

This is everything you need to know about finding Grand Theft Auto Online Diamond Casino and starting your first mission. Hope this helped!

Crossword is one of the activities you can engage yourself in Persona 5. To start playing, you need to head over to Café LeBlanc on specific dates. Once you start, you’ll be asked to solve these crossword puzzles. Answering a single question correctly will provide you with +2 Knowledge Points. To help you solve these crossword puzzles, we’ve got this handy Persona 5 Crossword Answers Guide.

Persona 5 Crossword Answers

There are a total of 15 questions that you’ll need to answer in order to earn 30 Knowledge Points. Therefore, to farm all the Knowledge Points in the game, you’ll have to visit Café LeBlanc on multiple days.

Moreover, another important thing that you need to keep in mind is that you’ll always get the questions in the same sequence regardless of when you visit the café. Before we get to the answers, here’s when you can attempt these crossword puzzles in Persona 5:

  • April: 18, 27
  • May: 2, 10, 18, 26, 31
  • June: 3, 7, 16, 22, 30
  • July: 7, 12, 19, 27
  • August: 8, 17, 25, 30
  • September: 2, 19, 28
  • October: 10, 31
  • November: 4, 9, 15, 24, 28
  • December: 2, 7, 12, 19

Once you visit the café on the aforementioned dates, you’ll be able to participate in the crossword activity. You can try to attempt the puzzle on your own but if you’re stuck somewhere, you can always refer to our answers below:

  1. Blue Mountain
  2. Drip
  3. Espresso
  4. American
  5. Bisen
  6. Caffeine
  7. Cappuccino
  8. Columbia
  9. Wiener Coffee
  10. Sandwich
  11. Shockwinds
  12. Cheat
  13. Ryoko Shukaku
  14. Powered by Translate
  15. Horoscope

As I said earlier, these questions will always appear in the same order regardless of when you visit the café. If you’ve anything else to add, be sure to let us know!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Potions Recipes Guide will help you learn about crafting all the Alchemy potion recipes in the game. These consumable items in Skyrim can provide you with different effects ranging from restoring HP and Magicka to fortifying Heavy/Light Armor and more.

To craft Alchemy potions in the game, you need ingredients and the access to an Alchemy Lab. Moreover, do note that there are some potions that only appear in vendors’ inventory and you can’t brew them. Also, note that if your Alchemy Level isn’t high, you should still be to brew potions by hit and trial method, but if your AL is sufficient, you should be able to choose your desired potion effect from the Alchemy Lab menu.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Alchemy Potions Recipes

The following are all the Alchemy potion recipes that you can create in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Depending on the type of ingredients used, potions in the game can have more than one effects on the Dragonborn.

Health Potions
Cure Disease

  • Vampire Dust + Charred Skeever Hide

Restore Health

  • Blue Mountain Flower + Butterfly Wing
  • Butterfly Wing + Charred Skeever Hide
  • Blue Mountain Flower + Swamp Fungal Pod
  • Blue Mountain Flower + Charred Skeever Hide

Fortify Health

  • Giant’s Toe + Hanging Moss
  • Blue Mountain Flower + Hanging Moss

Regenerate Health

  • Vampire Dust + Garlic
  • Juniper Berries + Nordic Barnacle

Magicka Potions
Restore Magicka

  • Vampire Dust + Briar Heart
  • Grass Pod + Mora Topinella
  • Grass Pod + Red Mountain Flower
  • Creep Cluster + Red Mountain Flower
  • Mora Topinella + Red Mountain Flower

Fortify Magicka

  • Red Mountain Flower + Tundra Cotton

Regenerate Magicka

  • Garlic + Salt Pile

Stamina Potions
Restore Stamina

  • Large Antlers + Mudcrab Chitin
  • Pine Thrush Egg + Purple Mountain Flower
  • Orange Dartwing + Purple Mountain Flower

Fortify Stamina

  • Garlic + Lavender
  • Slaughterfish Egg + Lavender

Regenerate Stamina

  • Bee + Mora Tapinella

Resistance Potions
Resist Fire

  • Fly Amanita + Snowberries
  • Dragon’s Tongue + Mudcrab Chitin

Resist Frost

  • Snowberries + Thistle Branch
  • Purple Mountain Flower + Thistle Branch
  • Purple Mountain Flower + Silverside Perch

Resist Shock

  • Glowdust + Snowberries

Resist Poison

  • Grass Pod + Thistle Branch
  • Grass Pod + Mudcrab Chitin
  • Grass Pod + Slaughterfish Egg
  • Mudcrab Chitin + Thistle Branch
  • Thistle Branch + Slaughterfish Egg
  • Mudcrab Chitin + Slaughterfish Egg

