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How To Fix Atomic Heart Unreal Engine 4 Crash – DXGI ERROR DEVICE REMOVED Fix


Atomic Heart has launched for PC and consoles with positive critical reception; however, PC players are experiencing crashes. The following are the fixes for Atomic Heart Unreal Engine 4, DXGI ERROR DEVICE REMOVED, and general crashes.

Atomic Heart Crash Fixes You Can Try

A game could crash for several reasons, like overclocked GPU, fullscreen optimizations, DX 12, and more. Atomic Heart is no exception players report the game is crashing, some are getting Unreal Engine 4 crashes, and some are getting the following error messages.



Disable Fullscreen Optimizations

A game can crash with Fullscreen optimizations enabled, which might be why Atomic Heart crashes. Right-click the game in Steam library > Manage > Browse local files. A new Explorer window will open with the game files. Right-click the executable > properties > compatibility tab > check “disable fullscreen optimizations” and apply the changes. Launch the game, and it won’t crash.

Select “Browse Local Files”
Right-click cod executable and select properties.
check ‘Disable Fullscreen optimizations’

Switch DirectX

This Atomic Heart crash fix is a workaround that might not work. The game requires DX12 to run, but you might be able to force the game to use DirectX 11 and fix the crash. This won’t work for the Gamepass version. Right-click Atomic Heart in Steam library > properties > General > type -dx11 under Launch Options and close the window. Play Atomic Heart, and it won’t crash.

Right-click the game and select properties
type -dx11 under Launch Options

Revert GPU Overclock

Atomic Heart could be crashing due to an overclocked GPU. I suggest you revert the GPU to its default clocks, and the issue will be fixed. However, some GPUs are factory overclocked, which can be a problem in some games and cause crashes. Open Nvidia Control Panel > Help > Debug Mode. Doing this will change the GPU clocks back to their reference clocks. This will fix the Unreal Engine and DXGI ERROR DEVICE REMOVED crashes.

Limit Max FPS

Playing at an unlocked or high FPS can put a lot of load on the GPU and CPU, resulting in Atomic Heart crashing with DXGI ERROR DEVICE REMOVED or Unreal Engine has crashed error message. Limit the max FPS for the game to reduce CPU and GPU load and fix the Unreal Engine 4 crash. I recommend doing it through Nvidia COtnro Panel since in-game FPS locks are often imperfect. Open Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > select Atomic Heart > enable Max Frame Rate and set a value. Ensure the value to set is 1/2,1/3rd or 1/4th of your monitor’s refresh rate. Apply the changes, and Atomic Heart won’t crash.

Open Nvidia Control Panel
Go to program settings
Select the game from the list
Enable Max Frame Rate
Hit apply after making changes

Flawless Widescreen

Atomic Heart doesn’t allow players to adjust FOV, which can be a problem for players with Ultrawide monitors. This can be fixed using Flawless Widescreen applications. However, PC players report using this application to fix FOV causes Unreal Engine 4 and LowLevelFatalError crashes. According to players, unchecking the ‘scanning fix’ in Flawless Widescreen settings fixes the Atomic Heart crash. If it doesn’t work, stop using Flawless Widescreen, and the game will stop crashing.

That is all for our fixes for the Atomic Heart crash. Check our Atomic Heart Fatal Error fix if you are experiencing Fatal error crashes. If you are experiencing FOV Issues, check out Atomic Heart FOV Fix. Since the game doesn’t support HDR, check out How To Enable HDR in the Atomic Heart guide. Also, see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes if you are experiencing errors with other PC video games or PC.

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