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Astral Chain Toilet Locations Guide (Updated 2023)


Looking for toilet locations in Astral Chain? We don’t know if we should call it a collectible but still, it is one of the collectibles. Toilet locations can be found across Astral Chain. In each file in Astral Chain, there is at least one bathroom location can be found, and a total of 12 in the entire game.

Our Astral Chain toilets locations guide will help you find all the location in the game. Some of the locations might not be available right away.

Astral Chain Toilets List

  1. HQ toilet location
  2. File 01 toilet location
  3. File 02 toilet location
  4. File 03 toilet location
  5. File 04 toilet location
  6. File 05 toilet location
  7. File 06 toilet location
  8. File 07 toilet location
  9. File 08 toilet location
  10. File 09 toilet location
  11. File 10 toilet location
  12. File 11 toilet location

Toilet #1: File 01 – Forecast Chapter

Toilet #1 location File 01 – Forecast Chapter

When you receive the “Highway Rescue” case prompt, instead of proceeding directly to the fallen civilian, take a left turn. Look across the highway median to spot a toilet that’s tipped over on the other side.

Toilet #2: File 02 – Sortie Chapter

Toilet #2 location File 02 – Sortie Chapter

Following the chimera’s trail leads you into an underground parking garage. Keep an eye out for a partially closed shutter on your right. Crouch or slide under it to find a hidden toilet.

Toilet #3: File 03 – Stranger Chapter

Toilet #3 location File 03 – Stranger Chapter

As you follow the chimera’s trail north into an alley, it leads into a building with sick people. Instead of continuing forward, turn west to find a partially shuttered gate. Crouch or slide under it to discover a side room with the toilet.

Toilet #4: File 04 – Infiltration Chapter

Toilet #4 location File 04 – Infiltration Chapter

In the Ark Mall, specifically on the second floor, look for a compact “Emergency Exit” passage. To the right, you’ll find a small alcove housing both a supply crate and the toilet.

Toilet #5: File 05 – Uproar Chapter

Toilet #5 location File 05 – Uproar Chapter

In the early subway track areas, there’s a wrecked Yellow Line train spanning two floors, initially blocked by lasers. Destroy the nearby generator to remove these lasers. Head to the back of the train and exit via Car 4 to find a toilet stall near a Supply Crate.

Toilet #6: File 06 – Search Chapter

Toilet #6 location File 06 – Search Chapter

As you start sneaking into the Hermit base in Chapter 5, immediately to your left is a grate blocking a vent. Walking into it three times will knock it over, revealing a bathroom below. Just looking down into it is enough to get the paper.

Toilet #7: File 07 – Warfare Chapter

Toilet #7 location File 07 – Warfare Chapter

Before fighting the Homunculus on the roof of Rayleigh Plaza, look for a structure with a folded-up ladder. Shoot the red light next to the ladder to drop it down, then climb up to find the toilet.

Toilet #8: File 08 – Cleanup Chapter

Toilet #8 location File 08 – Cleanup Chapter

During the “Cleanup Crew” Red Case in Chapter 3, use your Legion to cross a gap to the left, accessing the south part. Utilize chain jumps and the Arm Legion to move platforms. Navigate around an angled wall to find another platform with the toilet stall on it.

Toilet #9: File 09 – Alert Chapter

Toilet #9 location File 09 – Alert Chapter

In Chapter 2, go to Harmony Square’s northeast section, north of the subway stairs. Next to a fire escape, which was part of earlier cases, you’ll find the toilet. This is close to a “Gate Disposal” Blue Case in the area.

Toilet #10: File 10 – Lockdown Chapter

Toilet #10 location File 10 – Lockdown Chapter

After completing Chapter 2, you’ll be in a drained canal with Olive. Continue past the ladder at the end of the canal to easily spot the toilet in a corner.

Toilet #11: File 11 – Laboratory Chapter

Toilet #11 location File 11 – Laboratory Chapter

Once you reach the ARI, go down either set of stairs under the helipad. This area houses the final toilet in the game.

Toilet #12: Police Headquarters

In the headquarters, head to the restroom that matches your character’s gender. Inside, you can use any of the open stalls to find the first toilet.


For each piece of tissue you collect and give to Bel, you receive rewards, typically in the form of an Ability Code. The Ability Codes are useful items that enhance your character’s abilities in various ways, adding to your combat and investigative capabilities.

Upon collecting and turning in all 12 pieces of toilet paper from each file, you will free Bel, the toilet fairy. This act completes the “Sweet Release” order. As a reward for completing this order, you unlock the ARI Medical Gear costume. This unique outfit is notable for its bare-footed appearance, adding a whimsical and distinct style to your character’s wardrobe.

 This marks the end of our Astral Chain Bathroom locations guide, if you need more help with the game check out our cats locations, chimera bosses, and Legions guide.

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