In our Astral Chain Combat Guide below, we discuss strategies and tips for taking down Chimera enemies with ease. We’ll be shedding light on utilizing the combat system as efficiently as possible while aiming for the S+ rank. The aspects which will be highlighted include teamwork, weapon attacks, and Legion skills.

Astral Chain Combat Guide

Astral Chain Combat can be irritating but fun in most cases. Well if you have started the game you might probably know how to deal most damage output to your opponent. The answer is Legions, you get Legions back to back in different files in the game. The total number of Legions in the game are five which are Arm, Beast, Sword, Arrow and Axe Legion. Each Legion has its own set of abilities and mechanics.

Utilize Abilities Efficiently

While some Legions might not be that affected in combat they might be useful at other things. Tapping Y can change your Legion to the next in the chart.  As I said above that all Legions have their respective abilities. These abilities can change how the battle might end up. You can see about abilities and their stats back at HQ and try them out in training so that you are invincible in the field. Using Legions one after the other for combos actually works in the game.

You can change the order in the Legion Chart to your liking as this will be very favorable. Suppose you are fighting with the Axe Legion and Tap Y to change to Sword Legion and continue using abilities and whatnot. Sometimes combos won’t break up and you can use this in your favor to rack up a lot of damage to the chimeras. Most people don’t use the Beast Legion much in combat. Beast Legion isn’t for mounting it and roaming around areas well it sort of is but you can do the same during combat.

Avoiding Strikes

There are quite ways to avoid damage if you are low on health during combat. The first one is mounting your Beast Legion and literally running in circles. You can recharge your skills to heal yourself and the enemies won’t be able to hurt a moving target well. The second way is obviously to summon the Axe Legion and stay inside his shield giving you time to heal. There are another way also like using the skill “Hit Rush” which can help you a lot by retreating and letting your Legion beat the living daylights out of the chimeras.

Upgrade Your Weapons

Well you can’t really just rely on your Legions all the time, can you? If you want to join in the fun you can upgrade your Baton so that it’s stats increase and you can deal plenty damage too. You can use your Chain abilities to get extra damage in as well. Try going to the Training Room and mastering the Chain Pulling and Chain Dashing etc moves so that combat becomes more enjoyable. But don’t just upgrade your Baton also upgrade your Legatus as your Legions might do some new unique moves they couldn’t before which could impact your battles more.

Getting an S+ Rank in Astral Chain Combat

One of the reasons to get good in combat is to get S+ grade in most battles. There are quite a number of ways to obtain an S+ rank in combat. For that, of course, you need to not just press the ZR button all the time. Getting a score of 10k or more grants you S+ in battles. Now the factors that affect how you get S+. First of all, I would recommend that you don’t take much damage at the hands of your enemies. Taking damage doesn’t minus your score or anything but it does interrupt your combos.

Try changing your Legions constantly in a battle to get more points. As I said above that you need to learn good joint combos with your Legions. This can help a lot as you can keep your combos going on for a longer period and will not take damage as your enemy will be busy getting hit.  Make plenty use of your skills most of them if not all and use Sync moves a lot. Apparently, after one wrong battle, you can check the results to see which things you missed or either did but in a lower amount.

Bottom line, make use of your abilities in conjunction with your Chain moves frequently to acquire an S+ rank in battles.