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In this Remnant: From the Ashes Guide, we’ve provided a complete rundown of all the Weapons Mods that are a part of the game. Short for modifications, Weapon Mods in Remnant: From the Ashes are essentially modifications for your firearms that provide you with a wide variety of benefits. These benefits can be offensive, defense, and/or related to utility. However, the effects of Weapon Mods are not always active.

While playing the game, you’ll need to replenish the Weapon Mod Gauge by damaging enemies to use them continuously. Similar to other accessories like rings and amulets, you can change Weapon Mods on the fly by opening up the Character Menu. But what about getting your hands on these mods?

Remnant: From the Ashes Weapon Mods

Roaming the world, you’ll come across some powerful Crafting Materials that you can use to create Mods. Apart from that, you’ll be able to find them as boss drops, purchase them from in-game NPCs, and then some Weapon Mods are installed in certain boss weapons by default.

As for the merchant who helps you craft the Weapon Mods, you need to head over to Ward 13 and find her right outside the Rigs. You can’t only craft Weapon Mods from her but should also be able to purchase them from her.

Flicker Cloak
How to Get: To be Updated
You get a shield that lasts for 30 seconds and absorbs upto 200% of your Max HP in all incoming damage.

Mender’s Aura
How to Get: Buy from McCabe for 750 Scraps after choosing Ex-Cultist
It creates a healing pool that restores +10 HP per second for a total of 10 seconds.

Rattle Weed
How to Get: 1x Shadewood + 5x Lumenite Crystals
It allows you to create a Rattle Weed with 224 HP that aggro all enemies within a 10 meters radius for 10 seconds.

Mantle of Thorns
How to Get: 1x Flesh Barb + 5x Lumenite Crystals
You get -50% decreased melee damage from enemies, reflect 200% of the melee damage, and don’t get staggered for a total of 60 seconds.

Hot Shot
How to Get: Buy from McCabe for 750 Scraps after choosing Scrapper
You get Fire Bullets for 30 seconds that have +20% increased damage. The bullets can also set the enemies on fire, dealing +100 damage for 10 seconds.

Hunter’s Mark
How to Get: Buy from McCabe for 750 Scraps after choosing Hunter
You’re able to mark all the enemies and their allies within a 40 meters radius for 60 seconds. Your Critical Hit Chance against the marked enemies is increased by +15%.

Seed Caller
How to Get: To be Updated
It allows you to summon a Root Hollow minion for 30 seconds that boasts 150 HP and deals +56 damage per hit.

Radioactive Volley
How to Get: To be Updated
You fire a volley of radioactive projectiles (ricochet rounds) that bounce off the environment and deal +56 Radiation Damage each.

Breath of the Desert
How to Get: To be Updated
You summon a small army of insects that will chase after enemies in a 20 meters radius and will deal +5 Corrosive Damage per hit for a total of 20 seconds.

Veil of the Black Tear
How to Get: To be Updated
It provides you with 5-meter energy forcefield that blocks -300 Ranged Damage. While standing inside, you’re free to shoot outside targets.

How to Get: To be Updated
This powerful Weapon Mod allows you to fire a spike that deals +125 damage, +300% Stagger Damage, and applies Bleeding status ailment that deals +150 damage for a total of 15 seconds.

Song of Swords
How to Get: To be Updated
You create a 20-meter aura that stays with you and provides nearby allies with +30% increased damage for 30 seconds.

Corrosive Aura
How to Get: 1x Slime Vessel + 5x Lumenite Crystals
Unlike the Song of Swords, you create a 10-meter corrosive aura that stays with you and corrodes nearby enemies by lowering their defense by -20% for 30 seconds.

Blink Token
How to Get: 1x Blink Spear Shard + 5x Lumenite Crystals
It allows you to teleport forward (upto 13 meters) and create an electrical blast that deals +140 Shock Damage to all enemies within a 3 meters radius.

How to Get: 1x Swarm Tusk + 5x Lumenite Crystals
Like the Radioactive Volley, you dish out a total of 7 homing radiation projectiles that follow enemies within a 20 meters radius and deal +80 Radiation Damage per projectile.

Storm Caller
How to Get: 1x Storm Crystal + 5x Lumenite Crystals
For 12 seconds, you summon an electrical field that throws lightning strikes on enemies within a 35 meters radius, dealing +40 Shock Damage.

How to Get: 1x Sentinel Shard + 5x Lumenite Crystals
You summon a Wasteland Skull for 60 seconds that fires projectiles that deal +15 damage per hit.

Hive Shot
How to Get: Comes equipped with Hive Cannon
As the name suggests, it allows you to fire a projectile that deals +20 damage and creates a swarm of insects within a 2.5 meters radius.

How to Get: Comes equipped with Ruin
When charged, you’ll be revived with 33% HP after being downed, will take -25% less damage, and will be immune to all status ailments for 10 seconds.

Static Field Shot
How to Get: Comes equipped with Eye of the Storm
It fires a projectile that dishes out +40 Shock Damage and gives the targets the Overload debuff. The debuffed enemies will explode if they get too close to each other, dealing +200 Shock Damage within a 4.5 meters radius.

Howler’s Immunity
How to Get: 1x Hound Choker + 5x Lumenite Crystals
It grants you with an aura for 30 seconds that covers a 20 meters radius around you and reduces all incoming damage by -30%.

