Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Raven Gear Locations – All Weapons and Armor

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has different types of Gear. These are seen as collectible sets found at different locations in Valhalla and include weapons, armor, and shields. This guide will explain where to find all Gear locations in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla so you can get your hands on the best weapons, armor, and shield. All gear locations are required to complete the game 100%. Gear is your Wealth collectibles in AC Valhalla and are marked with their specific icon on the map (a gold assassin hood). There are three types of gear in AC Valhalla including Raven, Wolf, and Bear. All of the gear sets are available at different locations on the map. In this guide, you will find out all Raven Gear Locations.

All gear locations can be explored even after you complete the main story of AC Valhalla. Gear is found inside hidden chests that drop weapons, armor, and shields. Finding the right weapons can complement your abilities very well.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Gear Locations – Where to Find All Raven Gear

There are close to 10 Raven Gear locations we were able to find in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. If there are more locations we will update the guide.

Raven Gear Location #1 (Yngling Seax Weapon – Fine Dagger)

Yngling Seax Weapon

The first Raven gear is a Fine Dagger you can find inside a house in Stavanger. There is a hole in the roof that can be used to dropdown.

Raven Gear Location #2 (War Hammer Weapon – Fine Hammer)

War Hammer Weapon

You will find this hanging from a platform in the Marauder’s Den. Jump to grab it and take it with you.

Raven Gear Location #3 (Recurve Bow – Fine Predator Bow)

Predator Bow location

Go to the location you see in the picture above. Go down the ladder to reach the underground area and locate the chest.

Raven Gear Location #4 (Hidden Ones’ Gloves – Superior Bracers)

Hidden Ones Gloves

You can find this Raven Gear in the Ratae Bureau. Shoot hook that holds the block to break the floor. Explore the cellar to find it.

Raven Gear Location #5 (Hrafn Guard – Fine Light Shield)

Hfran Guard

Go to the back of the temple and reach the top of a wooden platform near a tree. Use your bow to shoot into the crack on the wall break open the door lock. Head inside the break open the wooden partition to find the chest.

Raven Gear Location #6 (Fyrd Spear – Fine Spear)

Fyrd Spear

You can find this raven gear inside the Offchurch’s crypt. It is right before the room with the Skirmisher and the key. Go left and explode the wall. Go through the wall and jump into the water, swim down the hole to find a chest.

Raven Gear Location #7 (Magister’s Cloak – Superior Cloak)

Magister's Cloak

It is inside a chest at Serpent’s Landing. You need to find its key first which is on a table outside one of the red tents.

Raven Gear Location #8 (Magister’s Mask – Superior Helmet)

When you are raiding the King’s Bury, force open the door of the main church to find a helmet inside.

Raven Gear Location #9 (Magister’s Robes – Superior Torso)

Raven Gear location 9

Use the image above to reach the Leah Villa Garrison. The wealth can be found behind a breakable wall. Behind the building that has the breakable wall in a building that has a barred door.

Raven Gear Location #10 (Magister’s Trousers – Superior Pants)

You will find this wealth in Oxenforde at the big tower in this area. Stand under the tower and shoot the stained glass window over the beam. Use your bow to break the window, climb through the window, and look up to locate a breakable panel in the ceiling. Use the opening to reach the upper floor where you’ll see a moveable barricade but it won’t move due to a blockage. Above you is a breakable pulley tied to the chandelier. Shoot the pulley to bring down the chandelier to clear the blockage. Now push the barricade into the room and climb over the obstacles to reach the wealth chest.

Raven Gear Location #11 (Sepulcher Axe – Fine Dane Axe)

When in Offchurce you will reach a room in the main mission with a Skirmisher that has the key. Kill the Skirmisher and get the key for the Offchurch door. Go to the next room where you’ll find the wealth chest with raven gear inside. It is part of the main story so it’s very hard to miss.

These are all the Raven Gear Locations you can find in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. At these locations, you will find weapons, armor, shields. If you need more help with the game check out the Valhalla Wiki page. In the Wiki, you will find Bear Gear Locations, and Wolf Gear Locations among other things.

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