Assassin’s Creed Valhalla cheats can be invaluable as they allow you to bypass some of the more challenging parts of the game and progress faster. Cheats can also give you access to special abilities, weapons, and items more quicker. With their use, players can feel like they have the edge over the competition and gain access to areas and activities that may not be available to them without using cheats.

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla cheats also allow players to experiment with different strategies and tactics as they explore the world.

What Is The Best Way To Earn Unlimited Titanium, Nickle, and Tungsten

Unlimited Titanium Nickle, and Tungsten Farming

The Eastside town in Glowecestrescire is the best place to farm for Unlimited Titanium, Nickle, and Tungsten. However, you can only use this method once you reach the Crossroads in Glowecestrescire. To get there, travel east until you reach a large bush on the side of the road. Once you’re there, hide and wait for further instructions.

While in the bushes, go to the Main Menu and save your game. Be sure to overwrite the old one you just created. Now load up your saved games, and you will see three guards. You will notice the guards are moving downhill, so you need to go after them. Wait for the right moment and attack these guards, starting with the one carrying a giant sword and shield. After taking down the guards, you will loot Titanium, Nickle, and Tungsten from their bodies.

Pro Tip: Hide in the bushes again and save your game. Reload the game and repeat this process until you have enough looting.

What Is The Best Way To Get Excalibur Greatsword

Best Way to Get Excalibur

Excalibur is the legendary sword of King Arthur, which Eivor the Wolf-Kissed can claim as her own. Unfortunately, the king swords are rare and difficult to obtain, so be careful before pursuing one – you may find yourself in over your head.

According to legend, this sword is hidden away in a resting place, embedded in stone. Therefore, you can only obtain this sword by collecting all 11 mysterious tablets. 8 of them are known as the Treasures of Britain, and the last 3 are with The Ancient Order’s Zealots Members (Woden, Heike, and Hrothgar).

What Is The Best Way To Earn Unlimited Silver

Unlimited Silver FARMING

If you go to the Lunden South East corner, you will see three beggars sitting by the side of the road. Giving the beggars 5x coins will result in their utmost happiness, and they will reciprocate by giving you the “Chained Fury Rune.” However, you may have noticed that there is a limit to how much money you can give a beggar in a single donation. If this is something that concerns you, do not worry – there are ways to bypass the limit:

  • Find the nearest gate and leave the town.
  • Control your loyal companion Synin.

Keep repeating the process until you have collected enough Runes. Afterward, look for a merchant who will trade Silver for your Runes.

Pro Tip: By changing the Rune’s Hold Factor from the menu, you can sell them more quickly. Also, If you killed the beggar, you would get your money back.

How To Unlock The Secret Area of Asgard

Unlock The Secret Area of Asgard

The requirements to access the Secret Area of Asgard are particular; if you don’t fulfill them, the area will not be accessible or even visible on the map. The following are the requirements to unlock the Secret Area of Asgard:

  • Finish The Quest Named “A Wise Friend.”
  • Start the Quest Named “In Dreams” (Use the plants from Valk to make a potion. Once you drink it, you will be in Asgard.)

How To Unlock The Hidden Ones’ Armor Set

Unlock Hidden Ones Armor Set

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the Hidden Ones usually have the best armor in their bureaus. This task won’t be easy, as every bureau has only one of six pages from the Magas Codex. Therefore, you will need to collect all of the pages. Once you have done that, reach Ravensthorpe and speak to Hytham. In Assassin’s Creed Origins, the player will find an Easter egg linked to the specific protagonist.

Hidden Ones Bureau Locations

  • Location #1: Eastern outskirts of Ledecestre; here, you will find Page 4 of The Mages Codex and Hidden Ones’ Gloves.
  • Location #2: Wincestre – On the western edge of Wincestre; here you will find Page 6 of The Magas Codex and Suttungr’s Claw.
  • Location #3: Base of the mountains at the western border of Glowecestrescire; here, you will find Page 3 of the Magas Codex and Hidden Ones’ Leggings.
  • Location #4: East of Jorvik Theatre in Jorvik; here, you will find Page 2 of The Magas Codex and Hidden Ones’ Robes.
  • Location #5:  On the southeastern corner of Corcestre in Essexe; here, you will find Page 1 of The Magas Codex and Hidden Ones’ Hood.
  • Location #6: At the eastern wall of Lunden; here you will find Page 1 of The Magas Codex and Hidden Ones’ Mask.

What Is The Best Way To Unlock Thor’s Secret Armor Set

Thor's Secret Armor Set

The best way to Unlock Thor’s Secret Armor Set is by taking down the Daughters of Lerion. Lerion is a man who is an expert in dark magic and occurs in the occult. So, of course, his daughters inherited his power and won’t be beaten easily. You can estimate the danger of this situation by considering how powerful the families are who have joined together to destroy Lerion and his family. Even so, his daughters will be able to escape somehow.

After their father’s death, they scattered across eastern England and used the mystical powers he taught them. So anybody who crosses their path had better watch out because they will surely get revenge. Defeating each Daughter of Lerion will drop a piece of Thor’s armor. Therefore, you must defeat all three daughters to complete your armor set.

How To Light Up Your Settlement With Fireflies

Get Fireflies for Your Settlements

The Fireflies are over the map, but you still need luck finding them. You will only find fireflies at night, so if that is your goal, be sure to go out then. It’s different if you must catch all the fireflies to make a settlement; only one will be enough for this task. After you catch the firefly, return to your settlement. Near Valka’s hut, there is a waterfall. You need to release the firefly over the waterfall so it can glow and create a beautiful sight.

There you have it! With these AC Valhalla cheats, you can make your journey through Assassin’s Creed Valhalla far more interesting.

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