Iron Sentinel
How to Get: To be Updated
With this Weapon Mod, you summon a fully-automatic turret that shoots at 5 rounds per second and deals +3 damage per hit for 20 seconds.

Flame Thrower
How to Get: Comes equipped with Spitfire
You set enemies on fire for +150 Fire Damage for a total of 10 seconds.

These are all the Weapon Mods that you can find in Remnant: From the Ashes. We’ll continue to update the guide with more info. soon enough.

Out of different accessories that you can equip in Remnant: From the Ashes, amulets are one. Similar to rings, these amulets provide you with a variety of buffs including but not limited to increasing offense, defense, and healing capabilities. However, unlike the rings, you can only equip only one amulet at any given time.

Remnant: From the Ashes Amulets

As for acquiring these amulets in Remnant: From the Ashes, there are multiple ways of doing so. You can find amulets as boss drops, scattered around in the open world, purchase them from merchants, and even craft them. In this Amulets Guide, we’ve detailed all the amulets, their locations, and the effects that they provide you with.


Amulets Effects Craft/Location
Brutal Mark You deal +15% increased damage to all the enemies with less than 50% remaining HP. To be Updated.
Cleansing Jewel This amulet removes all the negative status effects after expending a Dragon Heart and increased healing from all the sources by an additional +30%. To be Updated.
Galenic Charm All the damage received from enemies allows you to gain 50% of the damage dealt as mod power. To be Updated.
Gunslinger’s Charm Staying true to its title, you gain +20% increased Reload Speed and +10% increased Rate of Fire. To be Updated.
Leto’s Amulet Armor Encumbrance is reduced by -40% and Stamina cost is reduced by -10%. To be Updated.
Pocket Watch You gain decreased Stamina cost by -15% and also gain increased Stamina regeneration by +15 per second. To be Updated.
Rock of Anguish After you take any type of damage, you gain +25% increased Movement Speed and +50% increased Reload Speed. To be Updated.
Storm Amulet All elemental damage is increased by +15%. To be Updated.
Twisted Idol Your gain +25% Armor Effectiveness. To be Updated.


These are all the amulets that you can craft/find in Remnant: From the Ashes. We’ll continue to add locations of these items in the coming days so be sure to stay tuned!

Similar to Dark Souls games, Remnant: From the Ashes features a variety of rings that provide the wearer with different effects. These said effects range from increasing damage to bolstering defense, removing status ailments, and more. At any given time, you can’t equip more than 2 different rings. Moreover, you need to be wearing them at all times to gain the benefits provided by these rings.

Remnant: From the Ashes Rings

As for acquiring these rings in Remnant: From the Ashes, there are multiple ways of doing so. You can find rings as boss drops, hidden in the open world, purchase them from merchants, and even craft them. In this Rings Guide, we’ve detailed all the rings, their locations, and the effects that they provide you with.


Rings Effects Craft/Location
Stone Of Balance You gain +10% increased melee/ranged damage. To be Updated.
Sagestone The amount of XP you earn is increased by +15%. To be Updated.
Root Circlet Your melee ATK SPD is increased by +20%. To be Updated.
Ring of Evasion Your evading window is increased by a small margin. To be Updated.
Razorstone You’ve a chance to land a melee Critical Hit that will deal 200% of all the damage done in 15 seconds. To be Updated.
Pillar of Stone You get -25% reduced recoil and -50% reduced sway. To be Updated.
Mother’s Ring All the incoming damage is decreased by -15%. To be Updated.
Leech Ember You melee hits help you lifesteal 5% of all the damage dealt. To be Updated.
Keeper’s Ring You gain +15% defense against all types of elemental attacks. To be Updated.
Jewel of the Black Sun You’re able to stack ranged kills upto 5 times that increases the ranged damage by 3% for a total of 5 seconds. To be Updated.
Hunter’s Halo This ring increases the effective range of all the firearms by +20%. To be Updated.
Hunter’s Band Hitting an enemy’s weak spot from more than 15 meters away will provide you with +25% increased damage. To be Updated.
Heartseeker You gain +25% increased Critical Hit Damage and +100% Critical Hit Chance against non-aggressive enemies. To be Updated.
Gravity Stone You gain +25% increased damage whenever there are 3 or more enemies standing within an 8-meter radius of you. To be Updated.
Ezlan’s Band Increases your maximum HP by +25. To be Updated.
Devouring Loop Your Critical Hits have a chance to dish out +300% bonus damage. To be Updated.
Celerity Stone You’re able to use consumables +25% faster than the normal speed. To be Updated.
Braided Thorns After you manage to defeat an enemy, you gain +15% increased Critical Hit Chance for a total of 6 seconds. To be Updated.
Blood Font You restore 0.238 HP per second. To be Updated.
Band of Strength After a melee kill, you gain +10% increased Melee Damage for 10 seconds. This effect stacks upto 3 times for +30% increased damage. To be Updated.


These are so far all the rings you can find or craft in Remnant: From the Ashes. We’ll continue to update the guide with locations and crafting recipes. In the meanwhile, if you’ve anything else to add, be sure to let us know!

As you progress through Pokemon Masters, you continue to increase the power of both your Pokemon and Pokemon Trainer. As you continue to level, you gain access to powerful abilities and some Passive Abilities that are always active. In this Pokemon Masters Passive Abilities Guide, we’ve detailed all the Passive Skills that you can use in the game and the Sync Pairs that take advantage of these abilities.

