Welcome to our guide on How to Use the Scanner in Atomic Heart. If you’re venturing through the alternate world of Soviet Russia, you’ll quickly realize that knowledge is power. And one of the most valuable tools you can possess is the ability to use the Scanner. This feature, which you’ll learn early on, is crucial to your survival in a world overrun by robots and other dangers.

Before learning advanced tools and weapons, you must familiarize yourself with the basics, including the Scanner. So let’s go into detail on how to use the Scanner in Atomic Heart.

How to Use the Scanner

Using the scanner in Atomic Heart is an essential skill to master, and fortunately, it’s relatively straightforward once you know how. To use the scanner in Atomic Heart, double-tap and hold R1 or RB to activate the scanner, allowing you to see through walls and objects in Facility 3826.

The scanner in action.

While the game doesn’t make this feature explicitly clear, scanning is a critical tool that will help you locate items and chests in the world and identify enemies that could pose a threat. When you scan an enemy, you’ll be able to see their weaknesses and resistances, enabling you to plan and take them down more efficiently.

The scanner is a valuable asset in your arsenal and can be used frequently without depleting energy. So don’t be afraid to scan regularly; take advantage of this handy feature as often as possible.

Remember, knowledge is your most potent weapon in this world of danger and uncertainty. So be sure to use the scanner to gain the upper hand and emerge victorious in the face of the robot apocalypse.

What Scanner Colors Mean

Blue overlays indicate chests, drawers, and other containers that have resources that you can loot. Orange overlays highlight enemies, allowing you to see their weaknesses, resistances, and the loot they’ll drop when defeated. However, using the scanner doesn’t stop time entirely, so be careful not to get caught off guard.

White overlays indicate objects that you can interact with, such as save stations, elevator call buttons, and other similar items. Meanwhile, Purple overlays signify story-essential items that you need to progress through the game. While Atomic Heart is generally helpful in guiding players to their objectives, there may be times when you need to figure things out yourself. In these situations, activating the scanner will highlight the essential items you need to find, making it much easier to progress.

Remember, mastering the scanner is key to surviving the dangers of this alternate version of Soviet Russia. So keep your eyes peeled for those colored overlays, and use your newfound knowledge to explore the game’s world with confidence.

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