In our Astral Chain Arrow Nemesis Boss Guide, we break down the attack patterns of the boss as well as shed light on some tricks you can utilize to defeat the boss.

How to Beat Arrow Nemesis

In Astral Chain, Arrow Nemesis is a tricky boss because not only does he choose to fight from far out frustrating you into chasing him, but the arena the battle takes place on is not stable at all. Comprised of small platforms, the arena continues to shift and provide environmental hurdles. That is not all, since if you’re too close to Arrow Nemesis, he may even brush you off the platform causing you to take a lethal fall.

The main attack of the Arrow Nemesis to look out for are the deadly projectiles and energy wave attacks that Nemesis sends out your way. These energy walls will trap you in so it’s essential to break through the walls with the Legion’s Lash attack.

Other ways to attack include usage of Batons to deal with damage and Chain Jump to close the distance between you and the boss enemy. Get out of tight spots as soon as possible to avoid any projectiles from the boss enemy. Just keep close to Arrow Nemesis to deal damage and dodge at the appropriate time to succeed in the fight.

This marks the end of our Astral Chain Arrow Nemesis boss guide, if you need more help with the game check out Axe Nemesis, S+ Rank, and Bathroom Locations Guide.