Pokemon Masters Passive Abilities

Passive Ability Effects Sync Pairs
Aggravation 1 You gain the ability to flinch, confuse, and trap enemies. Crasher Wake & Floatzel, Grant & Amaura, Thorton & Bronzong
Amped Up 1 You gain increased speed after a Critical Hit. Olivia & Lycanroc (Midnight)
Antifreeze You can’t be frozen. N/A
Antitoxin You can’t be poisoned. Clay & Palpitoad
Clearheaded You can’t be confused. Hapu & Mudsdale, Wulfric & Avalugg
Critical Focus 1 You gain increased CH rate after landing a successful Critical Hit. Siebold & Clawitzer
Critical Strike 2 Your moves get powered up after landing Critical Hits. Bruno & Machamp, Bugsy & Beedrill
Dauntless Your Special Attack doesn’t get decreased. Liza & Lunatone
Defense Crush 2 Landing hits can decrease your opponents’ defense. Ramos & Weepinbell
Endurance When entering a battle with a full HP, you can survive with 1 HP after getting hit by a powerful ability. You & Pikachu, Kris & Totodile, Sophocles & Togedemaru
First Aid 4 Your Pokemon replenishes a small amount of HP during a battle. Hau & Alolan Raichu
Flameproof You can’t be burned. Karen & Houndoom
Gritty 5 If your Pokemon gets affected by a status effect, your moves get powered up. Marshal & Conkeldurr
Haste Your Speed doesn’t get decreased. Brendan & Treecko, Marley & Arcanine, Skyla & Swanna
Headstrong Your ATK doesn’t get decreased. Noland & Pinsir, Roark & Cranidos, Tate & Solrock
Healing Hail 1 Taking an action during a Hailstorm causes HP to decrease. Brycen & Cryogonal
Healing Hand 2 Performing a move reduces all status effects from allied Sync Pairs. Cheryl & Blissey, Misty & Starmie
Hit and Run 2 You’ve a chance of gaining additional speed. Roxie & Whirlipede
Hostile Environment 1 You gain increased chances of inflicting status effects on the opponents. Blaine & Ponyta, Janine & Ariados, Lorelei & Lapras
Impervious Your stats can’t be decreased. Flannery & Torkoal, Mina & Granbull, Will & Xatu
Last Word Your about-to-faint Pokemon uses Explosion. Lt. Surge & Voltorb
Lithe You can’t be paralyzed. Brendan & Treecko
Mad Strength 2 Landing successful hits has a chance of increasing ATK. Whitney & Miltank
On the Ropes 3 Your Pokemon takes less damage from Physical ATKs when in a battle. Maylene & Meditite
Pass it On After switching, you gain the ability to transfer stats from one Sync Pair to the other. Phoebe & Dusclops
Power Chain 3 Your moves are powered up when the Unity buff is active. Liza & Lunatone, Tate & Solrock
Power Flux 5 Your gain powered up moves depending on the Move Gauge. Barry & Piplup
Power Reserves 2 You gain powered up moves. Brawly & Makuhita, Iris & Haxorus, Norman & Slaking, Flint & Infernape, Shauntal & Chandelure
Piercing Gaze You always land successful hits. Erika & Vileplume, Kahili & Toucannon
Racing Rain 2 When it’s raining, you gain increased recharge rate of your Move Gauge. Clair & Kingdra, Crasher Wake & Floatzel, Winona & Pelipper
Sand Fortress Sandstorm prevents stats from being reduced. Brock (S. Suit) & Tyranitar
Sand Shelter You gain decreased sandstorm damage. Grant & Amaura
Snow Shelter You gain decreased hailstorm damage. Brycen & Cryogonal, Candice & Abomasnow, Grant & Amaura
Speeding Sun 2 When it’s sunny, you gain increased recharge rate of your Move Gauge. Gardenia & Roserade
Stance Change Switching Pokemon or using the King’s Shield causes Stance to transform into Blade Form and Shield Form. Wikstrom & Aegislash
Surging Sand 5 Your moves get further enhanced during a sandstorm. Roxanne & Nosepass
Superduper Effective 2 Your Super-effective moves are enhanced even more. Pryce & Seel
Stalwart Your Special Defense doesn’t decrease. Liza & Lunatone, Rosa & Snivy
Stoic 2 It boosts the defense of your Pokemon. Brock & Onix
Terrify 1 It decreases the attack of opposing Sync Pairs. Drake & Salaman
Unbending Your defense doesn’t decrease. Marlon & Carracosta, Tate & Solrock
Unflappable You flinch less when attacked. Korrina & Lucario
Unhindered It decreases the effects of your opponent’s damage-reducing abilities during ATK. Shauntal & Chandelure
Vigilance You gain additional defense against Critical Hits. Phoebe & Dusclops, Wikstrom & Aegislash
Water Shift You can convert Normal-type moves into Water-type moves. Kris & Totodile
Wide Awake This prevents you from falling asleep. Agatha & Gengar, Karen & Houndoom

These are all the Passive Skills and the Sync Pairs that utilize them in Pokemon Masters. If you’ve anything else that you’d like to add, feel free to let us know!

Powering up your Pokemon is one of the most important aspects of Pokemon Masters. The entire experience revolves around building a dream team of your favorite Pokemon and Pokemon Trainers in the hopes of winning the Pokemon Masters League. In the start, both of your Pokemon and Pokemon Trainer will start at a particular level but that doesn’t mean they have to stay there during the entirety of the game.

