Thunder and wind are interconnected. When you play Salt and Sacrifice First, you will fight with electromancer Ekriks Graycloud, The Precipice of Chaos, in Ashbourne settlement. Secondly, you will fight his Cousin, Bol Gerahn utilizing air.

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Aur Cryus, The Wild Pandemonium, seems like an easy target because you only see some rags in the air, but he can tear you off in this battle. Here’s what you need to know about how to beat Aur Cryus, The Wild Pandemonium

How to Beat Aur Cryus

Aur Cryus, The Wild Pandemonium, is tricky to kill but not impossible. Knowing his dynamics about attacks can make the kill easy for you. Here is a list of attacks and how to deal with them

Tornado Attacks

One of the attacks which Aur Cryus constantly initiates is tornadoes. Although they don’t cause lots of damage, they leave you up in the air, open to other attacks, which can be fatal.

How to avoid tornadoes: The best way to deal with them is to move away from them and not come into their vicinity.

Air-Based Attacks

Aur Cryus also throws sharp blades toward you, which can cause considerable damage to the player.

How to avoid Air-based Attacks: To handle these attacks and take minor damage, you need to stay close to Aur Cryus.

Melee Attacks

Aur Cryus can also use a sword and attempt melee attacks like other magicians.

How to deal with sword attacks: The best way to deal with melee sword attacks is to dodge them. Another thing that makes it harder to dodge is that Aur Cryus has slashes. By using them, he can come forward and backward quickly. Keenly observe his movements, and you will be able to defeat Aur Cryus, The Wild Pandemonium. It is challenging to beat Aur Cryus but not impossible.

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