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Astral Chain Advanced Combat Tips Guide 2023


In our Astral Chain advanced combat tips guide, we discuss strategies and tips for taking down Chimera enemies with ease. We’ll be shedding light on utilizing the combat system as efficiently as possible while aiming for the S+ rank. The aspects which will be highlighted include teamwork, weapon attacks, Legion Skills, and most importantly mastering the art of dodge off set.

Astral Chain has quickly gained recognition as one of the best titles from Platinum Games. Set in a futuristic world overrun by mysterious creatures known as Chimeras, players take on the role of a special police task force member known as a Neuron. Equipped with a powerful weapon called the X-Baton and tethered to a Legion, a supernatural entity, players must investigate and combat the Chimeras threatening humanity.

Astral Chain Advanced Combat Tips 2023

To succeed in combat, it is important to fully understand and become skilled at the different player mechanics in Astral Chain. The main weapon you have, called the X-Baton, has three modes: Baton, Blaster, and Gladius. Each mode has its own advantages and attack patterns. The Baton mode allows for fast and quick attacks, while the Blaster mode is good for attacking from a distance. The Gladius mode, which you unlock early on, is powerful but slower.

Knowing how to dodge effectively is crucial for avoiding enemy attacks. By pressing the B button, you can perform a dodge, and using the Left Stick along with it lets you dodge in a specific direction. However, relying too much on dodging can be risky because some enemies can quickly react to your dodges. If you manage to perform a perfect dodge right before an enemy attack, you can counterattack strongly and even follow up with a sync attack if you have the necessary skills.

Perfecting Dodging and Countering

Timing your dodges correctly is crucial in Astral Chain if you want to be effective in combat. Dodging at the very last moment not only helps you avoid enemy attacks but also gives you the chance to launch a powerful counterattack. What’s more, dodging at the last moment triggers a slow-motion effect, which gives you an advantage in analyzing and reacting to enemy movements.

Performing perfect dodges is an advanced technique that requires precise timing. If you manage to execute a perfect dodge just before an enemy’s attack hits you, it creates an opening for you to unleash a devastating lunging kick attack. To enhance your perfect dodge even further, you can purchase the “Perfect Dodge + Sync” skill for your active Legion. This skill allows you to follow up the perfect dodge with a sync attack, which deals even more damage to your opponents. More on Dodge offset by Photobrick Studios:

Perfect Your Dodge Off Set

Next on our list of advanced combat tips for Astral Chain is dodge off-set.

Dodge Offset is an advanced combat technique in the game Astral Chain that allows players to continue their combo attacks even after dodging. It originated in a previous game called Bayonetta and has been included in many Platinum games since then.

When performing Dodge Offset, players can dodge during a combo string and still maintain their place in the combo. This technique is demonstrated using a heavy sword called Gladius in Astral Chain.

By combining Dodge Offset with Legion switching, players can switch between different characters without interrupting their combo. Additionally, Dodge Offset can be combined with the Perfect Call technique, which involves calling upon a powerful ally at the right moment to continue the combo.

Another way to utilize Dodge Offset is by combining it with Command Skills, which are special moves performed during combat. By incorporating Dodge Offset with weapon switching, players can switch between different weapons and retain their combo string. These techniques allow for more advanced and complex combos, offering players a higher level of control and creativity in combat.

Use the Power of the Chain Jump Attack

The Chain Jump Attack is a versatile and powerful move that can greatly impact the outcome of a battle. To perform it, simply hold ZL and press ZR, which initiates a Chain Jump, allowing you to swiftly move around the environment. What’s more, if you collide with an enemy while executing a Chain Jump, it deals damage to them, giving you an advantage right from the start of the fight.

To take your Chain Jump Attack to the next level, try to make the Astral Chain touch two or more enemies simultaneously. This advanced technique lets your Chain Jump Attack hit each enemy, causing damage to multiple foes at the same time. Mastering this technique is crucial, particularly when facing groups of enemies or engaging in intense battles with powerful Chimeras.

Charge Attacks Are Devastating

Next on our Advanced combat tips list is charge attacks.

As you make progress in Astral Chain, you’ll get the chance to unlock and utilize Charge Attacks, which are powerful offensive moves. To unlock them, you need to upgrade your X-Baton to Level 2. By holding down the ZR button, you can charge up your attack, and after a few seconds, unleash a devastating Charge Attack on your enemies.

