Atomic Heart launched with DLSS but no Ray Tracing options, which means a lot of PC players have enough GPU headroom to play the game using DLAA (Deep Learning Anti-aliasing) at native resolution. However, Atomic Heart doesn’t support DLAA, and here is how to enable DLAA in the game.

What Is DLAA And How To Enable It

Nvidia has been pushing the boundaries of real-time graphics. Ray Tracing effects are too heavy for a GPU to render at native resolution, and to counter that, Nvidia introduced DLSS(Deep Learning Super Sampling). This allows the game to render a lower resolution, upscale to native resolution, and maintain image quality. Nvidia Then introduced DLAA(Deep Learning Anti-aliasing), which allows users with high-end GPUs to use it instead of DLSS, given that they have enough GPU resources to spare.

DLAA is an anti-aliasing technique that uses the Tensor cores, which are used for DLSS, to remove aliasing from the image using machine learning. It is a superior form of anti-aliasing but comes at a cost of performance. Atomic Heart doesn’t support DLAA, but there is a workaround.

How To Enable DLAA

Download the DLSSTweaks, and it’ll be a zip file. Extract the files to the game folder, AtomicHeart/Content/AtomicHeart/Binaries/WinGDK. Open the dlsstweaks.ini file and change ForceDLAA = false to ForceDLAA = true. Save changes and launch Atomic Heart. Go to the options and enable DLSS. This will force the game to use DLAA instead of DLSS regardless of what DLSS preset you choose.

That is all for our Atomic Heart guide with tips on enabling DLAA. If you are experiencing FOV issues, check out Atomic Heart FOV Fix. Also, the game doesn’t support HDR; here is how to enable HDR in Atomic Heart. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC, see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.


    • Right-click the game in Steam Library > Manage > Browse Local Files. A new explorer window will open with the game files. Navigate to AtomicHeart/Content/AtomicHeart/Binaries/WinGDK and paste the files here.

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