With the help of our Pokemon Master Powering Up Pokemon Guide, you’ll be able to learn everything you need to know about effectively leveling up your Pokemon and Pokemon Trainers.

Powering Up Pokemon in Pokemon Masters

It goes without saying but you need to earn XP in in the Story Mode in order to power up. Moreover, trainers and Pokemon have a certain level cap that you can hit by farming XP.

Once this level cap is hit, you can further enhance it using certain in-game items. Another important thing to keep in mind here is that during the course of leveling up your Pokemon, it will also continue to learn a variety of Passive Abilities.

While not incredibly powerful, you can rely on these Passive Skills in a multitude of situations. However, what these skills do eventually comes down to the Pokemon that you own.

Lastly and arguably the most important thing is that each Sync Pair in the game has its Star Level. In order to increase the Star Level of a Sync Pair, you need to have specific Star Power-Up items. With the specific Star Power-Up items in hand, you’ll not only be able to power up but will also be able to increase the overall Level Cap.

And this is pretty much all you need to know about powering up your Pokemon in Pokemon Masters. If you’ve anything else that you’d like to add, be sure to let us know!

Bungie’s Destiny 2 finding a new home on Valve’s Steam is something the developer has continuously talked about since its separation with Activision Blizzard. Starting Aug. 20th, Guardians across the solar system will be able to migrate to Steam. It’s obviously a daunting process, especially for Guardians who have poured in hundreds and thousands of hours trying to farm their favorite Legendaries, Exotics, and cosmetic items. Bungie, however, has promised a smooth and hassle-free migration process. Let’s look at everything you need to know about transferring your Destiny 2 copy from Battle.Net to Steam.

Transfer Destiny 2 from Battle.Net to Steam

Before we begin, let’s talk about things you’ll be able to transfer alongside your characters:

  • Weapons, Armor, Exotics
  • Triumphs, Titles, Seals
  • Purchased Silver and Bright Dust
  • Cosmetic items including Ghost Shells, Sparrows, Emblems, Shaders

Another major change that you need to know about is that once Destiny 2: Shadowkeep launches, you won’t be able to dismantle your cosmetics to get Bright Dust. This is something Bungie is removing so if you’ve certain cosmetics that you won’t ever use, try dismantling it before Oct. 1st when Shadowkeep launches.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep will also launch alongside a free-to-play version of the game called Destiny 2: New Light which will come with Strikes, Crucible, Gambit, Leviathan Raids & its Lairs, and CoO and Warmind campaigns. Other than that, you’ll need to purchase separate expansions if you wish to experience Forsaken and Shadowkeep content. With that out of the way, let’s talk about the actual migration process.

Bungie has set up an official blogpost on its official website that details basically all you need to know about transferring to Steam. One important thing that you need to know is that Destiny 2 won’t be available on Battle.Net after Oct. 1st so that you need to make sure that you complete the migration process before that or you won’t be able to complete it later.

We’ll make sure to update this page on Aug. 20th when we get more info. alongside some FAQs to help you out.

In our Age of Wonders: Planetfall Happiness Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about how you can increase happiness and reach maximum Happiness Level in the game. Keeping your army happy is one of the cornerstones you need to build your gameplan on. Failing to do so will result in your people rebelling against you – something that you need to avoid at all costs.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Happiness

From the very onset of the game, you need to start working on increasing your Happiness Level. However, it’s a tall task if the truth be told. Regardless of your efforts, the Happiness Level of your population will continue to steadily decline.

To prevent that, you need to build certain structures such as the Recreational Dome.

While playing the game, you’ll come across some scenarios during which you’ll be able to build such structures from the very beginning. This is something that needs to be on top of your to-do list.

But what if you don’t have access to the Recreational Dome? The answer to this is pretty simple.

You can acquire it by researching Frontier Facilities in the Society RT. You should try to acquire it during the early game since it’ll serve you well in the long run. Apart from the Recreational Dome, the following are some other structures that can help you increase the Happiness Level of a colony in Age of Wonders: Planetfall.

  1. Recreational Dome: Frontier Facilities
  2. Virtual Entertainment Plaza: Colonist Care
  3. Botanical Gardens: Environmental Conditioning

Once you’re done constructing one of these structures, the next thing that you should do is to get some basic units for your army. What these units will do is that they’ll be used to replace your dead units. Apart from that, you can also use these units in order to scout surrounding areas for resources and as basic defense – whatever you choose.

What these basic things out of the way, how do you check your colony’s Happiness Level? In order to do so, what you need to do is to open up the City View and hover the “Happiness” symbol.

Doing so should allow you to see all the positives and negatives you’ve going on as of that moment. A little Tip: This doesn’t only work for checking the Happiness Level but also stays true for all the resources at your disposal.

This marks the end of our Happiness Guide for AOW: Planetfall. If you’ve anything else to add, be sure to let us know!

Technology in Age of Wonders: Planetfall is the single most important aspect of the game. With technological advancements, you’ll gain access to the best units to command, new buildings, and a whole lot of in-game features. All in all, having the right technology goes a long way and is one of the key components when it comes to winning in AOW: Planetfall. To help you achieve it, here are all the Faction Technology featured in Age of Wonders: Planetfall which will help you increase your battle potential.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Faction Technology

In our Age of Wonders: Planetfall Faction Technology Guide, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about the technology at the disposal of game’s main factions, its pre-requisites, tech tier, and more.