Charge Attacks pack a punch and significantly increase your damage output, making them a game-changer in tough battles. However, timing is crucial when using Charge Attacks because the charging animation leaves you vulnerable to enemy attacks. It’s important to be strategic and carefully choose the right moment to execute a Charge Attack, taking advantage of openings in enemy defenses.

Astral Chain Advanced Combat tips charge attacks.

Upgrade Your Legions

One of the best-advanced combat tips you can get for Astral Chain is that you should focus on upgrading Legions. In the menu, you can go to the Legion upgrade screen, where you have the opportunity to enhance your Legions’ skills and equip special ability items. It’s important to upgrade your Legions strategically, focusing on unlocking new skills and maximizing their effectiveness in combat.

Each Legion has its unique abilities and fighting style, providing you with a wide range of tactical choices. Take the time to experiment with different Legion upgrades and combinations to discover the playstyle that best matches your preferences. By fully utilizing the capabilities of your Legions, you can gain a significant advantage in battle and overcome even the most challenging adversaries.

Don’t Forget About Tabitha’s Upgrades

Tabitha, an important character in Astral Chain, offers valuable upgrades for both your X-Baton and Legions. You can find her near the training area in HQ, and her services should not be underestimated. It’s crucial to visit her regularly to upgrade your gear and optimize your X-Baton and Legions for combat.

By upgrading your X-Baton, you unlock new attacks and forms, expanding your range of options in battle. It’s wise to prioritize upgrading your X-Baton, especially during the early stages of the game, so you can take advantage of its improved capabilities. Tabitha can also enhance your Legions, making them more effective in combat. It’s a good habit to visit Tabitha whenever you’re in HQ to ensure that you’re always well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

Utilize Abilities Efficiently

While some Legions might not be that affected in combat they might be useful at other things. Tapping Y can change your Legion to the next in the chart.  As I said above that all Legions have their respective abilities. These abilities can change how the battle might end up. You can see about abilities and their stats back at HQ and try them out in training so that you are invincible in the field. Using Legions one after the other for combos works in the game.

You can change the order in the Legion Chart to your liking as this will be very favorable. Suppose you are fighting with the Axe Legion and Tap Y to change to Sword Legion and continue using abilities and whatnot. Sometimes combos won’t break up and you can use this in your favor to rack up a lot of damage to the chimeras. Most people don’t use the Beast Legion much in combat. Beast Legion isn’t for mounting it and roaming around areas well it sort of is but you can do the same during combat.

Avoiding Strikes

There are quite ways to avoid damage if you are low on health during combat. The first one is mounting your Beast Legion and running in circles. You can recharge your skills to heal yourself and the enemies won’t be able to hurt a moving target well. The second way is obviously to summon the Axe Legion and stay inside his shield giving you time to heal. There are other ways also like using the skill “Hit Rush” which can help you a lot by retreating and letting your Legion beat the living daylights out of the chimeras.

Get Off the Beaten Path Once in a While

This advanced combat tip is a bit different because while it doesn’t seem like it, Exploration is an important part of Astral Chain as it provides opportunities to find valuable items, Gels, and missions. To acquire the best items and resources, thorough exploration is necessary. Keep a keen eye out for hidden cases, items, extra corruption to clear away, and special Gel enemies. These Gel enemies, although hard to find and agile, offer great rewards when defeated.

Backtracking to areas you’ve previously visited can yield unexpected rewards and encounters. While the main storyline may guide your progression, don’t hesitate to explore previously visited locations for hidden treasures and additional challenges.

How to Get an S+ Rank in Astral Chain

One of the reasons to get good in combat is to get an S+ grade in most battles. There are quite several ways to obtain an S+ rank in combat. For that, of course, you need to not just press the ZR button all the time. Getting a score of 10k or more grants you an S+ in battles. Now the factors that affect how you get S+. First of all, I would recommend that you don’t take much damage at the hands of your enemies. Taking damage doesn’t minus your score or anything but it does interrupt your combos.

Try changing your Legions constantly in a battle to get more points. As I said above that you need to learn good joint combos with your Legions. This can help a lot as you can keep your combos going on for a longer period and will not take damage as your enemy will be busy getting hit.  Make plenty of use of your skills most of them if not all and use Sync moves a lot. Apparently, after one wrong battle, you can check the results to see which things you missed or either did but in a lower amount.

Bottom line, make use of your abilities in conjunction with your Chain moves frequently to acquire an S+ rank in battles. Learning advanced combat is all about perfecting and practicing your combos and dodge off-set.

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