In Astral Chain, Legions are special extensions of the weapon that allows you to get an upper hand on the opponent.  As you gradually acquire and update different Legions in the game, it might be difficult to switch back to the preferred one. Here’s how you Change Legions in Astral Chain easily.

How to Change Legions

Legions help you cover more range, deal more damage and extend combos in Astral Chain. The higher you upgrade them, the more utilities you can find for the weapon in combat situations. The max limit for equipping the Legions is 5, so sometimes when you’ve reached the limit it can be hard to switch to your favoured one.

It’s quick and simple to press the Y button quickly to switch between the available choices for Legion. However, what’s far quicker and much more convenient is to hold the Y button once. This pops up a radial menu that will allow you to quickly choose between the five different options. To do this, simply navigate with your analog stick to the preferred choice, then release the Y button.

These are the two ways you may switch between the different Legions quickly in combat and use one that suits the current circumstance.

I hope this helps you change Legions in Astral Chain.