Astral Chain comes with three different difficulty levels. Our Astral Chain difficulty settings guide will explain what these settings are and how to understand and change them.

Astral Chain Difficulty Settings Guide

From the very beginning, you’re given the option to choose from three possible difficulty settings for Astral Chain. These are:


This is the most casual setting that allows you side-track combat and action, for the story and the world. Your only worry is paying attention to how the plot progresses as combat scenarios are controlled by the computer. The mode will also allow you to revive infinitely.


A step further, the Casual Mode trades in unlimited revives for 6 revival batteries, after which it’s game over. You haven’t rewarded letter ranks in this mode. The combat is not automated anymore. This is the default mode, especially for players with prior experience with video games.

Standard PT

This is where the actual challenge comes into Astral  Chain. The number of revives is restricted to a total of 2, while you’re awarded a rank for clearing the files.

After you’ve completed the game by collecting all the Files on Standard PT, a more challenging mode, the Ultimate PT is unlocked. This mode will don’t call for a single revival battery so it’s game over after a quick time if you aren’t careful. Moreover, the guard mode is also disabled under this difficulty setting. This setting is only recommended for our hard-working platinum trophies hunters.

Difficulty settings in Astral Chain aren’t permanent as you can change them mid-game. The option of changing difficulty setting is again granted to you at the start of each File/Chapter in the game. Alternatively, you can simply navigate to Neuron Head Quarters at the police station to interact with the terminal and change the difficulty setting to your desired one.

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