Fortify Potions
Fortify Conjuration

  • Blue Mountain Flower + Lavender

Fortify Enchanting

  • Blue Butterfly Wing + Snowberries
  • Blue Butterfly Wing + Hagraven Claw

Fortify Heavy Armor

  • Thisle Branch + WhiteCap

Fortify Illusion

  • Dragon’s Tongue + Mora Topinella

Fortify Sneak

  • Abecean Longfin + Purple Mountian Flower

Utility Potions

  • Chaurus Eggs + Nirnroot

Vampire Dust

  • Nirnroot + Waterbreathing
  • Chicken’s Egg + Nordic Barnacle

Multi-Effect Potions
Restore/Fortify Health

  • Blue Mountain Flower + Wheat

Invisibility and Replenish HP

  • Luna Moth Wing + Vampire Dust

Paralysis and Damage

  • Canis Root + Imp Stool + River Betty

Fortify Heavy Armor, Block, and Frost Resistance

  • Briar Heart + Slaughterfish Scales + Thistle Branch

Fortify One-Handed Attack, Sneak, and Light Armor

  • Beehive Husk + Hawk Feathers + Rock Warbler Egg

Fortify Magicka, Destruction, and Magicka Restoration

  • Briar Heart + Ectoplasm + Glowdust

Regen, Restore, and Fortify Magicka

  • Briar Heart + Jazbay Grapes + Moon Sugar

Cure Disease, Resist Poison, Restor Heath, Restor Stamina

  • Blisterwert + Charred Skeever Hide + Mudcrab Chitin

Regen Magicka, Resist Frost, Resist Fire, Restore Magicka

  • Fire Salts + Moon Sugar + Snowberries

Invisibility, Regen Health, Fortify Light Armor, Cure Disease

  • Hawk Feathers + Luna Moth Wing + Vampire Dust

These are all the Alchemy potions you should consider using in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. If you found something missing, feel free to let us know!

With only 5 days to until its official release, it seems like some early copies of Fire Emblem: Three Houses are already out in the wild. People on social media can be seen sharing in-game screenshots detailing dialogue interactions, class skills, and potential story-related spoilers. Needless to say but if you don’t want your experience ruined, it’s a good idea to stay off online gaming forums related to Fire Emblem until the release day.

As for those of you who are interested in the said leaked screenshots, you can view them below – be warned that the screencaps below may contain potential story-related spoilers. You’ve been warned!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Leaked Screenshot #1
Edelgard Dialogue

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Leaked Screenshot #2
A Complete Breakdown of Skills and Stats of Dark Knight

FE: Three Houses Leaked Screenshot #3
A Complete Breakdown of Skills and Stats of Dark Knight

FE: Three Houses Leaked Screenshot #4
A Dialogue Interaction between Jeritza and Dedue – most likely related to Mercedes

Nintendo of America also recently shared a new FE: Three Houses trailer that introduces the game’s Academy Officers. The trailer revolves around managing one of three academies to train students for the battles that lie ahead.

As Academy Officers, you’ll be responsible for holding classes and developing student skills and also heavily focuses on exploration and romance options. You can check the trailer attached above if leaks aren’t your cup of tea.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is scheduled to launch on Jul. 26, 2019 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

The upcoming Fire Emblem: Three Houses will allow same-sex relationships and a full-fledged Marriage System. This resonates with an earlier leak from June that said FE: Three Houses will feature same-gender romance options but they will be somewhat limited as opposed to other mainstream titles out there.

When it comes to romance options, if you play as a female protagonist, you’ll be able to date Sothis, Mercedes, Rhea, Edelgard, and Dorothea. As a male lead, you’ll only be able to romance Lindhart. While it’s a step in the right direction, there’s an offset chance that the representation will disappoint some people.

Speaking of the game’s Marriage System, it’s again something limited. You’d be able to marry but the option will only be available for Byleth after he manages to reach S-rank. However, it goes without saying but there remains the possibility of some late-game change that we don’t know about yet.

Another important thing to note about the marrying in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is that the child units will not be a thing in the game and you can consider marriage some sort of extra fluff. As mentioned earlier, things are subject to change and we may very well see more things.

For more FE: Three Houses, stay tuned to RepsawnFirst.

Developed by Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo, Fire Emblem: Three Houses is scheduled to release on Jul. 26, 2019 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.