Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has a skill tree that allows you to put skill points in skills to unlock more covered in fog. One of those skills sections is the Bear Tree which revolves around the melee. In this build, you will have to stay close as most of your skills are made for close-ranged combat. Unlocking more skills will make more constellations available for you. In this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla guide, we go over some of the best bear skill tree skills that you should use.


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Best Bear Skills

The following is the complete list of Assassin’s Creed Bear Skills.

  • Stomp – When an enemy falls to the ground, stomp on their head.
  • Dual Swap – When dual-wielding, swap weapon hands.
  • Perfect Attack – Press the attack button again during a weapon swing to do more damage on the next hit.
  • Parry Damage – Successful parries also deal damage to the attacker.
  • Berserker’s Mettle – A partially filled Adrenaline Slot will not be affected by an enemy’s first strike.
  • Light Bow Combo – Consecutive shots with a light bow deal extra damage.
  • Warrior Takedown – Attempt a takedown on an unaware enemy with your melee weapon. It will alert all enemies around you but will fill your adrenaline for every one of them.
  • Adrenaline Fiend – When 1 or more Adrenaline bars are filled, you gain a damage boost. This effect augments with each slot filled.
  • Heavy Dual Wield – You can dual-wield heavy weapons. This will alter the stats and handling of each weapon.
  • Terror – After a stun finisher, weaker enemies may cower in fear and run away.
  • Battlefield Cremation – Enemies who perish from one of your fire attacks will continue to burn, damaging those around them.
  • Sprint Bash – Unlocks the ability to bash through breakable objects and push NPCs to the ground while sprinting.
  • Arrow Volley – Discharge all loaded arrows at once, with a light bow that costs stamina.
  • Cold Rage: Regular weapon combos won’t be interrupted by enemy attacks
  • Heidrun Slam: While sprinting use heavy attack to knee bash. Knocking back enemies and breaking shields.
  • Fight Ready: Have one adrenaline bar ready when in a fight.
  • Longship Brace: Raise your shield while sailing to have your crew raise theirs.
  • Fearless Leaper: Deal AoE damage when jumping down from a height and attacking.
  • Shield Master: Shield protection from all sides.
  • Idunn’s Heart: Regenerate health after taking damage.
  • Perfect Parry: Perfect parry to deal more damage.

The following are some of the best skills in the Bear Tree. We recommend every player who is investing their skill points in this tree to try out these skills. Some of these skills can make your fights easier and more enjoyable.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Best Bear Skills

Best Bear Skills In AC Valhalla

The following are some of the best bear skills that we can recommend in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.


Stomp is a must-have skill, especially early on since it allows you to finish off an enemy, dealing a lot of damage. It is also pretty fun if you are into this kind of thing. Attacks from Heavy weapons or Heavy Attacks can knock down enemies. After this knockdown, you can use Stomp, which does a high amount of damage to enemies. Some enemies with smaller HP bars can even be finished off from it.

Heavy Dual Wied

Heavy Dual Wield allows you to wield two heavy weapons at the same time. It is a skill that can be used purely for fun. You can even use a heavy shield as an offhand weapon if you want to block some attacks at least. The damage decreases for a single weapon but the weight and versatility increase. This skill allows you to be more aggressive in combat and punish enemies with heavy damage and knockdown. The Stomp ability also complements very well with the knockdowns heavy weapons create.


Terror is a passive skill so you do not have to activate it by pressing a button. If you are big on performing finishers then this is going to be very useful since this skill has a chance of making weaker enemies cower in fear when you land a finisher. This will stop them from doing anything which also includes attacking you.

Light Bow Combo

This increases your light bow arrow damage when you hit multiple enemies one after the other. It goes without saying that if the light bow is your weapon of choice then this skill is a must.

Perfect Attack

This skill does take some getting used to but the increased damage is worth it. Get the timings right and you can do some serious damage.

Heidrun Slam

This skill allows you to do a knee bash that can knock down enemies and even destroy their shields if they have one.

Fight Ready

Skills can be very powerful in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla but they require adrenaline. Fight Ready is a passive ability that ensures that you have at least one adrenaline bar ready when you enter a fight.

Shield Master

Using a shield you can block attacks from the front but you are still vulnerable from other sides. This skill ensures that you are protected from all sides when using our shield.

Idunn’s Heart

Idunn’s Heart is one of the best skills in the game since it regenerates your health shortly after you take damage. The regeneration is limited but it can be very useful especially when you are up against challenging opponents.

These are some of the best bear skills in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. You can also check out the best Wolf skills and best Raven Skills.