Amazon Technology

Technology Tech Tier Unlock Requirements Group Knowledge Unlocks
Protective Grounding 1 N/A Tactical 100 Grounding Harness, Protective Growth
Arborian Commune 2 Protective Grounding Forces 150 Amazon Arborian Sentinel
Hydromancer Commune 3 Arborian Commune Strategic 270 Amazon Hydromancer, Transport Reinforcement
Primal Control 3 Protective Grounding Tactical 270 Primal Awareness Amplifier (Detector), Advanced Instinct Controller, Primal Override
Harrier Commune 4 Arborian Commune Forces 480 Amazon Harrier
Forest Genesis 4 Primal Control Strategic 480 Rapid Reforestation, Entangling Overgrowth
Bombardon Commune 5 Harrier Coummune Forces 700 Amazon Bombardon
Aquatica Commune 5 Harrier Coummune Strategic 700 Amazon Aquatica, Transport Expedience
Regenerative Bio Resonance 5 Primal Control Tactical 700 Regenerative Bioregulator, Nourishing Field Pylon
Amplified Bio Resonance 6 Regenerative Bio Resonance Tactical 1100 Crushing Roots, Amplifying Field Pylon
Tyrannodon Commune 7 Bombardon Commune Forces 1500 Amazon Tyrannodon
Restorative Cloning 7 Amplified Bio Resonance Strategic 1500 Introduce Predators, Arcadian Restoration
Organism Stimulus 7 Amplified Bio Resonance Tactical 1500 Blood Fury Inducers, Luring Field Pylon
Arborian Queen Commune 9 Tyrannodon Commune Forces 2500 Amazon Arborian Queen
Gaialogical Affinity 9 Organism Stimulus Tactical 2500 Earth Link Mask, Spirit Link Module

Assembly Technology

Technology Tech Tier Group Unlock Requirements Knowledge Unlocks
Molecular Computing 1 Tactical N/A 100 Ocular Implants (Detector), Signal Shredding
Reverse Engineering 2 Forces Molecular Computing 150 Assembly Reverse Engineer
Auxiliary Resource Extraction 2 Strategic Molecular Computing 150 Reprocess Colonist, Sample Collection
Harness the Storm 3 Forces Reverse Engineering 270 Assembly Lightning Rider
Advanced Bionics 3 Tactical Molecular Computing 270 Flesh Tearer Implants, Remote System Purge
Aquatic Lightning Coils 4 Strategic Harness the Storm 480 Assembly Storm Wader, Transport Reinforcement
Adaptive Systems 4 Tactical Advanced Bionics 480 Cloaking Implants, Linear Accelerator, Deploy Constrictor
Toxic Applications 5 Tactical Adaptive Systems 700 Toxin Nanites Ammunition, Neurotoxic Implants, Adhesive Artillery
Destructive Means 6 Forces Harness the Storm 1100 Assembly Wrecker
Ionic Manipulation 6 Strategic Toxic Applications 1100 Ion Storm, Ionic Overdrive
Disassemblers 6 Forces Destructive Means 1500 Assembly Disassembler
Naval Demolitions 7 Strategic Destructive Means 1500 Assembly Wrecking Ship, Transport Expedience
System Reload 7 Tactical Toxic Applications 1500 Reassembly Module, Advanced Re-engineering, Temporal Disruption
Ultimate Form 9 Forces Disassemblers 2500 Assembly Reaver
Quantric Technology 9 Tactical System Reload 2500 Emergency Quantric Shielding, Quantum Support Nanites

Dvar Technology

Technology Tech Tier Group Unlock Requirements Knowledge Unlocks
Perimeter Security 1 Tactical N/A 100 Fortification Tools, Ironbreaker Modifications, General Alert Protocol
Aerial Division 2 Forces Perimeter Security 150 Dvar Ramjet
Drudges 2 Strategic Perimeter Security 150 Factory Overdrive, Deploy Trenchers
Ironclad Division 3 Strategic Aerial Division 270 Dvar Ironclad, Transport Reinforcement
D-VR Mark IV Upgrades 3 Tactical Perimeter Security 270 Advanced Target Recognition (Detector), Explosive Resistant Armor, Breach Protection Protocol
Deep Detonation 4 Strategic D-VR Mark IV Upgrades 480 Land Torpedo, Mountain Breaker
Noble Divisions 5 Forces Aerial Division 700 Dvar Baron
Risk Management 5 Tactical D-VR Mark IV Upgrades 700 Reconstruction Kit, Deploy Sapper
Excavation Division 6 Forces Noble Divisions 1100 Dvar Excavator Tank
Artillery Division 7 Forces Excavation Division 1500 Dvar Rocket Artillery
Dreadnought Division 7 Strategic Excavation Division 1500 Dvar Dreadnought, Transport Expedience
Advanced DV-R Suits 7 Tactical Risk Management 1500 Super-powered Pistons, Illuminator Targeting System, Localized Earthquake Generator
Seismic Supremacy 9 Forces Artillery Division 2500 Dvar Earth Crusher
Cataclysm Generation 9 Strategic Advanced DV-R Suits 2500 Tectonic Shift
Peak Efficiency 9 Tactical Advanced DV-R Suits 2500 Reactive Kinetic Battery, Captain’s Regalia

