Hermit Card in Astral Chain is a quest reward that can come in handy about midway through the game. You need the item in order to purchase Hermitonic at a discounted price. In this Astral Chain Hermit Card Location Guide, you’ll be able to learn all about finding the item and the uses of Hermitonic.

Astral Chain Hermit Card Location

Your quest to find the Hermit Card will take you into Sector V, a quarantined area in The Ark restricted to the public. This will happen during File 06. Soon after arriving in Sector V, you’ll see the people talking about the Hermit Card.

To find the card, you need to head to the bottom level of the area and find a woman near the tracks. The woman will ask you to deliver the lunch to her husband working near the exit gate. Do this and you’ll acquire the Hermit Card. Now that you’ve obtained the card, it’s time to put it to use.

Hermit Card Uses
Hermit Card in Astral Chain allows you to buy Hermitonic for a meager price of 10G instead of its normal 100,000G. In order to buy it, you need to find the vending machine in the bottom levels.

As for the uses of Hermitonic, you need to progress through the game’s story. What you need to do is to return to the area where you met the Shivering Woman and find a drunkard sitting on the table. You need to speak to the man and get information from him in exchange of Hermitonic that you acquired through the use of Hermit Card.

With the required information at your disposal, you should be able to progress through the game without any problems whatsoever.

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This marks the end of our Astral Chain Hermit Card Location Guide.