Throughout your journey in Atomic Heart, you will come across several puzzles barring your progress. One such puzzle which can be a little confusing for some appears during the “Art is Sacrifice” mission. The mission requires you to search for Petrov for which you will need to solve a small puzzle involving four Ballerinas. In this Atomic Heart guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about solving the Ballerina puzzle easily.

Atomic Heart Ballerina Puzzle

While it is not terribly hard, Atomic Heart does a poor job at explaining it. In order to solve it, you essentially need to recreate the entire murder sequence — by noticing the shadows of these Ballerinas. Another important detail that you need to pay attention to is to not choose the option that reads “Enough for now” until you are done moving all 4 Ballerinas. As for how you need to move them, keep on reading:

  1. 1st Ballerina: Croisee in the fifth position, arms in the third position.
  2. 2nd Ballerina: Relieve in the fifth position. Efface. Arms upright and loose in allonge.
  3. 3rd Ballerina: Attitude.
  4. 4th Ballerina: A la seconde, arms free.

If you need a video demonstration on how to do it, you can check this tutorial:

After you have done all these, you will be able to progress ahead. This is everything we have on how to solve Ballerina Puzzle in Atomic Heart. Also, be sure to see our Cipher Locations, Lockpicking Tips, and Enabling DLAA guides.

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