Plenty of new armor and weapons have been added via the Dawn of Ragnarok DLC. In each region, there are multiple locations you can visit to get your hands on some new AC Valhalla gear.

This guide will discuss everything you need to know on how to find all gear locations in the Gullnamar region of Dawn of Ragnarok.

AC Valhalla Gullnamar Gear Locations

The following is the list of gear locations in Gullnamar. If you are looking for wealth locations, they are featured in a separate guide.

Location #1: The first gear is the Fire Giant Helmet which is found in Gomull-Bru, southwest of Jordber Shelter.

Location #2: Fire Giant Bracers are in Uldar Smelting Foundry of Gullnamar. You will the Power of Muspelheim to get it.

Location #3: Another gear piece, Fire Giant Armor, is waiting for you in Skidgardr. It is a mining area southeast of Grenhellir Shelter. You’ll need the Power of the Raven, and Power of Muspelhiem to get it.

Location #4: The Legacy of Ivaldi Hammer is in the Hreidmar Palace, Gullmanar. You should have the Power of Muspelheim to get it.

That’s everything you need to know to get your hands on all gear available in this region. If need more help? See How to Beat Eysa, How to Beat Glod.

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