Kir’Ko Technology

Technology Tech Tier Group Unlock Requirements Knowledge Unlocks
Unshackling 1 Tactical N/A 100 HeightenedVision(Detector), SunderingClaws
Regeneration 2 Tactical Unshackling 150 AcceleratedHealing, HealingSurge
Engulfer Caste 3 Forces Unshackling 270 Kir’koEngulfer
Vigorous Emergence 3 Strategic Regeneration 270 SpawnEmergent, BerserkerPheromones
Torrent Caste 4 Strategic Engulfer Caste 480 Kir’KoTorrent, TransportReinforcement
Resilience 4 Tactical Regeneration 480 AdaptiveCarapace, TunnelingClaws, DeployAbyssian
Barrager Caste 5 Forces Engulfer Caste 700 Kir’KoBarager
Infection 5 Tactical Resilience 700 Psi-infectedClaws, PoisonExcretion
Ravenous Caste 6 Forces Barrager Caste 1100 Kir’KoRavenous
Swarm Expulsions 6 Strategic Infection 1100 CalloftheHive, NoxiousBombardment
Tormented Caste 7 Forces Ravenous Caste 1500 Kir’KoTormented
Deep Caste 7 Strategic Ravenous Caste 1500 Kir’KoDeepOne, TransportExpedience
Neogenesis 7 Tactical Infection 1500 ResuscitationGlands, CloakingCarapace, OnewiththeSwarm
Return of the Harbinger 9 Forces Tormented Caste 2500 Kir’KoHarbinger
Metamorphosis 9 Tactical Neogenesis 2500 AcceleratedMetabolism, AdrenalResponceGlands

Syndicate Technology

Technology Tech Tier Unlock Requirements Group Knowledge Unlocks
Exploit Weakness 1 N/A Tactical 100 Exploitative Targeting System, Diversion Projector
Enforce Control 2 Exploit Weakness Forces 150 Syndicate Guild Assassin
Employ Deception 2 Exploit Weakness Strategic 150 Sensor Infiltration, Emergency Cloaking Field
Force Projection 3 Enforce Control Forces 270 Syndicate Mirage
Privateer Guilds 3 Enforce Control Strategic 270 Syndicate Guild Cruiser, Transport Reinforcement
Preventative Control 3 Exploit Weakness Tactical 270 PsiTech Vision Enhancers (Detector), Cerebral Control Collars
Military Dominance 4 Preventative Control Tactical 480 Spatial Acceleration Sails, Tactical Advantage Protocol, Deploy Sentinel
Covert Offensive 5 Force Projection Forces 700 Syndicate Wraith
Alternative Measures 5 Military Dominance Strategic 700 Pulse Beam Cannon, Industrial Sabotage, Bread and Circuses
Augmented Force 6 Military Dominance Tactical 1100 Control Amplifier, Adaptive Camouflage Projector
Cerebral Submission 7 Covert Offensive Forces 1500 Syndicate Subjugator
Advancement Tactics 7 Augmented Force Tactical 1500 Advanced Dislocation Drive, PsiTech Cerebral Execution
Illustrious Conquest 9 Cerebral Submission Forces 2500 Syndicate Zenith
Technological Supremacy 9 Advancement Tactics Tactical 2500 Cerebral Amplifier, PsiTech Drive Modulator

Vanguard Technology

Technology Tech Tier Unlock Requirements Group Knowledge Unlocks
Nanite Support 1 N/A Tactical 100 Nanite Injectors, Nanite Support Station, Combat Assist System
Engineering Corps 2 Nanite Support Forces 150 Vanguard Engineer
Smart Defense Modules 2 Nanite Support Tactical 150 Improved Combat Sensors (Detector), Interlocking Armor
Air Corps 3 Engineering Corps Forces 270 Vanguard Gunship
Drone Deployment 3 Smart Defense Modules Strategic 270 Security Drones, Bunker Buster, Emergency Recon
Naval Corps 4 Air Corps Strategic 480 Vanguard Frigate, Transport Reinforcement
Rapid Maneuverability 4 Smart Defense Modules Tactical 480 Jetpack, Deploy Valkyrie
Tank Corps 5 Air Corps Forces 700 Vanguard Laser Tank
Naval Command 6 Tank Corps Strategic 1100 Vanguard Battleship, Transport Expedience
Sentry Technology 6 Rapid Maneuverability Tactical 1100 Launcher Turret Pack, Launcher Turret
Walker Corps 7 Tank Corps Forces 1500 Vanguard Walker
Orbital Station 7 Sentry Technology Strategic 1500 Supply Drop, Orbital Laser Cannon
Predator Conditioning 8 Sentry Technology Tactical 2000 Sequential Kill System, Direct Command
Carrier Command 9 Walker Corps Forces 2500 Vanguard Drone Carrier
Force Concentration 9 Predator Conditioning Tactical 2500 Miniaturized Missile Array, Reactive Armor Plating

For more help on Age of Wonders: Planetfall, be sure to check out our Factions Guide, Colonization Guide, and Tips & Strategies Guide.

This is all we’ve in our Technology Guide for Age of Wonders: Planetfall.

Oxygen not Included features different biomes in the game. These biomes represent the changes in Temperature, Metals, Gases, Plants, etc. Each biome consists of Plants, Metal, and Solids that suit the temperature and location of that biome.

