As you progress through Atomic Heart, you will find yourself needing to lockpick your way forward. There are different types of locks that you will come across. Picking these locks will often lead you to shortcuts, blueprints, or just plain progression. In this Atomic Heart guide, we will walk you through different types of locks in the game and how to lockpick easily.

Basic Lock
To pick these locks, you need to rotate the wires and press the ‘Action’ button. It will probably take you a few tries but keep on rotating wires until you are at the correct angle.

Atomic Heart [Basic Lock]

Timer Lock (Finger-snap)
This one is a little difficult than the Basic Lock. There are a few things to note before attempting to lockpick — a countdown in the center, a few capacitors around the main mechanism, and lights (turning red at different intervals) underneath the capacitors. In order to lockpick it, you need to focus on one capacitor and press the ‘Use’ button whenever its light turns red then move onto the next one and keep on going until all red lights have turned green. You must turn all lights green within the timer to unlock it.

Atomic Heart [Timer Lock]

It is important to note that once you activate a light, it will start to move in the opposite direction. For example, if the lights were rotating clockwise and you activated one, they will start to rotate anti-clockwise now. This is somthing you need to keep in mind.

White Combination Lock
In order to pick this lock, you will need to find a solution nearby — on a piece of paper, on a board, or anywhere in the surrounding areas. After you have found the solution, you just need to replicate it on the lock. Alternatively, you can try to brute-force it but who knows how many attempts will that take.

Atomic Heart [White Dots Lock]

Atomic Heart [White Dots Lock Part-II]

Matching the Colors Lock
To pick this lock, you will need to match the colors on the inner and the outer rings. You will also be able to tweak the position of the inner circle until all the lights match.

This is all we have got in our Atomic Heart Lockpicking guide. For more help on the game, you can also check out our Crafting Recipes, Best Weapons to Use, and Using Scanner guides.

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