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Atomic Heart Chirper Locations in Vavilov Complex


If you’re an avid collector or just looking to learn more about the world of Atomic Heart, you’ll need to get your hands on Chirpers. These are audio collectibles in Atomic Heart, which offer players a glimpse into this fascinating world, from historical facts to personal accounts.

The more Chirpers you collect, the more you’ll learn about the game’s lore. Chirpers can be hidden in hard-to-reach places, so finding them can be tricky. Each chapter has multiple Chirper you can find.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with the locations of all Chirpers in the Vavilov Complex chapter of Atomic Heart, including the tricky ones, to help you uncover every piece of information Atomic Heart has to offer.

Atomic Heart Vavilov Complex Chirper Locations

In the Vavilov Complex chapter, we were able to find the following Chirper Locations.

Chirper Location #1

Image showing the location of the 1st Chirper.

During the “What the Fuck Have I Gotten Myself Into” mission, you can find your first Chirper at the entrance of the Vavilov Complex. When you climb through the ceiling you will see a dead body with the first Chirper on it.

Chirper Location #2

Image showing the location of the 2nd Chirper.

The second Chirper can be found during the “One More Hurdle” objective after visiting the safe room. Head inside the bathroom to your left and you will find a Chirper inside one of the stalls.

Chirper Location #3

Image showing the location of the 3rd Chirper.

The third Chirper can be found after you interact with the crafting station at the Vavilov Complex. The quest takes you to a corridor with flaming debris, and a Chirper is sitting on a crate near the debris.

Chirper Location #4

Image showing the 4th Chirper.

The fourth Chirper is inside the Vavilov Complex Archive Room. You can reach this location after finding the Disc Key for the elevator. Leave the office where you find the key and move through the corridor, turn left, and go through the broken wall. You should see a small table in the corner of the room that has a Chirper on it.

Chirper Location #5

image Showing the 5th Chirper.

This Chirper is found during the “In Hot Pursuit” objective after meeting Petrov. P3 will go through a ventilation shaft and land in a room. The table with a red tablecloth on it has the Chirper.

Chirper Location #6

Image showing the 6th Chirper.

Another Chirper can be found sitting on a table in the Algae Lab. This is the same lab where you encounter the three mutants.

Chirper Location #7

Image showing the 7th Chirper.

This Chirper is also in the Algae Lab when you reach the main atrium. Sergei inserts the capsule in a machine, the Chirper is to the southwest of that machine on a box.

Chirper Location #8

Image showing the eighth Chirper location.

You can find a Chirper in The Hot Workshop during the “Into the Fire” objective. Cool off the boilers and go up the stairs. Locate a set of boxes in a dark corner in the corridor that leads to the Hot Lab atrium.

Chirper Location #9

Image showing the ninth Chirper location.

Another Chirper is inside the Hot Workshop Atrium. it is to the left of the location where you pick up the polymer.

Chirper Location #10

Image showing the location of the 10th Chirper.

This Chirper location is in the Pesticide Lab. It is on the stairwell that leads to the lab. Loot the body near the crate to get the Chirper.

Chirper Location #11

Image showing 11th Chirper.

The final Chirper is also inside the Pesticide Lab. While completing the Silo puzzle, you will come across a dead body that has the Chirper.

Note: This guide is a work in progress, more locations are being added. Thanks for your patience. In the meantime, you can check out our Atomic Heart Wiki for more information about the game.

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