Oxygen not Included Biomes

These biomes are located in Asteroids. There are nine Asteroids in total, which include:

  1. Terra
  2. Oceania
  3. Volcanea
  4. The Badlands
  5. Verdante
  6. Oasisse
  7. Rime
  8. Arboria
  9. Aridio

Inside each of the Asteriod, you are going to find a combination of these biomes. Therefore, the location of these biomes depends on which Asteroid we will be looking at.

Below we will be discussing the features and stats of these different biomes provided to us. There is a total of ten biomes in Oxygen not founded. These include:

Caustic Biome

The temperature of this biome is 40°C which shows that the biome is pretty hot. The Bleach Stone keeps the Duplicants happy with a Hand Sanitizer and Phosphorite is used as a fertilizer for Pincha Pepper.

Pincha Pepper plants produce Pincha Peppernut for the Electric Grill and Balm Lilies make Vitamin Chews. Chlorine Geyser is used as a renewable source for chlorine.

  • Temperature Range: 40°C
  • Metal: Iron Ore
  • Rocks: Igneous Rock
  • Minerals: Phosphorite, Algae, Bleach Stone, Coal, Coal Steam Vent, Natural Gas Geyser, Chlorine Gas Vent, Oxylite
  • Border Minerals: Abyssalite, Neutronium
  • Liquids: N/A
  • Atmospheric Gases: Chlorine, Hydrogen
  • Plants and Critters: Morb, Drecko, Pincha Pepper, Balm Lily

Temperate Biome

The place is not that warm and provides you with clean water. Copper is used as a decor booster.

Muckroot, Mealwood, and Bristle Blossom plants provide you with food. You are provided with five Oxylite tiles for oxygen while for later, you can do research on how to generate more Oxygen.

  • Temperature Range: 19.85°C – 24.85°C
  • Metal: Copper Ore
  • Rocks: Sandstone
  • Minerals: Algae, Coal, Dirt, Fertilizer, Oxylite, Sand
  • Border Minerals: Granite, Igneous Rock
  • Liquids: Water
  • Atmospheric Gases: Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide
  • Plants and Critters: Buried Muckroot, Mealwood, Bristle Blossom, Bruff Briar

Swamp Biome

This warm biome consists of Polluted Oxygen which is added on by the polluted water and slime.

After researching on how to generate oxygen, players can use Algae and Slime in order to produce fresh Oxygen. Gold Amalgam is heat resistant. Thimble Reed is used in making clothes.

  • Temperature Range: 30°C
  • Metal: Gold Amalgam
  • Rocks: Sedimentary Rock
  • Minerals: Slime, Algae, Clay, Oxylite, Cool Steam Vent, Natural Gas Geyser
  • Border Minerals: Abyssalite, Neutronium
  • Liquids: Polluted Water
  • Atmospheric Gases: Polluted Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide
  • Plants and Critters: Thimble Reed, Dusk Cap, Pacu, Paft

Frozen Biome

This biome is really cold hence if you do not want to catch a cold, do wear sweaters made in the Textile Factory. Granite and Wolframite are very beneficial due to their heat transferring abilities.

  • Temperature Range: -30°C to -40°C
  • Metal: Wolframite
  • Rocks: Granite
  • Minerals: Ice, Polluted Ice, Snow
  • Border Minerals: Abyssalite, Neutronium
  • Liquids: N/A
  • Atmospheric Gases: Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide
  • Plants and Critters: Wheezewort, Sleet Wheat

Forest Biome

This biome is home for Pip. You are provided with Oxylite to use as oxygen until you generate your own oxygen. The biome is a little warm.

  • Temperature Range: 19.85°C – 24.85°C
  • Metal: Aluminum Ore
  • Rocks: Igneous Rock
  • Minerals: Dirt, Oxylite, Phosphorite
  • Border Minerals: Granite, Igneous Rock
  • Liquids: Water
  • Atmospheric Gases: Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide
  • Plants and Critters: Pip, Shinebug, Forest Muckroot, Mealwood, Arbor Tree, Oxyfern, Mirth Leaf

Rust Biome

The biome doesn’t contain any oxygen hence you need to search for oxygen and try to generate it here. Nosh Sprout provides you with the Nosh beans which provide as your food source.

  • Temperature Range: -10°C
  • Metal: Iron Ore
  • Rocks: Mafic Rock
  • Minerals: Rust, Salt
  • Border Minerals: Abyssalite, Neutronium
  • Liquids: N/A
  • Atmospheric Gases: Carbon Dioxide
  • Plants and Critters: Nosh Sprout, Dasha Saltvine

Tide Pool Biome

Tide Pool Biome contains Salt Water, Brine, Salt, Sand, Sedimentary Rock, Granite. Waterweed grows here. Pokeshell lives in Salt Water pools.

  • Temperature Range: Unknown
  • Metal: None
  • Rocks: Sedimentary Rock, Granite
  • Minerals: Salt, Sand
  • Border Minerals: Abyssalite, Neutronium
  • Liquids: Salt Water, Brine
  • Atmospheric Gases: Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide
  • Plants and Critters: Pokeshell, Waterweed

Volcanic Biome

Volcanic biomes appear at the very bottom of the map. It only contains liquid Magma, about 1,600°C, and Neutronium which can’t be destroyed.

  • Temperature Range: Unknown
  • Metal: None
  • Rocks: None
  • Minerals: Abyssalite, Neutronium
  • Border Minerals: Neutronium
  • Liquids: Magma
  • Atmospheric Gases: None
  • Plants and Critters: None

Oil Biome

It contains Crude Oil, Oil Reservoirs, veins of Diamond, Granite, Obsidian and Iron Ore and pockets of Natural Gas and Carbon Dioxide. It is inhabited by Slicksters.

