Astral Chain is out now on Nintendo Switch and it is safe to say this is one of Platinum’s best works. There is plenty to do in the game including finding collectibles. One of the main collectibles in Astral Chain are Cats, they are cute and cuddly but hard to find. Our Astral Chain Cats locations guide will explain and where to find all cats in Astral Chain.

Last updated on September 2nd, 2019 at 12:39 am

Astral Chain Cats Locations

As mentioned above, cats are one of the collectibles in the game. There are 11 files in the game and in each file you are going to find a cat.  In case you don’t know, files are chapters. These cats need to be rescued and you have the job.

Finding these cats is hard because at some locations cats might not want to be found. At some locations, when reducing cats, you’ll need cat food.

Cat food is used to coax Cats out of hiding at some locations. Cat food is found as Salvage in dumpsters all around, use the beast Legion to dig. You can always sell cat food but it is best not so, just store it for when you come across a cat.

In addition to finding cats, Astral Chain players must use cat food to feed the cats at Max’s Safehouse.  Feeding Max’s cats will give you a small reward.

All cats you rescue are saved back at Max’s Safehouse where you can go at any time and watch them play, and hang out. You can take pictures with the cats as well.

Note: Update with more locations

File No.  All Cats Locations 
File 01  During the “Highway Rescue” objective you will find yourself on a bridge where you are asked to help a man. To the left of the injured man, there is a small yellow car adjacent to the bridge divider. The cat is next to the front left tire of the car.
File 02  Close to the end of this chapter, once you are done protecting the civilians on Grand Avenue. Go around the corner to the South, away from the objective. Use Arm Legion to lift the dumpster and find the cat underneath. 
File 03  When halfway through the level and reached the Astral Plane in the far North, you will find yourself back to the rooftop. Deal with the enemies here and go down the stairs in the far northeast, there you will find the cat.
File 04  Arc Mall right after Jena greets you. Go down the stairs and stick to the wall on your left to get behind the stairs.
File 05  The cat is found right after the rescue of the civilian. Go to the second floor of the subway and reach the north middle section of the map. Locate a yellow bench here, the cat in underneath the bench.
File 06  Start the Rescuing Douglas mission and when you are on the pursuit, you will find the cat on the roof.  Use your IRIS as the cat is buried under some trash.
File 07  N/A 
File 08  There is a parking lot to the left of where you started. Head down the parking lot and go to the North end. Locate the officer trying to get the cat out from under a car. Use cat food to lure the cat out at this location. 
File 09  N/A 
File 10  N/A 
File 11  Go to the secret hideout then up and around the corner to the North. Go up the first ladder and down the walkway. The cat is in the cardboard box at the end. 

 Some of the locations might be missing but we will update the Astral Chain Cats locations guide to add more locations. If you need more help with the game check out our guides section.