Order of the Ancients members are divided into three categories in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. There are Wardens of Wealth, Wardens of Law, and Wardens of War. In this particular guide, we will go through all Wardens of Law locations and clues you can find in AC Valhalla. There are 6 Wardens of Law in Valhalla who are all part of the Order of the Ancients.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wardens of Law Locations and Clues Guide

The following are all Wardens of Law locations and clues you need to find and kill them.

Location #1 (The Vellum)

The real identity of The Vellum is Eanbhert and you can find him locked up inside a house near docks in Glowecestre. Look for a house with overgrown vegetation. The only way to enter the small house is through an opening on the roof. No clues are required to kill The Vellum.

Clue #1: Kill Hunta, Son of Hunta

Clue #2: Found in Glowecestrescire, Thieves’ Warren inside a locked house right in the middle of the map. You can enter the house through a tunnel.

Location #2 (The Dart)

The real name of The Dart is Tata and he can be found in Sciropescire, in the town of Quatford, at the stables.

Clue #1: Kill Order of the Ancients member Eanbhert.

Clue #2: Found in Sciropescire, at the 2nd fast travel sync point from the south in the region. The fast travel point you are looking for looks like a tower. Halfway up the tower, you can enter through a window to find a clue inside.

Location #3 (The Adze)

The real name of The Adze is Gunilla. The Anzel is in Ledecestrescire, in the town Repton (northwest corner of Ledecestrescire). She is usually sitting by the docks.

Clue #1: Kill Zealot Order member Cola.

Clue #2: Complete the Drinking Game in Ledecestrescire, in the town of Ledecestre.

Clue #3: Found in Ledecestrescire, a village called Cweornric (southwest corner of Ledecestrescire). Look inside a house guarded by a few soldiers.

Location #4 (The Firebrand)

The Firebrand is Abbess Ingeborg and he is an automatic kill during the Jorvik story arc. He is part of the main quest called Burning the Firebrand. You can easily kill Jorvik since it is not part of a boss fight.

Location #5 (The Needle)

The real name of The Needle is Grigorii and he is an automatic kill during the Jorvic story arc. You will come across him during the main mission “Pricking the Needle.” He can not be missed you don’t need any clues or certain locations to find and kill him.

Location #6 (The Vault)

The real identity of The Vault is Audun. Just like the last two Wardens of Wealth, The Vault is also a Jorvik story arc kill. You will come across The Vault during “Pricking the Needle” main mission. You can not miss him so don’t worry about looking for clues for this one.

And that’s all the clues and locations you need to assassinate all Wardens of Law in AC Valhalla.

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