Welcome to the ultimate guide for Atomic Heart Testing Ground 9! If you’ve reached this far in the game, you know that the challenges are only getting tougher. Testing Ground 9 is a particularly tricky puzzle chamber that can leave even the most experienced players scratching their heads.

This guide is here to help you navigate through the complex puzzles and give you the tips and tricks you need to overcome the boss fight at the end of the dungeon. From destroying sprout infestations to activating boilers, we’ll walk you through each section of the testing grounds and provide you with detailed solutions for every puzzle. So gear up, get ready, and let’s tackle Atomic Heart Testing Ground 9 together.

Atomic Heart Testing Ground 9 Full Walkthrough

Testing Ground 9 location on the map.
Camera Tower location.
  • Testing Ground 9 Location: There is a village near the colossal complex at the southern boundary of the map. The statue at the square has a secret path that leads to testing ground 9.
  • How to Solve Testing Ground 9 Entry Puzzle (Boiler Puzzle): Through the manhole, descend into the sewers and make your way to the boiler room. Get the yellow balls from the boiler room by solving a puzzle mechanism. Use the Polymer Jet ability to place the balls into the pipe and activate all four boilers to burn the vines. Get out of the manhole and go to the camera tower. Hack into a camera in the north and activate the statue.

Head inside the small shack behind the statue to access Testing Ground 9.

How to Open the First Door in Testing Ground 9

You must activate the Shok Node by zapping the polymer to open the first door. You will see polymer on the ground, so you only need to Zap it to open the door. Make sure you are out of the room, standing near the door, before you Zap the polymer.

Past the Node Door

Grab the yellow orb and place it in the socket.

Grab the yellow orb and place it on the socket to open the next door. It won’t open all the way, so you must couch underneath it. When you enter the next room, you can head inside the left door to open a reward chest to get the KS-23 – Collamitor and immediately go down the stairs (opposite the reward room). Down the stairs is a terminal you can interact with. Press the big red button and return to where you picked up the yellow orb. Jump into the water and dive in to access the submerged cube.

Go inside the submerged cube.
Grab the Yellow Orb.

Now you have two Yellow Orbs in your possession. You just collected one and placed the other on the socket earlier. Put your newly acquired Orb inside the room and place it on the switch next to the door.

Place the Yellow Orb on the switch.
Grab the first Yellow Orb.

Now crouch back out of the room to grab the first Yellow Orb. Place both Orbs on the two sockets in the room to open the next door. Go through the door and turn right, where you should find another big red button. Pressing it will unlock the door back in the submerged room.

Where to place the orbs.

Head back and, grab one of the Yellow Orbs, place it on the wall switch to open the door. Grab the second Yellow Orb from the socket and place it outside. Basically, reversing what you did before. Now grab the Yellow Orb from the inside room and take it to the newly opened door, where two more wall switches await. Place both Yellow Orbs you have on the two wall switches to open the door (Refer to the video above).

In the next room you will have to face some enemies. The Plyusch in this room is less powerful than the one in the Exhibition Center. There will be no one-on-one combat as the room is teeming with Mothers that consistently produce Sprouts.

You will also have to face Mutants if you fail to eliminate them quickly. All of these enemies are organic, so using fire and ice attacks will help you defeat them. To deal significant damage to a Plyusch, a powerful melee weapon is recommended.


Don’t miss reward chests in Testing Ground 9. Sometimes they can drop weapons like the Fat Boy.
Go through the red door.

If you don’t want to fight those creatures, you can run to the other end of the room and go through the infested red door. You will still have to skill the Mother and clear the Sprouts above the door to open it.

The next section has a door to the right where you can find a reward chest before moving forward. Now you need three Yellow Orbs/Candles to solve the final puzzle.

Testing Ground 9 Yellow Orbs/Candles Locations

  • One candle is on a ledge that you can reach by using Shok to bring down the magnetic ceiling.
  • Another candle is on the ground, easy to spot.

Throw the candles into the sockets near the magnetic generators to get to the exit. You’ll be able to climb to the top when the platforms emerge.

That’s everything you need to know on how to solve all Testing Ground Puzzles and get out.

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