Assassin’s Creed Valhalla features a ton of Order of the Ancients members that you can assassinate. You need to find their locations and hunt them down in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Order of the Ancients members are divided into different categories including Wardens of Law, War, and Wealth but in this guide, we will only be covering the Wardens of Wealth locations and clues. To kill Wardens of Wealth you need to find some clues but there are some wardens that have no clue requirements.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wardens of Wealth Locations and Clues

There are 6 Wardens of Wealth in the Order of the Ancients. The following are all the locations and clues you need to kill all Wardens of Wealth in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Location #1 (The Billhook)

The Billhook is a Warden of Wealth and you can find the first clue to his identity after killing Eanbhert. His real name is Havelok and his location is in Lincolnscire, in the town of Lincoln. You can find him inside a house in north-west of Lincoln. He is usually sleeping or standing around the house.

Clue #1: Kill Order member Eanbhert.

Clue #2: Collected in a village called Aelfgarstun in Lincolnscire inside a small house. Enter the house through the main door, you’ll find the clue on top of a small barrel. Scan with Odin Sight to locate the clue.

Once you have the clues you can then use the Order of the Ancient menu to track The Billhook.

Location #2 (The Anvil)

The Anvil’s real name is Patrick and you get the first clue for his identity after killing Leofgifu, another Order of the Ancient member. You can find Patrick The Anvil in Oxenefordscire, in the town of Oxeneforda (western edge of Oxenefordscire). He is inside one of the houses and usually sleeping during night time. See the image above to know his exact location.

Clue #1: Kill Order member Leofgifu.

Clue #2: Collected in Oxenefordscire, Saint Albanes Abbey (Raid location). Look for a circular plaza in front of the church. Look for a table near the outside forge in the northwest corner. The clue is a white paper on the forge table.

Location #3 (The Lathe)

The real identity of Lathe is Mucel and his location is Buckingham. He is behind the inn and during the daytime, he sits on a wooden plank near the river.

Clue #1: Kill Zealot Order member Horsa.

Clue #2: Defeat Orlog Player at Buckingham in a town in Oxenefordscire.

Clue #3: Collected from Oxenefordscire, Eatun Barn, a small settlement east of Oxeneforda). At the Eatun Barn look for a destructible wall at the mine entrance to the side of the mountain. It is easy to spot since it has a big X painted on it. Use the explosive Oil Jar and throw it at the wall to blow it up. Follow the path and move a boulder out of the way, behind the boulder there is a room where you’ll find a text clue.

Location #4 (The Ash-Spear)

The real identity of The Ash-Spear is Gifle. You can find him in East Anglia, at Forest Hideout (named enemy camp on map). Gifle is one of the soldiers there.

Clue #1: Kill Zealot Order member Wuffa.

Clue #2: Collected in East Anglia, at the Ruined Tower fast travel point There are 4 enemies standing under the tower and a cart nearby. The clue is on the cart.

Clue #3: This clue is found in East Anglia, at an unnamed enemy camp 175 meters southeast of Britannia’s Watch fast travel point.

Location #5 (The Tang)

The real identity of The Tang is Wigmund. He is also a level 20 enemy but unlike others, he is a Warden of Wealth. You can find Wigmund in the Isle of Ely Monastery, Grantebridgescire – England. He can only be revealed and killed during The Song of Soma story arc. You need to help Soma retake Grantebridge and hunt down The Tang.

Location #6 (The Crozier)

The Crozier is Bishop Herefrith who is an automatic story kill so you can’t miss him. However, depending on your story choices the time you kill him may vary but he will always end up dead at the hands of Eivor.

Location #7 (The Lyre)

Once you manage to kill all Wardens of Wealth you will be able to find the location of Tatfrid The Lyre.

And that’s all the clues and locations you need to find all Wardens of Wealth in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

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