Welcome to the ultimate guide to Atomic Heart Crafting Recipes for Weapons, Ammo, and Consumables. If you want to upgrade your arsenal or boost your character’s abilities, crafting is an essential part of your gameplay. However, navigating the ins and outs of crafting in Atomic Heart can be a little overwhelming. That’s where we come in!

In this guide, we’ll provide you with all the necessary information on Atomic Heart Crafting. From what resources you need to craft an item to how to disassemble them, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie, we’ll ensure that you’ll be able to craft like a pro in no time.

Let us begin with an essential tip that only a few players may know: Atomic Heart Crafting is exclusively available at Nora, a red Crafting workstation commonly found in Breakrooms. It’s important to have the correct recipe and enough resources to create the desired item, but don’t fret because we’ll explain how to find and gather all the necessary resources.

How to Get Crafting Materials

There are two ways to get crafting materials in Atomic Heart; killing enemies, and looting. If you want to go after specific materials, open Nora’s crafting menu to see what resources are dropped by which enemies.

Weapons Crafting Recipes

Dominator144x Metal Parts
77x Synthetic Material
22x Superconductor
Fat Boy163x Metal Parts
81x Synthetic Material
20x Superconductor
Zvezdochka162x Metal Parts
20x Superconductor
16x Chemistry
Swede91x Metal Parts
122x Synthetic Material
Snowball128x Metal Parts
94x Synthetic Material
Railgun261x Metal Parts
28x Superconductor
20x Microelectronics
20x Energy Module
1x Neuromodule
Pashtet148x Metal Parts
79x Synthetic Material
16x Chemisty
MP74x Metal Parts
88x Synthetic Material
KS-2368x Metal Parts
88x Synthetic Material
Kalash72x Metal Parts
68x Synthetic Material
15x Chemistry
Fox80x Metal Parts
123x Synthetic Material

Ammo Crafting Recipes

Ammo TypeRecipe
Fat Boy Rockets5x Metal Parts
9x Synthetic Material
2x Chemistry
Kalash Rounds6x Metal Parts
10x Biomaterial
2x Chemistry
Shotgun Shells3x Metal Parts
3x Synthetic Material
3x Biomaterial
MP Ammo8x Metal Parts
3x Biomaterial
1x Chemistry

Consumables Crafting Recipes

Dynamo5x Metal Parts
10x Synthetic Material
3x Chemistry
Electro13x Metal Parts
5x Synthetic Material
1x Chemistry
Small Neuromed Capsule2x Synthetic Material
4x Biomaterial
Medium Neuromed Capsule4x Synthetic Material
4x Biomaterial
1x Chemistry
Marge Neuromed Capsule8x Synthetic Material
5x Biomaterial
2x Chemistry
Adrenaline Capsule10 Metal Parts
5x Biomaterial
3x Chemistry

Cartridge Guns Crafting Recipes

Electric Cartridge6x Metal Parts
1x Chemistry
Fire Cartridge6x Synthetic Material
1x Chemistry
Ice Cartridge6x Biomaterial
1x Chemistry

To use a crafting recipe, you must find them from chests or look at the enemies you kill. You can craft weapons, consumables, ammo, and cartridges by finding recipes. Once you obtain a recipe, it will be accessible in Nora’s menu. But you can’t craft until you have all the materials.

That’s everything you need to know, but we have more Atomic Heart content for you, including Difficulty Settings Guide and How to Use the Scanner.

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