If you are playing Astral Chain and wonder how to beat Chimera bosses, you have come to the right place. Chimera is a type of boss you face in Astral Chain and there are multiple types you come across throughout the game.

They are tough to beat but they do have a pattern of attack you can use against them. Our Astral Chain Chimera Bosses guide will explain how to beat bosses such as Briareos, Ker Aello, Diomedes, Cerberus, and others.

Astral Chain Chimera Bosses Strategy

There are a total of 7 Chimera bosses in Astral Chain. This section of the guide is divided into multiple sub-sections for each Chimera enemy, with a table explaining what types of attacks they have and how to counter them.

How to Beat Briareos

Briareos is a huge, monkey-like Chimera with a solid build and is capable of dealing significant damage. While enemy does have a pattern to its attacks, there are 9 different types of attacks which means you need to be on your toes at all times. Briareos takes most of its damage from behind so it is best to get behind him whenever you can.

It is a relatively slow enemy with a focus on melee attacks. The first fight takes place in a large area so it isn’t hard to dodge its attacks and stay far away. Akira can distract Briareos and deal extra damage.

When the Chimera is at 60% HP nearby officers will join the fight.

Attack Description  How to Counter 
Briareos will charge forward a few steps and its hands are going to morph into spiked balls. Now he will spin its fists in an upward motion rapidly.  When it moves forward it offers enough time to the player to move to its side and avoid the attack. So move! 
Again, his hands will turn into spiked balls but this time one of the hands swings in front, turning 360 degrees to attack in a circle around it.  Make it a general rule to avoid getting hit when the hands turn into spiked balls. As soon as his hands morph, avoid and dodge and wait for an opportunity to attack. 
It backs up and smashes both of its hands on the ground in front of it.   When it stands up dodge to the side which will give you an opportunity to get behind it and attack. 
It rears up and puts one of its hands over its head then curls into a ball and rolls forward, smashing both hands in front of it.  Move away when it rears up to avoid the attack. 
Briareos will charge forward with its hands crossed and then flings its arms out in a cross shape to attack.  In our experience, Chain Counter helped intercept this attack. However, oftentimes we did get hit. So it is best to simply avoid getting hit and wait for the opportunity to attack. 
One hand turns into a spiked ball and he charges forward with it to attack.  The attack is slightly in the air to the player can duck underneath but only if you are right next to Briareos, and counter-attack. 
It stands in its hind legs and moves its hands apart, and claps them together in front of it.  There is enough time to move out of the way while Briareos stands up. Move out of the way and counter-attack. 
Its hands morph into spiked balls, Briareos will cross its hands and swings them 360 degrees around it one after the other, hitting twice. Then it stabs forward.  It is easy to spot this move when it is about to happen which gives you the notice to avoid all three attacks and counter-attack. 
It stands and roars  N/A 

 How to Beat Aello

Allow is huge as well, it is winged, and is a feminine humanoid. It can navigate space through the flight. Aello has 13 different types of attacks which we will discuss here and explain how you can avoid these attacks to counter-attack.

Aello stays above the ground most of the time, so require jumping using the Legion to attack. You can also intercept attacks to lock them in a combo near the ground. But not all attacks can be intercepted but can be avoided. Arrow Legion’s ranged attacks or your X-Baton gun works best.

Attack Description  How to Counter 
Alleo moves backward and charges forward towards from the air and strikes multiple times with its talons. The strikes also have a stun effect.  There is enough time while it is rearing to prepare for the attack. Dodge when it is about to hit and counter-attack. 
It flaps its wings above the ground which creates a small homing tornado.   Avoid the small tornado don’t get caught in it. Wait for the next attack before counter-attacking. 
Talons flash red light, and it turns around and kicks in 360 degrees around in with one claw.  It telegraphs its move so it is easy to dodge and avoid its attack. The attack will leave the Aello vulnerable. 
Aello will hover in the air, talons flash, and it attacks in front of it with both claws before kicking upwards, and after a brief delay, stabs down for a total of four attacks.  It holds a very distinct pose while hovering before performing this move. It is easy to tell that it’s coming. Move out of the way but keep in mind that the flash is too soon before the attack to be able to move out of the way. 
Talon will flash with a red light, then the Aello slashes with both legs in quick succession before stabbing forward.   The attack is telegraphed by the flash cue which means you have enough time to dodge.  The primary difference between this kick and the third one we discussed in this table is the angle of the attack. 
Once again, the Talons will flash and it will kick upwards in a circular motion over its head. If Aello is able to hit you it will follow up with an overhead attack.  Another telegraph move, easily dodges and counter-attack. 
Aello is going to cover itself with its wings in the air and red and black light surrounds it. It sends four energy discs that stun the player.  Aello is venerable while the attack is charging. Don’t let it complete the attack. Use ranged attacks. 
It goes in the air stretches its wings to create a gust of wind.  It deals no damage. 
Alleo flashes with a red light when it spreads its wings and sends multiple projectiles your way while flying in front of you; covers a wide area.  Red flash is a giveaway, so prepare to avoid the attack and dodge. 
Surround by red and black light it charges its energy, rises in the air and charges forward.  Use Chain Counter to intercept this attack. 
Aello holds its arms out and curls its wings around its body before starting to spin, then moves towards you.  Move to the side to avoid the attack. Try to get behind it and counter-attack. 
Aello with a spin in the air and is holding one talon in front which is flashing red light. Now it will stab forward twice with the claw.  Use the flash to predict the attack and dodge both attacks. 
Talon will flash red, and Aello kicks forward diagonally with one claw, and then again but this time in the opposite direction with the other claw. The third attack is a repeat of the first one.  The attack is slower and easier to predict with its flashing red light Use it to dodge and attack. 

How to Beat Ker

One of the Chimera bosses you will fan in Astral Chain is Ker. It doesn’t attack the player directly so instead, send out other chimeras that are invisible. These chimeras won’t take any damage unless their connection to Ker is severed.

The Ker sends its shield towards the target and hovers in a circle behind the target, then glows pink before sending a beam of energy to the halo which causes the chimera to become invisible.

When Ker is on the field cut the connection between Ker and its chimera which stuns Ker for a moment. Use Sword Legion to cut the connection.

 This is a work in progress, more Nemesis tips and how to beat section will be added soon. If you need more help with the game, check out our how to level up fast, get salvage, and Legions guide.