We don’t know if we should call it a collectible but still, it is one of the collectibles. Bathroom locations can be found across Astral Chain. In each file in Astral Chain, there is at least one bathroom location can be found.

Our Astral Chain bathroom locations guide will help you find all the location in the game. Some of the locations might not be available right away but we will be updating the following table with more content.

Astral Chain Bathroom Locations

File No.  All Cats Locations 
File O1  When you enter the first file and are running toward the medics, complete the cutscene. Now, you will see the truck on the left side, run around the truck find the first bathroom location. 
File 02  While chasing the chimera you will head to a parking lot very early in the level near the Grand Avenue. Enter the parking lot, turn left and head south. 
File 03  Northeast of the level, at the middle of the map. Complete the Maison Forest Search mission, and head to the location of the three redshift patients. Locate a partially closed door, duck down to find the next bathroom.  
File 04  After the Bran rescue, you will make your way through some slimy hallways. Keep going until it intersects with another hallway, there you will find the bathroom location. 
File 05  Go to the second floor of Harmony Square Station. Locate the train and you will see the train tracks behind it that’ll lead you to the next bathroom. 
File 06  Enter the Hermit base, you will be entering some air ducts. The air duct over the bathroom is the only way in.  At the start of the air duct savage turn left and as you near the first vent, look down. Bump a few times to open it. 
File 07  N/A 
File 08  N/A 
File 09  N/A 
File 10  N/A 
File 11  N/A 

 This marks the end of our Astral Chain Bathroom locations guide, if you need more help with the game check out our cats locations, chimera bosses, and Legions guide.