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As you explore the vast open world of Atomic Heart, you’ll come across various weapons crucial to expand your arsenal and improve your combat skills. With so many weapons available, it can be overwhelming to choose which ones to use in different situations.

Fortunately, developers have designed this first-person shooter game with diverse weapons for every need, including long-range, sidearm, and melee options. Some experimental weapons take advantage of the game’s unique setting, adding extra excitement to your gameplay. This guide will overview each weapon and suggest which situations they excel in. Let’s dive in!

Atomic Heart Weapons List

  • Fox
  • Zvezdochka
  • Snowball
  • Swede
  • MP
  • KS-23
  • Kalash
  • Electro
  • Dominator
  • Fat Boy
  • Railgun
  • Pashtet

Best Weapons in Atomic Heart

You’ll want to use the best guns and weapons in Atomic Heart. Each gun on our list has valuable upgrades to enhance combat capabilities. It’s important to note that you’ll need to obtain the blueprints for the weapons and their upgrades before you can craft them. These blueprints can be discovered by advancing through the story or finding them as loot.

The following is our list of best weapons in Atomic Heart:


KS-23 Design

The KS-23 is an early shotgun in Atomic Heart, but it proves incredibly powerful the entire game. In terms of appearance, it is a typical run-of-the-mill shotgun for launching a large projectile at adversaries. However, the KS-23 can be modified by adding aesthetically appealing pistons, resulting in a stylish appearance that makes you feel like a formidable robot-slaying hero. Nevertheless, personal preferences can vary, so you should customize the weapon to your liking.

Strictly regarding damage, the KS-23 is the most effective weapon in close-quarters combat. Its small pellets can penetrate even the most formidable robot armor. The shotgun is ideal for defeating the enormous boss robots since it is highly efficient against these foes. However, despite its significant damage, the fire rate is relatively slow.

Nonetheless, you can shoot the weapon more accurately with proper recoil management. Unfortunately, there is no charging mechanism for the KS-23; thus, the only option is to improve its individual parts. This classic weapon can be created with 68 metal parts and 88 synthetic materials, making it possible to craft it relatively early in the game.

KS-23 Blueprint Location: N/A


MP Pistol Design

The MP handgun is initially underwhelming when unlocked, as it lacks the necessary punch to outperform other weapon choices. However, after implementing the Muzzle Brake barrel upgrade and equipping the Extended Magazine, the MP becomes an ideal option for cost-effective firepower in Atomic Heart.

This handgun’s ammunition is low-cost and abundant, making it a highly accessible option for dealing with standard foes. You can craft it effortlessly, and it’s commonly found as loot. As a result, you can use the MP to take on regular enemies without worrying about depleting your ammo supply. On the other hand, using the MP against bosses is not recommended, as it lacks significant firepower even after being fully upgraded.

MP Blueprint Location: Vavilov Complex, Seed Bank Breakroom chest.


Fox Design

The Fox is one of the best melee weapons in Atomic Heart because of its exceptional abilities. Featuring a wooden handle and a piston attachment, it looks like a futuristic axe.

Due to its one-handed design, it has a short range but boasts impressive statistics in other areas.

Fox weapons can weaken robots at shorter ranges, allowing you to attack vulnerable enemies. Its damage output is decent, but its key feature is the charge ability to deal more damage to your adversaries. Additionally, the charge speed is remarkable, thanks to the weapon’s weight and size.

As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter more formidable opponents resistant to bullets. In such cases, the Fox weapon will be your best bet in Atomic Heart. Crafting this weapon requires two materials: 80 metal parts and 123 synthetic materials, both of which can be obtained in the game.

Fox Blueprint Location: After navigating through the Polymer in the Vavilov Complex Cable Car, you can find the Breakroom chest where you can loot the blueprint.


Dominator Design

The Dominator is an exceptional energy weapon with impressive firepower and can take down just about any target. It’s an upgraded version of the Electro pistol you receive early on in Atomic Heart. True to its name, the Dominator’s special attack is one of the most effective ways to defeat bosses quickly.

However, the weapon’s biggest drawback is its insatiable appetite for energy. Using it can quickly drain your resources and make it challenging to keep up in prolonged fights. To mitigate this issue, upgrading the Vector Transducer and investing in the Energy Management skill tree is recommended.

One of the Dominator’s unique features is its charge power, which unleashes a massive polymer energy ball that consumes the entire charge bar for the weapon. This powerful shot can dismantle any type of robot in the game. Keep in mind that the weapon’s ammunition is essentially a charge bar, which slowly increases on its own when you’re not using the gun.

You can obtain the Dominator’s blueprint from Granny Zina, rather than the testing fields, so be sure to search for it there. Once you’ve acquired the blueprint, you must gather 144 metal parts, 77 synthetic materials, and 22 electrical parts to craft the weapon.

Dominator Blueprint Location: Granny Zina’s Hut.


Electro Design

Electro is a pulse weapon operating with energy ammo, and you can obtain its blueprint early on in Atomic Heart. Since it does not require conventional bullets, it can be quite effective against non-bullet-resistant robots. The damage output of Electro is average, with four standard bars.

However, the recoil control is maximum, so there is no need to adjust your analog stick or mouse. The weapon also has reduced spread, ensuring all damage is directed toward a specific target without losing any pellets.

Charge Attack, or Recirculation Chamber, is the most exciting feature of this weapon, as it generates an energy wave capable of eliminating multiple enemies at once.

Electro Blueprint Location: Vavlilov Complex, Seed Archive.

That’s everything you need to know about the best weapons in Atomic Heart. We have more for you, so check out our guides on Atomic Heart difficulty settings, how to use the scanner, and crafting recipes.

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