  • Temperature Range: 80°C – 380°C
  • Metal: Iron Ore
  • Rocks: Igneous Rock, Granite
  • Minerals: Diamond, Obsidian, Oil Reservoir, Fossil
  • Border Minerals: Abyssalite, Neutronium
  • Liquids: Crude Oil
  • Atmospheric Gases: Carbon Dioxide
  • Plants and Critters: Slickster

Space Biome

Space1 biome can destroy all kinds of gases. These gases are sucked into the vacuum of space through the open background, and in the absence of gases, heat cannot dissipate from materials and objects.

Adding Drywalls helps to construct rooms that can hold air.

  • Temperature Range: Unknown
  • Metal: Iron
  • Rocks: Mafic Rock
  • Minerals: Regolith, Granite, Igneous Rock
  • Border Minerals: N/A
  • Liquids: None
  • Atmospheric Gases: None
  • Plants and Critters: Shove Vole

For more on Oxygen Not Included, be sure to check out our Duplicants Guide, Plants Guide, and Temperature Management Guide.

Temperature Management plays a huge role in every aspect of Oxygen Not Included. Whether it is the plants or the duplicants, all of them depends on the temperature being perfect for them. A little too cold or too hot temperature shift can cost you your plants, items, and duplicants. You need to be very focused when maintaining the temperature as it’s not just one thing that causes the change. Your duplicants, items, resources, and the biome itself – everything plays its part in effecting the temperature of the environment.

Heat output is shown by DTU per second in the game. DTU per second is equivalent to Joule per second or Watt.

Oxygen Not Included Temperature Management

If you are stuck in a colder environment and want to tone it down a little to the hotter side then it is much easier than doing the opposite. Be it the Duplicants or the plants or even the items you possess all of these things to produce and spread heat. Hence, it is easier to heat the environment.

Oxygen Diffuser
Produces 1.5 kDTU/s of heat.

The Power Transformers
Produces 1 kDTU/s of heat.

Ceiling Lamp
Produces just 500 DTU/s of heat at 10W of power. Fits right above Sculpting Block.

Space Heater
Produces 18 kDTU/s heat at the cost of 120W of power. Not worth using as its only other effect is meager 10 Decor.

Coal Generator
Produces 9 kDTU/s of heat, or 1.5 kDTU per 100 Watt produced. Utilizing it can be tricky, due to a large amount of Carbon Dioxide in the exhaust.

Charged Battery and Jumbo Battery
Produces 1.25 kDTU/s of heat when charged. They’re small, short, clean and useful in other ways and so a good way to provide extra heat.

Produces 1.25 kDTU/s of heat, but its output gases are 70 °C. Has a disadvantage of producing Hydrogen, which quickly cools down, if it is cold, due to its relatively high thermal conductivity.

Cool Steam Vent
Outputs steam at 110°C. It can be cooled down into 90 degrees Water, which then can be piped around the colony, for example to Shower. The heat will then radiate from the pipes.

A nearby Biome can provide a surprising amount of heat or cold. Biomes do not keep their temperature after map generation, so this is a temporary source.

Hot Environment
If the environment is more on the heated side then it can be more troublesome and there aren’t many ways to cool it down. Some ways to cool down the temperature include:

Steam Turbine
Converts heat above 125°C into electricity.

Ice-E Fan
Occupies a duplicant and uses up water. It cools the gas at 32 kDTU/s.

Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier
Provides quite a lot of cooling by consuming hydrogen.

Works rather slowly in most gases and natural setups and cannot be mass-produced, but does not use any power. It’s cooling is equivalent to 12 kDTU/s in the best circumstances.

As you can see, there aren’t many ways to conquer the heat here. So what you should do is, from the starting of the game you should take measures that are going to move the hear away. This way you wouldn’t have to deal with the temperature change of this level later in the game. These measures include:

Plant irrigation is one of the worst places to misplace extra heat. Dump excess heat in cold biome. Acquire cold gases and cold water from cold biomes. Do not use hot water to irrigate cold-loving plants (Bristle Blossom).

  1. Use insulated pipes in the sections that need to stay cool.
  2. Pre-cool the water by winding pipes carrying it through cool areas.
  3. If you have no choice, use valves to avoid storing excess hot water in farms.
  4. Avoid create machines like Polymer Press or Metal Refinery, but Ranch critters instead.
  5. Use Igneous Rock pipes for hot fluids/gas in early-mid game. At late game use Ceramic and insulation when managing really hot fluids/gases.

Specific Heat Capacity

This property quantifies how much an object’s temperature changes if one adds or removes an amount of heat energy, per unit mass. Its unit is Joules / (Gram * Degree Celsius). Objects with larger specific heat capacity can hold more heat or coldness.

An object’s heat capacity is the specific heat capacity times the mass of the object. Conversely, the specific heat capacity of an object is equal to its total heat capacity divided by its mass.

Thermal Conductivity

This property defines how quickly heat can be exchanged between two objects – where walls, resources, gas, liquids, plants, and items – all are objects. The rate at which two objects exchange heat is defined by the lower thermal conductivity value of both objects.

Its unit is DTUs / (Meter * Second * Degree Celsius). In this game, a Tile is considered to be one meter high and wide.